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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Information for Solitary & New Members

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Members' Shrine in the FOI Temple
Members' Shrine
photo © O. Robertson (cropped/enhanced by this site)

"What really matters is not the size of any society or religion, but its
goodness. And this depends upon the individual communion between
each member and Deity. A lone devotee of the Goddess shows
forth as bright a Light as any vast congregation in mass prayer."

Olivia Robertson


For those who do not have access to an Iseum or Lyceum in their area, or simply prefer to work alone, there are many opportunites for spiritual growth within the Fellowship of Isis: "Through the years members have asked for devotional practices for those who worship the Goddess on their own. The word 'worship' describes the initial stage of our relationship to the Divine Mother: as we develop in Her way we achieve a loving identity with Her, while retaining our own originality, and honour for Her manifestation through others. Daily private practice, whether in silence or through spoken words, is essential for sustained progress on the religious path. To invoke, sing and dance on one's own requires moral courage, but unbinds the soul! There is no limitation to the Pantheon of Deities in all faiths, and no limit either to the divinity latent in each of their offspring. Therefore, although apparently alone, the Devotee becomes more and more part of that rainbow network which brings Heaven on earth." (Olivia Robertson)

Further Study

All FOI Liturgy may be read for free at this link: Fellowship of Isis Liturgy

There are also Fellowship of Isis prayers that may be used by any member on a regular basis, as well as Juno Covella, the Perpetual Calendar of the Fellowship of Isis written by Lawrence Durdin-Robertson.

There is also an Oracle of the Month, which you may read online or receive monthly by subscribing to our social media sites. (see top or bottom of this page)

All members may read and perform the Fellowship of Isis Liturgy on their own. However, FOI degrees, titles and initiations are only obtained through study and certification with an FOI center, either in person or through correspondence.

You may find a list of in-person and home-study centers here: FOI Homepage Center Directory.

Important note: there are many FOI centers and websites worldwide, however not all of them are afilliated with the FOI Foundation Center. Please see this page from Cressida Pryor, FOI Steward, for more information: non-affiliated members


To learn more about the the Fellowship of Isis, please visit our FOI History section.

Information on all three of the FOI Founders, may be found here: Olivia, Lawrence & Pamela Durdin-Robertson

You may read Olivia Robertson's spiritual autobiography online: The Call of Isis , as well as order the sequel "How the Fellowship of Isis Was Founded" at the Online Bookstore.

Coatlicue Altar
Coatlicue Altar
photo © O. Robertson (cropped/enhanced by this site)
Create a Shrine

"Make a shrine to me in a temple: a room or in a corner of a room.
So shall your outer observance be a sign that you accept my grace.
Wherever a Devotee places my picture, my statue, two candles,
incense and a cup of water, there shall I dwell. There shall Joy,
Health and Abundance be the gifts of my eternal Love."

Olivia Robertson

Any Fellowship ritual may be adapted and enacted as a solitary member. Maya, Goddess Rites for Solo Use is a specific publication for solitary use. For a Fellowship of Isis ritual to create a personal shrine to Isis, go to the first ritual in this booklet, "Creation of a Shrine".

Review FOI-related Materials

FOI Liturgy and other books online: Liturgy & General Publications

Photos of the Foundation Center: Castle Photo Gallery

Online art gallery: Goddess Art of Olivia Robertson

MP3 files of Olivia and Lawrence Durdin-Robertson: Audio Gallery

FOI on YouTube: Homepage Channel

Isian News, Isian Voices: Foundation Center Newsletter

Attunement Times

The Foundation Center at Clonegal Castle, Ireland offers Fellowship of Isis attunement on a twice-daily basis. This occurs mornings and evenings from 6:30 to 8:30 GMT. Members may attune at any time to the Fellowship of Isis, knowing that somewhere the Goddess is being invoked and her Blessings sent forth.

Reviewing the photo gallery and the tour of the Castle Temple may help facilitate deeper attunement.

FOI Degree Systems

To learn about the various degree systems within the Fellowship, as well as its Priesthood, we refer you to these sections:
College of Isis
Iseums & the Spiral of the Adepti
Priesthood & the Spiral of Alchemy
Noble Order of Tara
Druid Clan of Dana

Online Bookstore

You may purchase Fellowship of Isis books here: Online Bookstore

Stay Connected

Stay in touch and receive the latest news about the FOI through the following pages, as well as on our What's New section of this website:

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