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Fellowship of Isis key
This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Fellowship of Isis
Center Guidelines

Although the various types of centers within the Fellowship of Isis may have their own specific systems, there are some policies that apply equally to all of them. This information has been included below and is relevant for all Societies within the FOI. These guidelines are not meant to inhibit: rather, they are provided to encourage equal standards between all centers.

These policies were created by Olivia Robertson and/or Cressida Pryor. Please see the letters section for the most recent updates. In addition, this page provides links to background information for various other policies and structures: Background Info

The guiding principles of the Fellowship of Isis may be found in its Manifesto. See also the most recent FOI Code of Ethics statement. All current policy documents issued by the FOI Foundation Center in Ireland, may be found here: Foundation Center Documents.

  • Copyright Notice: Cressida Pryor wrote on January 27th, 2015: “The FOI founders (and now their heirs) are the sole owners of the FOI name, hieroglyphs and Olivia’s writings and art work.” This extends to the publications of Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, the names of the Foundation Center Societies of the Noble Order of Tara and the Druid Clan of Dana, and all the sub-societies within the FOI, such as the FOI's Muses Symposium, the Spiral of the Adepti and the Spiral of Alchemy.

  • Issuing of Certificates: Training administrators issue their own new center and title certificates to members when all guidelines are met. It is required that all certificates include the "Aset Shemsu" hieroglyphics. (see the top of the Manifesto.) The new center and/or appointment is then registered with the FOI.

  • Non-Affiliation Policy: The FOI Manifesto states: "The Fellowship of Isis has no particular affiliations."

    Members who manage outside spiritual organizations are asked to promote and perform their work independently from any Fellowship center that they may also administer (such as an Iseum or Lyceum). The FOI does not provide an umbrella for any individual or organization, nor is it an “outer court” society for any “inner court” religion. Other businesses, groups or organizations may be run by our members, but they are considered separate and not affiliated with the FOI.

    No one member or FOI center speaks for, or represents the Fellowship of Isis, the Noble Order of Tara, the Druid Clan of Dana, or any other Foundation Center Society. The members of the Durdin-Robertson family are the only ones who may legally represent the Fellowship of Isis and its affiliated Societies.

  • FOI Center Websites: It is requested that center administrators choose their website URLs and email addresses based upon their individual center's name (not the FOI, or any of its Societies) in order to avoid confusion and misunderstanding within the Fellowship of Isis. ("When we began I stipulated that each site should have its own Lyceum or Iseum name." (Olivia Robertson, Feb 20, 2001)

  • Enrolling New Members: Members of all FOI centers are also members of the Fellowship of Isis. (as per the FOI Manifesto.) To join the FOI, new members accept the principles within the FOI Manifesto, the dedication validated by the sacred hieroglyphs of Isis that is printed on each application form. Membership in the FOI is for a lifetime, unless the member specifically requests resignation. Individual members only are accepted into the Fellowship. Membership in the Fellowship of Isis may be obtained through any active center, as well as online here: Join the FOI

  • New Centers: Olivia wrote: "Centres issue Charters for new Centres." (Lughnasadh 1999) New centers are formed by the sponsorship/certification from an already existing center Founder, and registered with the FOI. (There are no “self-appointed” centers or appointments in the FOI.) From Olivia: "Admittance to Iseums, Lyceums, Degrees, Druid Clan of Dana and Noble Order of Tara may be accomplished through any existing centre." (July 22, 2011)

  • Iseums & Lyceums have two distinct purposes within the Fellowship. See this page for more information: The Difference between a Lyceum & Iseum

  • New Appointments & Titles: Degrees, Levels and Initiations are earned through study with a Fellowship center, either in person or through correspondence courses. Once a certain number is attained, a member has the opportunity to obtain certain titles within the Fellowship of Isis. These appointments are accompanied by the appropriate FOI consecration ritual done in person or through attunement with the person who provided the training. All members of the FOI, regardless of titles or degrees, are equal. In order to preserve the validity of its training courses and to maintain equal standards, the Fellowship does not confer honorary titles based solely on “life experience”, or because of titles bestowed by outside organizations, however worthy. (See the individual Society for specific information and Olivia's letter from March 2000 regarding Priesthood training.)

  • Coursework/Curriculum: A center's preceptor is responsible for providing an original program of study to members, either in person or through correspondence courses. The courses are created through inspiration from the center's own particular Deity/Deities and are required to include rituals from the FOI Liturgy in order to provide "graduating" rites in order to earn FOI Degrees/Initiations.

    Olivia wrote regarding the College of Isis, (which now applies to the other FOI Societies as well): "Each Priest/ess Hierophant offers teachings, linked with the use of FOI rituals - inspired by myself - as "passing out" ceremonies. So there is diversity with unity."

    See this page for the associated Liturgy for each Society: FOI Liturgy

  • Charging for coursework: Membership in the Fellowship of Isis is free. Members may charge a tuition fee for the training curriculum within their own centers. Olivia wrote: "Charges may be made for books and courses." (Nov. 2011) "We aspire to University, medical and religious status and so have the right to be paid the same as Professors, Doctors and Clergy." (personal corresp. Sept. 12, 1996)

  • FOI Priesthood Training: Specific guidelines for those providing Priesthood training may be found here: FOI Priesthood. Olivia's letter regarding the year-and-a-day waiting period after ordination may be found here: Olivia's Announcement

  • Providing Instruction to Minors: Membership in the Fellowship of Isis under the age of 18 is only through written parental consent. The Fellowship of Isis expects all administrators to research and abide by all laws pertaining to this subject, including following the “age of majority” for their particular geographical areas. Training administrators of FOI centers are expected to obtain permission from the custodial parent(s) - in person and through written signature - before taking on a minor as a student. They are also required to give full disclosure of all curriculum, and obtain parental approval before any instruction takes place. In addition, there are no ordinations in the Fellowship of Isis under the legal age of adulthood. There are no exceptions to these age requirements.

  • Degrees: Any Fellowship ritual drama may be enacted or meditated upon at any time by our members. However, certain guidelines are followed in order for a Lyceum Magi Degree, Iseum Initiate Level, or DCD & NOT Initiation to be issued. FOI Degrees/Levels/Initiations are not formally registered with the FOI. Instead, they are recorded at the training center itself.
    Degree/Level/Initiation Guidelines

    Also, due to the transformative nature of the Fellowship rituals, Olivia Robertson recommended to study only one Liturgy system at a time. For example: the Iseum Initiate Level system separately from the Lyceum Magi Degrees, or the Priesthood Alchemy Degrees, etc.

  • FOI Rituals: Only members of the Fellowship of Isis may enact FOI rites. (This was included at Olivia Robertson's request when the Liturgy first went online: "I feel the Liturgy should be private for members only. Our students." (9/27/99) This was in alignment with the Manifesto statements that centers and Isian News were for members only, and the "special prices for members" on the Castle publications order form at the time.)

    Printing of individual rites by FOI members for personal and group ritual use is allowed, however publishing the work of Olivia or Lawrence Durdin-Robertson on another website or publication, is prohibited. The Liturgy and other materials on this site carry an ongoing co-copyright with Olivia Robertson's heirs and are not in the public domain.

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