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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Fellowship of Isis
Terms & Definitions

Glossary of Common Fellowship Terms

Adept: (plural: Adepti) A Founder/Administrator of an Iseum who has achieved at least 4 Initiate Levels and wishes to declare a particular specialty (or specialties) in service to the Goddess. An Adept is qualified to bring others through the 32 Initiate Levels and to certify another as an Adept. (see Iseum Initiate Levels webpage)

Adepti Specialty/ies: Special skill/s or work that the Adept wishes to dedicate to the service of the Goddess. Examples (but not limited to): healing, aromatherapy, dreamwork, astrology, geomancy, oracles, etc.

Archpriest/ess: This ancient Isian designation relates to the scope of work undertaken, involving a thousand or more members. The prefix "The Right Reverend" is used when addressing an Archpriest/ess.

Archpriesthood Union: A group of 32 FOI Archpriest/esses appointed in January of 1999 as Custodians of the values of the Fellowship. (see Archpriesthood Union webpage)

Attunement Times: The Fellowship of Isis provides attunement times from Clonegal Castle at dawn and dusk, from 6:30-8:30 mornings and evenings (GMT). Since members live all over the world, someone may be attuned to the Goddess at any hour. Therefore, the member performing a ceremony alone is not alone, and may feel the presence of other members on the telepathic network if so desired. (Formerly referred to as the "rainbow network.")

Candidate: A member who is studying to obtain an Initiate Level with an Iseum.

College of Isis/Collegium Isidis: The College through its Lyceums offers structured Magi Degree courses. Instruction and guidance is given by the Priest/ess Hierophant. There are 32 working degrees, the 33rd relating to spontaneous mystical awakening. (see Magi Degrees webpage)

Company of the Magi: The total number of Magus/Maga within the College of Isis.

Cosmic Web: The diagram of the Cosmic Web was given through inspiration to Olivia Robertson. The Web illustrates the emanation of Life from the Divine Matrix, Womb of the Goddess, and the Path of Return thereto with harvest of attainments. See graphic and explanation at Cosmic Web webpage.

Divine Awareness: Communion with the presence of the God/dess in some form. If this takes place during, or immediately after the enactment of a FOI ritual drama, a degree or initiation is conferred. (If all other requirements are also met.)

Dramas of Initiation: There are 32 Dramas of Initiation which may be offered by an Iseum. Each may be used to achieve an Initiate Level within an Iseum. They may be found in the Online Liturgy section. The 33rd Level is conferred directly by the Gods. (see Initiate Level System)

Hierophant: This title means "one who shows forth." In the College of Isis/ Collegium Isidis, Hierophants already belong to the FOI Priest/ess/hood. There is a Vocation from the Goddess to guide other members through the FOI Magi Degree system. Hierophants are at least 4th degree Magi of the College. They are qualified to found a Lyceum in order to bring members through the a FOI Magi Degree course.

Imperator: This title, meaning Leader, Pioneer, is bestowed through consensus on those who face exceptional difficulties in their work for the Goddess and the Fellowship.

Initiate: A member of an Iseum who has obtained at least one Initiate Level. Iseum Initiates wish to pursue an alternative to a Priestly Vocation & the Lyceum Magi Degree Paths, and feel called to be in service to the Goddess in other, more secular, capacities.

Initiate Levels: When a Candidate has completed an Initiate Level course and achieved Divine Awareness while performing one of the 32 Dramas of Initiation, they may declare an Initiate Level. The Initiate Level system is pursued as an alternative to a Priestly Vocation & the Lyceum Magi Degree Paths, when a member feels called to be in service to the Goddess in other, more secular, capacities. (see Iseum Level System)

Isian News: Newsletter of the Fellowship of Isis, edited by co-founder Olivia Robertson.

Iseum: An Iseum is a Hearth of the Goddess around which its members draw strength, love and inspiration. Iseums offer seasonal rites, teachings and fellowship. Each Iseum has its own magic, its own Divinity, and is dedicated to a Goddess or to a Goddess and God. The ideals and aim of every Iseum is inspired by the Deity invoked. The Founder/Administrator need not be a Priest/ess. Members can practice any other religion or path in conjunction with Iseum work. There are no binding oaths connected with any Iseum and a member may leave freely at any time and may also join other Iseums. (see Iseums webpage)

Lyceum: A Lyceum, through its Hierophant, offers training in the FOI Magi Degree system. Each Lyceum provides its own unique course of study which culminates in a Mystery Drama. To found a Lyceum, the member needs to be at least a 4th degree Magi and a consecrated Hierophant. Each Lyceum is twinned with an Iseum, thus bringing the College into close communion with the wider network of Iseums. The Dedicatory Divine Names of Power of Goddess (or Goddess and God) manifest particular attributes of the Deities involved in the Lyceum. Therefore, there can be no set curriculum for the College. Hierophants, through inspiration from their particular Deity or Deities, produce their own training courses. However, all Lyceums offer FOI Magi Degree training as part of the structure. Courses may be offered in person or through mail. (see Lyceums webpage)

Maga/Magus: A member who has achieved at least one Magi Degree with a Lyceum.

Magi Degrees: The College of Isis through its Lyceums offers structured Magi Degree courses in the FOI liturgy. There are 32 working degrees, the 33rd relating to spontaneous mystical awakening. Each Lyceum provides its own course culminating in a rite of Liturgy. The rites are based upon the 33 intersecting points made by the 8-pointed Star of Ishtar bisecting the 4-fold coils of the Dragon Tiamat. The Neophyte may enact the Fellowship rites in the order most helpful to his or her own chosen path. The taking of a degree lies with the member and may involve months or years. Only if Divine Awareness takes place in some manner while enacting a mystery drama, a Magi Degree may be conferred. Hierophants confirm Magi degree experiences. (see Magi Degrees webpage)

Member: Someone who has agreed with the principles presented in the Manifesto of the FOI and has submitted membership information to one of the many FOI Centers. Each member joins the Fellowship dedicated to the Goddess gives a unique contribution: every talent is needed! All members of the FOI whether Priest/esses, Hierophants, Founders/Administrators, or new members work on equal footing. Titles are merely descriptions of the work and responsibilities that their bearers undertake.

Neophyte: A member who is studying to obtain a Magi Degree with a Lyceum.

Priest/ess: A member who has taken a 9 month to 2 year training course and been ordained by a F.O.I. Priest/ess with the F.O.I. Ordination Rite. (either in person or through attunement) The FOI Priest/ess/hood involves a voluntary acceptance of special work (Vocation) undertaken for the Divine Plan of a particular Goddess - or Goddess and God. This can involve the dedication of one's own daily work. The FOI Priest/ess/hood is hereditary in source, through the Robertsons of Strathloch. Vocation is essential. All members of the Priest/ess/hood may use the prefix "The Reverend." Priesthood through the Fellowship of Isis, Ireland does not convey legal ministerial status.

Spiral of the Adepti: All Adepti within the Fellowship of Isis.

Symbols Associated with the FOI: Each Manifesto, Certificate and Charter that comes out of the Foundation Iseum is headed with the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics that link the Fellowship with the love of the Goddess of six thousand years ago, and so have profound symbolic and occult significance. The hieroglyphics are translated as Aset Shemsu: the Retinue of Isis. Among the picture signs is that of Aset, the Throne of Isis, the Matriarchal seat that conferred power on each succeeding Pharaoh. The picture-word for Woman is presented as a seated woman in profile; and the symbol of the Sun-God Horus, son of Isis and Osiris, is given in his bird form, in which he uses his Utchat eye. One may still see these symbols carved on the walls and columns in Egyptian temples and tombs.

Vocation: A Vocation is a particular work or service that the Goddess inspires you to do. Serving the Goddess as Her Priest/ess is a formal declaration that you are willing to administer to others in a particular Vocation in Her name. Pledging yourself to one attribute of a Goddess, or Goddess and God and accepting the Vocation given you is the goal of becoming a Priest/ess within the Fellowship of Isis. This Vocation may come suddenly and quickly, or it may take many months or even years. This work may or may not involve the work that you already do in your mundane life.

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