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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Fellowship of Isis History

            The Fellowship of Isis was founded at the Spring Equinox of 1976 at Clonegal Castle in Ireland, by Olivia Robertson, her brother Lawrence, and his wife, Pamela Durdin-Robertson. The following was uploaded as a tribute to mark its 30th anniversary, and includes various documents, booklets, manuals and photos from the early years, many provided by Olivia Robertson to be included in this section. We warmly thank her and all the members who have participated. We also invite anyone who wishes to share something to please contact us. We hope you enjoy learning more about some of the history behind the Fellowship of Isis.

FOI Foundation Center
Clonegal Castle in Spring
photo © O. Robertson


FOI Timeline: The Fellowship of Isis from 1976 through present day


Biographies and links to the work of the FOI founders:
Overall Founder History

Olivia Robertson     Lawrence Durdin-Robertson     Pamela Durdin-Robertson

Early photos of the FOI, its founders and their family members: Historical Photo Gallery


Let Olivia Robertson's writing guide you through Clonegal Castle's Temple: Tour the Temple of Isis


Ritual and other recordings of Olivia & Lawrence Durdin-Robertson Audio Gallery


"Olivia, Priestess of Isis" DVD by Logic Reality: View Video Clips

From "The Occult Experience", a video of Olivia and Lawrence Durdin-Robertson during ritual: View Video

Part of the late Pete McCarthy series "Desperately Seeking Something". Filmed in 1997, this video features his initiation into the Druid Clan of Dana: View Video

This video was first aired on July 11, 1973 as an episode of "Agenda". It was filmed three years before the Fellowship of Isis was founded. (offsite link - shared with permission from RTE) View Video

This video broadcast in January of 1976 and is a bit sensationalized to appeal to the masses, but a wonderful look at Olivia and Lawrence Durdin-Robertson just before they founded the Fellowship of Isis in March of that same year. (offsite link - shared with permission from RTE) View Video


FOI Goddess Calendar written by Lawrence Durdin Robertson: Juno Covella

Lecture by Lawrence Durdin Robertson on the Religion of the Goddess

The writings of Lawrence Durdin-Robertson

The writings of Olivia Robertson


In Memory of Fellowship of Isis Members: Memoriam Page

Letters & Announcements from Olivia Robertson 1999-on: Olivia's Letters

Accounts of Previous Events at Clonegal Castle

1993 Parliament of World Religions: #71 Isian News Report

The Call of Isis
Co-founder, Olivia Robertson's early spiritual auto-biography: Read Full Booklet

Isis of Fellowship
Co-founder, Olivia Robertson's account of how the FOI was founded: Foreword

History of the Druid Clan of Dana from the Dana booklet: PDF Version   /   HTML Version

History of the Noble Order of Tara from Gaea: PDF Version   /   HTML Version


The first Manifesto of the Fellowship of Isis: PDF Version   /   HTML Version

First five issues of the FOI newsletter, the "Isian News":
     Issue #1, Summer 1976: PDF Only
     Issue #2, Autumn 1976: PDF Only
     Issue #3, Winter 1976: PDF Only
     Issue #4, Spring 1977: PDF Only
     Issue #5, Summer 1977: PDF Only
(Members' last names and the directory pages have been omitted for privacy reasons.)

The first FOI Liturgy ritual: Ordination of Priestesses & Priests

The first FOI Liturgy book: Dea, Rites & Mysteries of the Goddess

The Entire FOI Liturgy: Online Library

FOI Manuals
First Version of the Handbook of the FOI: PDF Version   /   HTML Version

First Version of the College of Isis Manual: PDF Version   /   HTML Version

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