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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Olivia Robertson as the Oracle
Photo © Logic Reality from Olivia, Priestess of Isis

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January 2020
Oracle: The Goddess Brigid
Book: Ishtar of the Starry Heavens
By: Olivia Robertson

Listen to Olivia Robertson as the Oracle of Brigid
(mp3 / 2.5 mb / 2:36 mins / © copyright reserved)

The Ancient Druids of Eire knew well the wisdom of Brigid, Goddess of the Spear of Light, of all arts and crafts and of the springs of hidden water in the depths. Glorious Brigid, Goddess, Saint, Nature Spirit, Who forms the Rainbow Bridge of the Arts, which links all spheres, grant us your Oracle!

Follow the path of the Spear of Light and you shall surely attain the divine realms of Light. You will know all knowledge, all wisdom, all truths. But are you able to bring happiness to one animal, hope to a friend, joy to a baby?

The mighty plan of the cosmos includes the great and the small, - the wise and the foolish, - the sublime and the absurd. For why should the mighty ones become small and dwell amongst us; and the smallest aspire to be the greatest? They seek wholeness.

To enjoy all that is, we need pride and humility; love and caution; belief and disbelief. For has not each of us a heart and a brain and two legs to walk with?

"As above, so below" is a truth: but also "as below so above." Why not dance? Stand with your back to your altar and lift up your arms in the V sign of the Light Descending. Ah yes but now face your altar, with your arms in the form of a triangle, and draw forth that which is below. When these two triangles, one inverted from Heaven, the other pointing upwards from earth, are joined, they form the Diamond of perfection. Drawn closer, there shines the six-pointed Star of Love and Truth in Divine Harmony.

(c) Olivia Robertson, FOI co-founder
All Rights Reserved
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(The Crossroads Lyceum has provided the Oracle of the Month as a service for all FOI members since 1998 through its website and Yahoo group, and it is featured here on the Homepage Archive as well.)

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