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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

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Webpage contents (except where noted below) are Copyright © 1999-2023, Fellowship of Isis Homepage Archive.

All text, artwork, photos, sound recordings (mp3 files), and graphics on this site are internationally copyright protected. Some text and artwork are from private correspondence with Olivia Robertson and are also copyright reserved.

Please know that the full contents of this website are not considered public domain and are not to be duplicated/resold. (contact us) The mirroring of pages/duplicating of contents on another webpage is not permitted.

FOI Online Liturgy Rites:

Printing of individual rites by FOI members for their personal and group ritual use is encouraged and allowed. Copying the work of Olivia or Lawrence Durdin-Robertson to another website or publication, is prohibited. The Liturgy and other materials on this site carry an ongoing co-copyright with Olivia Robertson's heirs and are not in the public domain. (copyright letter)

Copyright nota bene regarding Liturgy translations: Individual translators retain ownership of their work, but not the copyright of the material itself, nor a permission to publish. Translated materials are only to be shared publicly on this website (the FOI Homepage), unless additional permissions are received from the copyright owners.

Books, & Tapes/CDs:

All materials published by FOI-Crossroads Media carry a co-copyright with Olivia Robertson's heirs and are not in the public domain. The copyright of the Liturgy recordings made by Olivia Robertson is held by the Durdin-Robertson family and the FOI Homepage website.

All works of the late Olivia and Lawrence Durdin-Robertson have been included on this website at the direct request of the late Olivia Robertson and with the current permission of her family. All are copyright protected. They are not to be copied onto another website or otherwise distributed. All print and sound recording rights are internationally reserved.

FOI Names, Logo & Manifesto:

The Fellowship of Isis and its Manifesto are internationally copyrighted 1976-2023 by the Durdin-Robertson family. The name of the Fellowship of Isis (FOI) and the Foundation Center Societies of the Noble Order of Tara (NOT) and the Druid Clan of Dana (DCD), as well as the Aset Shemsu hieroglyphics are unregistered international service/trademarks, owned by the Durdin-Robertson family. This includes all sub-societies within the Fellowship of Isis as well, such as the FOI's Muses Symposium, Spiral of the Adepti, Spiral of Alchemy. All rights reserved.


Graphics & Photos:
Permission for Webpage Background by Eos
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All other graphics: Copyright © 1999-2023 Fellowship of Isis Homepage. All Rights Reserved.

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Further Information:

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Applicable Law:
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Our About section also includes further information about the purpose of the Fellowship of Isis Homepage and its various authorizations directly from the FOI Foundation Center.

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