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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Online Writings of Lawrence Durdin-Robertson

Lawrence Durdin-Robertson
© The Occult Experience.
(Created with permission, all rights reserved.)

Lawrence Durdin-Robertson Biography

The books on this page have been uploaded with permission from the Durdin-Robertson family. They have our sincere thanks for allowing these works to be available to our members. A special "thank you" also to T. Lynn of the Iseum of the Mystic Isis, for her help with proofreading on some of the Communion with the Goddess series. Please do not reproduce these offerings, all copyrights are reserved by the Durdin-Robertson family. Thank you!

The Goddesses of Chaldaea, Syria and Egypt: PDF File (9,514 kb)

Juno Covella: Perpetual Calendar of the Fellowship of Isis

God the Mother (go directly to the PDF File - 395kb)

Life in the Next World: PDF file (759kb)

The Religion of the Goddess (go directly to the PDF file - 556kb)

Guide to Clonegal Castle

Women in the Arts, Crafts and Professions: PDF file (173 kb)

Communion with the Goddess Series:

Book 1: The Vital Elements (PDF: 220kb)

Book 2: Initiation and the Mysteries (PDF: 208kb)

Book 3: Priestesses (PDF: 237kb)

Book 4: Idols, Images & Symbols of the Goddesses: Egypt Part I: Isis (PDF: 287kb)

Book 5: Idols, Images & Symbols of the Goddesses: Egypt Part II (PDF: 271kb)

Book 6: Idols, Images & Symbols of the Goddesses: Egypt Part III (PDF: 413kb)

Book 7: Idols, Images & Symbols of the Goddesses: India (PDF: 436kb)

Book 8: Idols, Images & Symbols of the Goddesses: South-East Asia & Tibet (PDF: 172kb)

Book 9: Idols, Images & Symbols of the Goddesses: China & Japan (PDF: 389kb)

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Lawrence Durdin-Robertson Biography

Lawrence Durdin-Robertson Photo Gallery

Lawrence Durdin-Robertson Audio Files

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All Rights Reserved.