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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Olivia’s Visit to our New Grove & Lyceum in Ireland
By Olivia Robertson & Minette Quick
1st June, 2012

At Three Castles, Co. Kilkenny
Our new Grove: ‘An a Cuallacht Dé Danaan’ (Fellowship of Danu)
And Lyceum: ‘An Neimheadh’ (Sacred Space – The Goddess Nemetona)

Three Castles is in one of the most ancient areas of Pre-Druidic remains.

The Centre is dominated by a lofty Norman Castle, the ruins of another Castle and strangest of all, the Old Rectory where Eimear Burke & Howard Campbell live is also part of a Norman Castle, one over each other in segments.

The River Nore runs nearby, and is dedicated to The Goddess Fodhla. The land here is connected with the defeat of the Danaans by the Milesians - and led to the retreat of the Danaans ‘underground’ to the psychic realm of Tír na nÓg. A Milesian Gaelic invader Eremon has his grave there on the ‘Plain of the Silver Woods', near the banks of the river. It is good to have a connection with the land to balance Arachne’s World Wide Web!



(I took some photographs whilst we were on our visit to Three Castles. M.Q.)

2 Tree of Isis
© M.Q.

2 Tree Root
© M.Q.

The Sycamore Tree is said to be the “Tree of Isis”, and a beautiful young one silently presides just to the left as you enter Her Temple which has recently been created within the smallest stone tower. It is a delightful intimate space and its four walls are open to the skies beneath the green canopy of the Sycamore.

Druid Way
© M.Q.

Druid Shrine
© M.Q.

Stepping out of the doorway of this first Temple, this is just one charming wild pathway of many which wind all round the Castles and garden. Turning to the right you meet this lovely Druid Shrine. There is something of interest at every turn.

Druid Grove
© M.Q.

Giving Thanks
© M.Q.

The largest sacred space of the three Castles, also open to the skies, is entered via a short flight of stone steps and through an ancient stone doorway you step down into what was clearly used at one time as a Church with narrow windows and high walls. Looking to your left as you enter, a triple branched spiral or triskele has been created on half of the floor space, and an iron gateway looks out over an ancient graveyard. This Temple has now been dedicated to the Irish Goddess of Sacred Space - ‘An Neimheadh’. This is a beautiful space for Ceremony and is enjoyed by all the members of the Grove and Lyceum.

Olivia at the Grove
© M.Q.

Olivia Robertson.

© M.Q.

Eimear & Howard run various courses at their Centre and welcome contact: eimearbindigo@gmail.com +353 56 7767142

(Our thanks to Olivia and Minette for this account.)

Letters from Olivia

© Copyright
All Rights Reserved.