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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

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Aset t fem. det. shm s w "go, walk" det. plural sign
Aset Shemsu - The Retinue of Aset
Foundation Centre: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Directory of Active FOI Centers

Welcome to the FOI Directory for active centers! Please know that each center founder is legally responsible for their own transactions and each center has their own original curriculum and unique offerings. At the request of Cressida Pryor (FOI Steward), center founders who have listed here have agreed to follow the Ethics and Policy Guidelines of the FOI Foundation center, but inclusion on this page is not an endorsement from the FOI, nor this website. Scroll down to select the region of your choice, or explore the online home-study centers listed in the last section. If you wish to list your center here, please see the listing instructions.

In-person Centers:

Australia   /   Brazil   /   Canada   /   Chile

England   /   Germany   /   Greece   /   Ireland

Italy   /   Mexico   /   Portugal   /   Scotland

Spain   /   United States   /   Wales

Home-Study Centers:

Online & by Correspondence


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Iseum of the Cosmic Dance: Melbourne
The IOTCD is a Celebration of Life, dedicated to the Goddesses Isis, Bast, and Hathor whereby the attributes of Healing, Creativity, and Charity are practiced. My online course “The Pagan Experience”, designed to introduce new seekers to the pagan path, is offered from time to time.
Contact: StormIsis
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/priestessstormisis/
Email: iotcd@jeheda.com

Lyceum of Heka: Melbourne
Dedicated to Isis, Aset, Sekhmet and Hekate. The purpose of this center is to be a contact for fellow seekers and students whilst striving for knowledge and its useful application for the betterment and benefit of mankind, the earth and its creatures and spirit.
Contact: Setjataset
Email: tarotwithtina@yahoo.com.au
Website: https://setjataset.wordpress.com

The Magickal Lyceum of the Goddess Isis & Hekate: Sydney
This Lyceum is based on the central coast just north of Sydney, it is dedicated to Goddess Isis and Hekate providing a place of deep reverence and ritual.
Contact: Louise
Email: weeziemetal@hotmail.com

Iseum Of Imbas Forosnai: Ontario
Hearth of Morgan-Le-Fey and Merlin - this Iseum is open to all that hear the call of the Goddess. Focus is on facilitating a deep journey to know thy self. Seekers are encouraged to journey through their light and shadow to know once again the ancient mysteries that lie within.
Contact: Priestess Kelley Shaw-Gaspar
Email: beyondthemyst@hotmail.com

Iseum Of Sacred Awakenings: Ontario
Sanctuary of Isis and Myrlin - The iseum welcomes those that have been guided to the path of the Goddess. The gates of luminosity are open to all who wish to learn the ancient mysteries and to seek their true light and purpose with.
Contact: Priestess Tina Cooke
Email: toi-ladyhawk@outlook.com

Iseum of Awakening of Magic, Lyceum Sistrum Feline
Grove & Priory of the Fairies Path and the Grail:
Brasília /DF, Brazil
The Iseum offers Adepts training. The Lyceum offers Priesthood and Hierophant training, according to the Magi Degree System. The Grove and Priory offers DCD and NOT training. All the courses follow the FOI Liturgy and are offered in person or online and by correspondence.
Contact: Rev. Débora Barcelos, Prs. H., ArchDrs and D.C.
Email: debora.hierophant@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iseumdodespertardamagia
https://www.facebook.com/iseumdodespertardamagia https://www.facebook.com/caminhodasfadaseograal

Iseum Alas de Isis: Santiago
Our Iseum is open to receive new devotees who are looking for a way to initiate a contact with the divinity.
Contact: Rev. Ludovico Rojas Diaz
Email: iseum.alasdeisis@gmail.com

Iseum Templo de Isis: Santiago y Algarrobo
Our priesthood training is open for new candidates from 21st September 2018, Autumn Equinox. Please write to our email for details. Nuestro entrenamiento para el sacerdocio abre puertas el 21 septiembre 2018, equinoccio de otono.
Contact: Andrea Angelos
Email: templeisischile@gmail.com

Lady of the Sacred Fire Iseum/Lyceum: Curico
Ordination of priestesses and priests for 9 months. Ordination of priestesses and hierophant priests delivery of degrees. Know the faces of the goddess. Witchcraft in training. Peasant witchcraft. Aqualead level 1, 2 and Mastery. Reiki usui levels 1, 2, 3 and 4. Astral workshop. Chromotherapy workshop. Workshop creation of altars.
Contact: Ali Echeverría B.
Email: alieb_9@hotmail.com

Lyceum/Iseum Dama de la Luna: Santiago
Queen of the Fairies Grove
Our Iseum/Lyceum is dedicated to train for the priesthood, magic grades, hierophant, holistic therapies, personal/group work and ceremonies during full/dark moons. Goddesses Isis, Morrighan and Hecate. As a Grove we work and learn Celtic magic and American shamanism, train people to become druids and archidruids. Our patron Goddess is Morrighan.
Contact: Monica Salas R.
Email: iseumdamadelaluna@gmail.com

Lyceum/Iseum Isis y Dionisio: Villa Alemana
Iseum/Lyceum of Greek-Egyptian tradition. Our tutelary divinities are Isis in her ten thousand names, and Dionisio. We dedicate ourselves and specialize in various magical systems. The concept of Ma'at is the heart and fundamental pillar of our temple.
Contact: Yenni Fabres
Email: iseum.isisydionisio@gmail.com


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Domus Sophiae Terrae et Sancta Gradalis: Based in Oxfordshire
(House of Earth Wisdom and the Holy Grail)
BCM Hallowquest, London WC1N 3XX, UK
Contact: Caitlín Matthews
Email: tigerna9@gmail.com

Grove of the Avalon Sidhe: Glastonbury
This is a grove of the Druid Clan of Dana, based in Glastonbury and open for training and regular ceremony and celebrations in the Glastonbury area and online.
Contact: Ard banDrui Danu Forest
Email: danu@danuforest.co.uk

Iseum of Cerridwen: Portsmouth
We celebrate the eight turning points through the year by holding open public ceremonies just to the North of Portsmouth. We also offer Druid teaching and perform baby naming, handfasting and other rites of passage.
Contact: Stormwatch
Email: stormwatch@gmail.com

Lyceum of Our Lady of the Stars: Glastonbury
This group is dedicated to my primary Goddess Nuit, and Her consort, Geb of the Green Earth. I am also a priestess of Elen of the Ways. I hold ceremonies in honour of these deities, which all are welcome to attend. Details on the Facebook page.
Contact: Annabelle
Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/350230325389068/

Lyceum of Universal Learning: Havant, Hampshire
We facilitate a lifelong learning ethos alongside an outreach of a Healing World Network. Our outreach intends that fellow co-creatives develop a fresh and mindful way of thinking/feeling that exists in all natural order. We offer local and global celebrancy, workshops and online critical incident support.
Contact: Prs. H. Gaynor Linnecor
Email: worldhealing@ymail.com
Website: www.royalmaze.uk/


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Iseum mit dem Ziegenfisch: Berlin
(Iseum with the Goatfish)
We observe the 8 seasonal festivals, we pursue the Path of Hermeticism and we engage in pagan and interfaith networking. Wir feiern die 8 Jahreskreisfeste; wir folgen dem hermetischen Pfad und wir sind in paganen und interreligiösen Netzwerken aktiv.
Contact: Gisela
Email: iseum-mitdem-ziegenfisch@t-online.de
Website: https://iseum-ziegenfisch.berlin
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/iseumgoatfish/

Iseum Temple of the Goddess: Koukaki, Athens
Regular gatherings for prayer, rites and celebrations. Tours of sacred sites in Athens. Accommodation for visiting priesthood, preferential fees in our Goddess Hearth. Please enquire by writing to our email.
Contact: Andrea Angelos
Email: templeisischile@gmail.com


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Lyceum of the Three Mothers: Wexford
Findneimid, Balcarrig Hill, Ballycanew, Gorey, Co. Wexford, Ireland.
Contact: Cáit Branigan
Email: cbranigan9@gmail.com

Athena, la chiave della Vita Iseum: Varedo
L'Iseum di Athena, la chiave della Vita, ti accompagna a scoprire la tua Dea interiore attraverso rituali, il mondo elementale, la divinazione, tecniche di ascolto e riconnessione con la propria parte spirituale, tecniche di risveglio, energetiche e conoscenza di sè. Le divinità onorate sono Iside, Nefertari e Maria Maddalena.
Contact: Claudia
Email: claudiagrossi0312@gmail.com

Iseum Gli Antichi Misteri Femminili: Monteviale (Vicenza)
Certified in 2021 in Monteviale (Vicenza) dedicated to Brigid, Isis and Reitia. Through studies about the Goddess and a practical shamanic path, regularly offers seasonal celebrations, rites of passage, travels and womens’ gatherings (also online) to put people in contact with natural cycles, and thus manifest the Goddess in the world.
Contact: Laura
Email: gliantichimisterifemminili@gmail.com
Website: http://www.gliantichimisterifemminili.com

Iseum of Hekate Hieros Pyr: Nettuno, Roma
Dedicated to Hekate, Her cult, history, archeological findings and magical practices. It's aims are to spread correct information about the multifaceted, mysterious, all-encompassing nature of Hekate and, as a devotional hearth center of the Goddess, to offer spiritual counseling through various methods of divination and energetic attunement and healing.
Contact: Paola Babatsikou
Email: paolababa@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100093782477123

Iseum Tempio di Diana: Sermoneta, Latina
It's a Sacred Place for deepening relationship with the Goddesses, meditating, making spiritual offerings, being welcomed (person, animal or plant), express creativity within our inner feelings, a connection place with the Goddesses and Gods and with the Beings of Light, healing place. A Place of Acceptance and Divine Love.
Contact: Dafne Capuccio
Email: dafne31.dc@gmail.com

La Casa delle Melisse Iseum: Trento
Iseum dedicated to divination and the interpretation of dreams with the help of the Tarot. Practices of purification and protection, healing rites, meditation, shamanic journeys and Family constellations. The work is carried out in groups and individually, both in person and online. Deities honored are Isis, Demeter and Selkis.
Contact: Paola
Email: disantepaola@alice.it

La Sacra Fiamma Iseum: Belluno
The Sacred Flame Iseum is dedicated to the goddesses Isis, Bast and Hathor. Provides seasonal, lunar and ceremonial celebrations; rites of purifications, blessing and healing; divinatory consultations and yoga courses and paths of meditation and union with the goddesses.
Contact: Sadiya-Is
Email: jessica.guberti@gmail.com
Website: https://iseumlasacrafiamma.weebly.com/

Lyceum/Iseum Campense: Rome
Lyceum Campense was certified in 2003 and offers Priestess (9 months) and Hierophant (12 months) training in a mix of presence and distance methods. Iseum is housed in an ancient medieval tower with a large lararium dedicated to the Goddess Isis. Open to the public twice a month for lunar/seasonal celebrations.
Email: lyceumcampense@gmail.com
Website: https://compagniaiside.blogspot.com/

Lyceum & Solar Iseum of the Divine Meow: Palermo, Italy
En Erebos Phos Iseum (In Darkness Light Iseum)
Iseum dedicated to Hekate and Mithra. Lyceum & Solar dedicated to feline Goddessess and Gods. Distant training available for priestess/priest, solar alchemists and Magi degrees/Adept levels courses. Services: astrology, rituals and talismans for various needs of people and their pets. Rites of the full moon for the protection of animals.
Contact: Rev. Francesca Mezzatesta Prs. H.
Email: fmezz2000@yahoo.it

Lyceum/Iseum of the Mystic Rose: Vicenza
This Lyceum aims to orient the heart of those who enter towards the good and leads to a life where you live with love and respect. It offers rituals and inner paths aimed to develop a deeper connection with the soul and with the Divine. It offers FOI Magi degrees.
Contact: Rhodope
Email: iltempiodiisideemaria@gmail.com

Lyceum Santuario della Dea del Mediterraneo: Bologna
Iseum Il Loto e La Rosa
Dedicated to the Goddesses Isis, Inanna and Ariadne, divine emanations of the Power and Active Energy of the universe. Certified in 2020 in Bologna, offers trainings for future Priest/esses of the Goddess. Deals with research, study and cultural dissemination to promote the awakening of the Great Mediterranean Mother in the world.
Contact: Luigia
Email: santuariodeadelmediterrano@gmail.com

Lyceum, Iseum, & Solar Iseum of Sesheshet - The Sacred Sound: Latina
Priorato del Giglio Bianco delle Quattro Terre (Priory of The White Lily of the Four Lands)
This Lyceum offers teachings, rituals and daily practices to the goddess Isis-Aset, Her Consort Osiris-Asar and the Goddess Bast. Offered: shamanic path for developing a strong personal relationship with Goddess/es; FOI Liturgy study - Magi degrees; Priesthood training; Rites of Passage; Sacred Instruments study. Training by distance learning and/or meetings.
Contatto: Rev. Gigliola Di Libero, Prs. H.
E-mail: sacredsound@libero.it

Iseum of Isis and Osiris: Mexico
Iseum dedicate to venerate the Goddess Isis in her 10,000 names and Osiris, her beloved husband and companion. Healing with the Goddess Isis accompanied by Seichim Sekhem Reiki and akashic records.
Contact: Sonia Jiménez
Email: soniaj@yahoo.com
Website: https://sanandotuorigen.com/iseum/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sanando-tu-Origen-142427806455854/


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Iseum do Caminho da Terra: Braga, Portugal
The Iseum do Caminho da Terra is an Iseum dedicated to Hekate and Persephone. Our main goal is to act as a safe haven and a home for all of those who wish to connect with the Goddess and to grow within this path.
Contact: Alexia Moon
Email: ict.caminhodaterra@gmail.com
Website: https://iseumcaminhodaterra.blogspot.com/


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House of Love and Thunder: Iseum of the Power of the Heart
House of the Fountain of Life: Lyceum of the Waters of Fire
Grove of the Bone Mother & Priory of Universal Waters
Holding space in Spain and Scotland. The Iseum is dedicated to Ancient Egypt. The Lyceum is dedicated to the Celtic and Iberian World. We share the Curriculum of the College of Isis. Ness provides face to face training as well as Online Worldwide.
Contact: Ness Bosch
Email: la.sibila.78@gmail.com
Website: https://centros-foi-nessbosch.jimdofree.com

Iseum of the Black Moon: Tenerife
Dedicated to Hekate and Isis, we are oriented to devotional and ritual work, as well as offering study on the mysteries of the Goddesses. We do not offer Magi Degree formation.
Contact: Giovanna
Email: giovanna.n.diaz@gmail.com

Isis Sothis Iseum: Barcelona
Dedicated to Isis Sothis, the sacred star that guides us, and to Osiris, her eternal companion. We celebrate the wheel of the year, the lunations and the heliacal raising of Sirius. Open to the community through our website, offering a service of petitions to the Goddess for those who wish it.
Contact: Josep/Ankhu
Email: isissothisiseum@gmail.com

Lyceum/Iseum Per Anj Luz de Sotis: Vigo
The Iseum & Lyceum Per Anj Luz de Sotis is dedicated to Hekate, Isis and Morrigan. Through the light of wisdom we work to elevate our consciousness. We see in Nature the Mysteries of the Goddess and we learn Her from wisdom.
Contact: Aradia Moon
Email: aradia358@gmail.com

Lyceum Isis Myrionymos: Malaga
Dedicated to Isis, Goddess of 10,000 Names. Focuses on a devotional path, as we learn from Her many names. Through Devotion and Ritual, we seek to know our own Divinity. Healing and Oracular Arts are part of our work. “Each act of Love, is a devotional act for the Goddess.”
Contact: Annu
Email: luperca.de.nemi@gmail.com

Lyceum Sekhmet, Lady of the Sacred Flame: Granada
Dedicated to Isis and Sekhmet. Lyceum purpose: to venerate the Goddess Isis in her 10,000 names. Using the rituals of the wheel of the year, we will celebrate the new and full moons. Priestess training, teachings of medicinal plants, Oracular arts/crafts, as well as Reiki and Magnified healing.
Contact: Rhiannon of the Moon
Email: ravenariel121@gmail.com

Lyceum Sekhmet the Lioness of the Sun: Madrid
Grove of the Iberia Ash
We honor Isis, the Great Goddess, the Goddess of a million faces and names, we honor Sekhmet, the great healer. I offer you to go inside of the sacred mysteries, and learn of Isis and training, teaching you the ancient wisdom, and how to walk the sacred path to Isis.
Contact: Isabeau
Email: bajolasalasdeisis@gmail.com
Phone: +34629278744

Stellar Labyrinth Iseum & Lyceum:: Madrid (also Houston, TX & Ciudad de México)
A sacred space dedicated to the Goddesses Isis, Selket and Hecate where various workshops, healing techniques, rituals, lectures, witchcraft lessons, Wiccan classes, tarot and oracles, as well as Priesthood courses are taught and offered. Offers courses in the FoI Magi Degree System. Located in Spain, the USA and Mexico.
Contact: Ayra Alseret
Website: https://stellarlabyrinth.wordpress.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StellarLabyrinthIseumLyceum/
Email: ayra.alseret@gmail.com


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Iseum of the Rekhet Akhu: Chicago, IL
Our mission is to highlight the interrelatedness of the communities of the living and the dead and to cultivate transfigured spirits (Akhu) within ourselves in our lifetimes through devotional relationships with the Kemetic Neteru, temple ritual magic and workings of apotropaic and healing magic. One-on-one and small group-based training.
Contact: Rev. Anna Applegate
Email: priestess@rekhetakhu.com
Website: www.rekhetakhu.com

Lyceum of Alexandria-Mishigami: Chicago, IL
We fuse a Kemetic Polytheist outlook with our members' disparate magical disciplines and offer a variety of public FOI Liturgy-based rituals and events for the Chicago Pagan and metaphysical communities. We also offer FOI Clergy training locally and via online methods for global spiritual seekers.
Contact: Rev. Demetria Nanos
Email: hail_isis@yahoo.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/FOIintheChi/


Iseum of the Mystic Isis: Louisville, KY
Dedicated to Isis and Osiris and the pursuit of mystery, inspiration, and creativity in all forms. We work with both the FOI liturgy and rites of our own devising, and offer both online and in-person mentorship.
Contact: Rev. Lynn Blackthorn
Email: mysticisis-foi@mail.com
Website: http://mysticisis-foi.blogspot.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iseumofthemysticisis/


Iseum Musicum: Bangor area, ME
Pagan ordination program. Course consists of 3 years of study under the guidance of Clergy. Includes intensive study of the Goddess in Her many forms and to bring awareness to Her place throughout history and in us. In addition, concentration on working with the earth, energetics, community building, and ritual planning.
Email: webgoddess@templeofthefemininedivine.org
Website: https://www.templeofthefemininedivine.org/iseum-musicum

Journeying the Underworld Iseum: Waterville, ME
Journeying the Underworld, a Hekate Iseum, helps you learn and explore strategies for your journey to and through the Underworld, including experiences of following loved ones into the Underworld during Grief and Loss, Traveling as support for others’ Underworld return, managing our personal dark times, and engaging in Soul Retrieval.
Contact: Araminta Star
Email: araminta.star@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/704244514047400/


The Rainbow Haven Crows’ Nest Iseum: Sawyer, MN
This Iseum is dedicated to the Three Morrigu: Badb, Macha, & Anu, to be a gathering place for those seeking to own their power and their voices, make noise, and embrace their Inner Warrior.
Contact: Christy “Mother Raven” LaPrairie
Email: MotherRavensRainbowHaven@outlook.com


Lyceum of the Lady of Temenos: Bedminster, NJ
Contact: Prs. H. Janet Piedilato
Email: temenos9@aol.com


Iseum Of the Sacred Lotus: Easton, PA
We assist in developing a closer relationship with Isis. We are not a Kemetic reconstructionist group, we honour the past and Isiac history by incorporating that inspiration into modern practice. A chapter of the Temple of Isis in Geyserville California. Clergy training, student study and Isian services to the public.
Contact: Rev. James Isidorus
Email: ausetgypsy@gmail.com
Phone: 917-536-6303
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheIseumOfTheSacredLotus/


Iseum of Hathor, Lady of the West: Chesterfield, VA
Lyceum of Dionysus, Ariadne, & Aphrodite, Star of the Sea
Active in training Adepts for 9 years. Two Priests & four Priestesses will be graduating this 2018 later this year.
Contact: Rev. Donna M. Swindells
Email: ibgreenie3@yahoo.com

Iseum Center of Pandora: Llanelli
Llanelli Blaenberem, Mynyddcerrig, Llanelli, SA15 5BL
All Goddess worshippers welcomed.
Contact: Rev. Rufus Brock Maychild
Email: rufus.maychild@gmail.com

Iseum of the Hellenic Isis
Iseum/Lyceum of Isis and Arianrhod: South Wales Valleys
Open to all who honour Isis in Her classical form, as She was worshipped throughout the Greek/Roman world. The Lyceum offers a programme of training for the Priesthood and Adepti, and the Iseum has a Hellenic focus, honouring the God/desses of Greece/Rome and the works of the Classical philosophers.
Contact: Ariadne Rainbird
Email: karinrainbirdariadne@yahoo.co.uk

Iseum of Mary Magdalene, Hekate & Isis: South Wales
Adepti training offered.
Contact: Claire Pingel
Email: claire280870@aol.com

(also review listings in individual countries for those who teach both in person and online)

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Crossroads Correspondence Lyceum: based in the USA
Founded in 1993, this Lyceum offers many home-study programs dedicated to the Intuitive Arts and Mysteries of the Goddess. Magi Degrees and Initiate Levels may be attained, as well as FOI Priesthood, Adepthood and Hierophant training. All Goddesses and traditions are honored.
Contact: Connia Silver
Website: http://www.crlyceum.com

Iseum of the Divine Isis Within: based in the USA
Seeking to awaken the Divine spark of Isis in those who are called by this Powerful Goddess. The Iseum offers a course of study for those who feel in their hearts a deep desire to cultivate a personal relationship with Isis through personal experience, ritual and monthly online meetings.
Contact: Amy Auset Rohn
Email: amyausetrohn@gmail.com
Website: http://www.thegoddessinside.com/priestess-of-isis-intensive
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Iseum-of-the-Divine-Isis-Within-197325982435/

Iseum of Hekate, Phosphoros, Soteira and Psychopompos Hermeneus: based in Ireland
Currently offering correspondence study on the Spiral of the Adepti training path within the FOI. In the future, there will be in-person training made available for those willing to travel. The Iseum was Founded Bealtaine 2009 and Chartered by Lady Olivia Robertson in June 2009, dedicated to Hekate and Hermes.
Contact: Dorn Simon
Email: newdorn@gmail.com

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