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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Photo Gallery: Member Photos of Olivia Roberton

You may see more photos of Olivia in the historic photo gallery, as well as on the page featuring her DVD documentary. The photos on this page are not in the public domain, so please respect the copyright of those kind enough to share them. Thank you.

If you would like to share your favorite photo of Olivia on this page, please contact us.

2010 Glastonbury Goddess Conference
Olivia at the 2010 Glastonbury Goddess Conference
photo © Zo d'Ay

Olivia by the High Altar
Olivia by the High Altar
photo © Cathryn Anne Rogers

Olivia & Her Great-Nephew Storm, 2009
Olivia at family wedding

Olivia at a New York Ordination
Olivia at family wedding
photo © Bailey Quinn

Olivia & Minette
Olivia & Minette
photo © Cathryn Anne Rogers

Olivia & Steven Jones
Olivia & Steven
photo © Dennis Murphy, Logic Reality

Olivia drumming at Beltane
Olivia drumming at Beltane
photo © Cathryn Anne Rogers

Olivia Walking a Crop Circle With Her Niece
Olivia Walking a Crop Circle in Wilts With Her Niece
Olivia wrote: "Crop Circles are new era Mandalas, relate to Goddess Grainne.
© 2003 (cropped/enhanced by this site)

Olivia and the Castle Maytree
Olivia and the Maytree   Olivia and the Maytree

Olivia Welcomes a Visitor to the Castle Yard
Olivia Welcomes a Visitor to the Castle Yard
photo © 2008 M.Q.

Olivia blesses a Glastonbury Grael
Olivia with Grael   Olivia with Grael
photo © 2001 Celia Thomas

Olivia's 90th birthday party
Birthday Party
photo © 2003 Patrick Durdin-Robertson

Olivia wrote:
"My 90th birthday dedicated for two days to the Goddess Brigid. 13th April: Procession of seventy people from terrace down the Yew Walk led by Lydia Lyte, drummer and Julie Felix, singer, both FOI Priestesses. Three playlets in Theatre - funny! Demeter, Persephone by nieces Cressida Pryor and Caroline Pryor-Watson and "The Abduction Syndrome" by me - updated to include Indigo children! 14th April: too many all to fit in Temple, which holds seventy! An ordination of Antoinette as Priestess of Kwan Yin. Thirty of my English cousins attended, including six children. Rt. Revs. Caroline Wise and John Merron came from London and Revs. Lydia, Jane Maxwell, Celia Thomas from Glastonbury. USA visitors came on the 28th April, Rt. Rev. Cathryn Anne Rogers and Rev. Pat Cummins. So all for the Goddess, not for me!"

Olivia with her birthday cake
Birthday Cake
photo © 2003 Jane Marshall

Olivia at the Haroldstown Dolmen
Olivia at the Haroldstown Dolmen
photo © 2008 Martin Dier

Dolmen is on the bank of the Derreen river
Olivia at the Haroldstown Dolmen
photo © 2008 Martin Dier

Olivia walking along the Gulf of Mexico, Florida
Olivia in FloridaOlivia in Florida
photo © Deborah Brunn Nix Merwin

Olivia in Central California, 2000

photo © 2008 K. Metara

Olivia ordaining Amara, Isis Oasis 2010
Olivia and AmaraOlivia and Amara
© Amara A.

Olivia & Donna Virgilio

photo © D. Virgilio

Olivia during Castle Ritual
Olivia during Castle ritual
© Swami Prem Sudheer

Olivia & Oracle by High Altar
Olivia calling in the Oracle
© Deena Butta

Olivia & Emer, 1998

Olivia & a Visiting Family

Olivia in New Orleans
Olivia in New Orleans
photo © Cathryn Anne Rogers

Olivia in Castle Temple
Olivia in Castle Temple
© Noel Daly

Olivia on Castle Grounds
Olivia on Castle Grounds
© Ashera

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Copyright Notice: The photos on this website have been generously donated by the Durdin-Robertson family and FOI friends. They are always credited by name when we know who took the photo. Many have been cropped and digitally enhanced by this website. Please do not reproduce. All copyrights reserved. Thank you.

© Copyright
All Rights Reserved.