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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

What was New in 2009 & 2010
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2010 Updates:

Happy New Year greetings (blog post)

Upcoming release of Olivia Robertson's DVD: Priestess of Isis (blog post - see trailers at the end of this post)

Photos added to: Winter Snowfall at Clonegal Castle

Updated: Animal Family of Isis page: new drawing and photo

Updated "Isis of Fellowship" booklet, with new chapter on the Muses Symposium: Order Forms

Olivia speaking of her "Bride Ad Infinitum" artwork: Fractal Brigid
(mp3 sound file - will open and play separately - click on Blog to read corresponding post that highlights the Shrine of Sagittarius.)

Newly reformatted Online Bookstore

Olivia Robertson & Lawrence Durdin-Robertson during a ritual invocation of Hecate
(mp3 sound file - will open and play separately - click on Blog to read corresponding post)

The Awakening - Samhain 2010 Reflections by Olivia Robertson

Tara of the Oracles - Rites 23 & 24

Muses Symposium Update

The Vestal Flame

Color version of a Call of Isis drawing: Art Gallery
(See Blog to read corresponding post.)

Several new photos and 2 new sections in Clonegal Castle Photo Gallery

Olivia Robertson: Auction Sketch - updated

Letter from Olivia: The Vestal Flame

Olivia Robertson: Auction Sketch

Lawrence Durdin-Robertson speaks of the Autumn Equinox
(mp3 sound file - will open and play separately - click on Blog to read corresponding post)

FOI Oraciones y Bendiciones en Español

New photo of Olivia: Founder photos

2 cassette rites converted to CD: Panthea 5/Hydrophoria & 6/Athenea

2 Postcards in Gallery Sections: Clonegal Castle & Castle Grounds

FOI CDs - 12 rites of Dea

FOI Manuals - Druid Clan of Dana & Noble Order of Tara manuals updated

The Balance - Lughnasad 2010 Reflections by Olivia Robertson

Tara of the Oracles - Rites 21 & 22

The Awakening of Aengus - Unscripted Castle Rite on July 17, 2010

Message from Olivia Robertson: Internet Posts

Circle of Brigid: Copyright announcement

Castle Brochure: Huntington Castle

New Photo of Shrine of the Druid Clan of Dana: Star Chapel

Muses Symposium Notice: Temple Gifts

New photo - painting of lifesized Brigid Na Mara: Well Chapel & Temple Paintings

New photo - painting of lifesized 4-armed Goddess: Art Gallery & Temple Paintings

Maya, Ritos de la Diosa para Practicantes Solitarios: FOI Liturgia en Espaņol

Circle of Brigid Membership

The Blame & Shame Game - Beltaine 2010 Reflections

Tara of the Oracles - Rites 19 & 20

Star Chapel of Ishtar - new photos of Ishtar altar & Dana altar

Well Chapel - new photo of Healing Well of Brighid

Olivia's Letters - Global Centers Co-ordination

Olivia's 93rd Birthday - Photos

Olivia's Letters - Temple Festival Reminder

Star Chapel of Ishtar - new photo of Stella Maris Shrine

Chapel of Harmony - new photo of Ghandarvi Devi Shrine

Chapel of the Mothers - new photo of the Shrine of the Daughter of Gaia of the New Aeon

Reminder to FOI Websites

Manifesto - additional information - Olivia's letter on March 19, 2010

Events at Clonegal Castle: Imbolc 2010 Festival

Olivia Robertson's U.S. Fall travel schedule: Events Page

Updated Olivia's online Art Gallery

Manifesto - update to last paragraph - Olivia's Instructions on Feb. 10, 2010

Leopoldine the Beautiful - Brigantia 2010 Reflections

New Photos - 2 in Brigid's Well & 1 of Kwan Yin Altar

Olivia's Letter to the Homepage

2009 Updates:

(There were minimal updates in 2009, due to the webpage manager having to go on emergency sabbatical for family reasons.)

Lawrence & David Paintings - Special Section in Olivia's Online Art Gallery

Olivia's Latest Castle Paintings

The Divine Triad - Letter from Olivia Robertson, November 2009

Tara of the Oracles - rituals brought up to date

Olivia's Letters: Reflections articles updated

Timeline Updated - FOI History Section

Foundation Union Triad added to AU page

Olivia's Letters: Dulce Domum. The Fair Haven

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