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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

The Call of Isis by Olivia Robertson

Purchase this Book The Call of Isis is the spiritual autobiography of the co-founder, the Hon. Olivia Robertson, written by her in 1975, a year before the founding of the Fellowship of Isis. At her request, it was uploaded online for the first time, both in pdf and html formats, on this site. For more information about Olivia Robertson, please also see her Biography Page.

From the outside cover, 1975 edition:
"In The Call of Isis, Olivia Robertson vividly describes her adventures in the psychic, occult and mystical fields. She has worked for eleven years with groups in South Ireland and London, and has specialized in inducing psychic projection through trance. Readers will find much to interest, stimulate and amuse them in an original account that starts with the experiments involving artists, musicians, dancers, craftsmen and writers inspired by the divinity within Nature Herself. The book is divided into three parts. The first, "The Temple of the Moon", deals with psychic development and the control of the emotions through the use of trance. The second part, "The Temple of the Sun", introduces ways of using vital force for healing and creativity. The third part, "Temple of the Stars", deals with mystical experiences, and the safe development of cosmic consciousness."

Please scroll down to read the full text and see the illustrations in The Call of Isis. This book is also available in paperback form, as well as the sequel: "Isis of Fellowship, How the FOI was Founded."

Purchase The Call of Isis - Online Bookstore

The Call of Isis
By: Olivia Robertson

In Honour of the Goddess of the Divine Wisdom:
She who is crowned with the Stars,
Is robed with the Sun,
And stands upon the Moon.



Foreword: PDF Version   /   HTML Version

Part One: The Temple of the Moon Goddess
Chapter 1 - Through the Veil: PDF Version   /   HTML Version
Chapter 2 - Of Dragons and Mares' Nests: PDF Version   /   HTML Version
Chapter 3 - Inhabitants of the Psychic Sphere: PDF Version   /   HTML Version
Chapter 4 - Rescue Work: PDF Version   /   HTML Version
Chapter 5 - Uranus the Magician: PDF Version   /   HTML Version
Chapter 6 - Initiation of the Moon: PDF Version   /   HTML Version

Part Two: The Temple of the Sun Goddess
Chapter 7 - The Awakening of Solar Fire: PDF Version   /   HTML Version
Chapter 8 - Channels of Power: PDF Version   /   HTML Version
Chapter 9 - Creative Healing: PDF Version   /   HTML Version
Chapter 10 - Mixing the Elements: PDF Version   /   HTML Version
Chapter 11 - The Magic of Ritual Drama: PDF Version   /   HTML Version
Chapter 12 - Initiation of the Sun: PDF Version   /   HTML Version

Part Three: The Temple of the Star Goddess
Chapter 13 - Stones and Stars: PDF Version   /   HTML Version
Chapter 14 - A Drama of Many Lives: PDF Version   /   HTML Version
Chapter 15 - The Traveller at the Gateway: PDF Version   /   HTML Version
Chapter 16 - A Many Coloured Pattern: PDF Version   /   HTML Version
Chapter 17 - The Cosmic Spiral: PDF Version   /   HTML Version
Chapter 18 - Coming Down to Earth: PDF Version   /   HTML Version

Note: The original Call of Isis is included on the FOI Homepage Archive at the request of the author, Olivia Robertson and carries a co-copyright. Please do not duplicate. Thank you. First printed for Cesara Publications in 1975 by the Nationalist. 2nd edition printed by Dofas; 3rd ed. Neptune Press (expanded ed. with FOI member contributions); 4th ed. Dofas (original ed.); 5th ed. the Nationalist (original ed.); 6th & 7th editions. FOI-Crossroads Media (original ed.).

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