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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Sacred Landscapes
Hill of Tara - Ireland
March 26, 2004

At the request of Olivia Robertson, Rev. Minette Quick, Archdruidess has written this letter to all FOI members:

Hill of Tara - Ireland - Threatened by Road Development

         I belong to a group, that is trying to prevent the construction of a four lane highway through the Tara Skryne Valley, and which will pass only meters away from the Hill of Tara, with a clover leaf exchange only 50 meters to the north of the Hill. Even though two alternate routes were proposed and more than viable, the Irish government chose the present route. (It was actually the National Roads Authority, probably instructed by the Govt. I was up in Dublin in the Dail, Leinster House on a tour this week and enquired MEQ)

         A group has been formed, which has several Irish notables, whose goal is to prevent the motorway from being constructed through the valley, with a view to obtain World Heritage status for the Hill and environs.

         The problem is, in getting the word out to international contacts in an effort to bring international pressure and scrutiny upon the Irish Govt. Needless to say, the plot has all the makings of a good movie...not only is a highway proposed, but a waste management plant, within view of Brugh na Boyne, and a major urban development in the valley itself. The Irish govt is ignoring and breaking numerous signed conventions and agreements with the EU, UN, and its own national policies and legislation.... (I questioned M.J.Nolan our local Fianna Fail TD - member of parliament - on this, and he hotly disputed it, saying that they couldn't possibly do it if they were breaking conventions etc. He also said that there had been a long period of consultation before it got to this stage. Fianna Fail is the governing party at present. MEQ)

         We need all the help we can get. Sorry to bother you with this, and thank you so much for taking the time to read this through. Feel free to share this info. with any and all you think can be of assistance. The Irish govt lans to dig some preliminary trenches in the valley within the next few weeks, and construction will begin soon - early this spring.

         A sample protest letter with govt officials addresses is available at: http://www.groveofdanu.org as we offered to help the Tara Skryne folks out... Further information can be found at the following urls... one is an e-group of supporters and the other is the offical website:



If you can help at all, every little bit is deeply appreciated.

Blessings of the Ancestors upon you and yours.

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