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Fellowship of Isis key
This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Cressida Pryor,
FOI Foundation Centre Statements

This page is provided at the request of Cressida Pryor as information for members who may not be aware of the FOI split after the passing of co-founder Olivia Robertson in 2013. Cressida is the FOI's current Steward and Olivia Robertson's chosen successor.

It is always an individual member's choice with whom they associate and the FOI Homepage respects each member's autonomy.

The "Star of Tara" alternately refers to itself as "Fellowship of Isis Central", the "Archpriesthood Union (APU) Triad", the "FOI Union Triad", the "Athena Council", and the "Circle of Isis", all of which are not affiliated with the Fellowship of Isis Foundation Center. This entity also publishes under the name of "Isian News", without permission of the current FOI copyright holders.

Cressida Pryor, FOI Steward, January 27, 2015:

Many are aware of recent developments around the FOI which may have caused confusion and concern. This statement aims to clarify the current situation.

Certain members of the FOI have formed a breakaway group separating themselves from the Irish Foundation Centre so are no longer aligned with myself, Olivia s chosen successor, nor members of the Circle of Brigid.

The Circle of Brigid s first task after Olivia s passing, with my support, has been to formulate a code of ethics1 and a safeguarding policy. These are to ensure all who attend festivals and undertake priesthood training are dealt with fairly and safely. Sadly the need for this became apparent with emergent concerns over past years and awareness of this need from other organisations.

Unfortunately the breakaway advisory board , the Star of Tara ['FOI Central': see note above], have closed their communications and disallowed the FOI s ethics and safeguarding policies to be part of their practice. They have also expressed views that indicate they are no longer loyal to my role as steward, the Circle of Brigid and the values enshrined in the Foundation Centre. They have also infringed copyright law by publishing the founders writing and art work without permission.

We are sad that such a split has occurred but have learned that a previous attempt was made in 2004 to formulate a breakaway FOI in the form of a secret business corporation, named the Fellowship of Isis, in the US. This is a matter of public record. This was not even close to being legal, as societies automatically own their own trademark or service name and logo from day one, even if they do not officially register it. Corporation reports were submitted in 2004, 2006 but not in 2008 and the American Corporation Commission then dissolved it. The Circle of Isis2 appeared around these years and seemed to be a continuation by the same people of this development.

The FOI founders (and now their heirs) are the sole owners of the FOI name, hieroglyphs and Olivia s writings and art work; permission to reproduce her work is through request to the Foundation Centre.

One of those involved with the 2004 corporation is now central to the formation of the Star of Tara together with others who appeared to take the opportunity of Olivia s death to form this faux board.

The Star of Tara, which describes itself as an Advisory Board of the Fellowship of Isis, is no such thing and is not recognised by the Fellowship of Isis. Its members are infringing copyright law if they reproduce any of the founders work without permission.

The original FOI, based at and around the Foundation Centre is still strong, alive and vibrant; is holding festivals regularly and supporting priests and priestesses in their valuable work and also training new members for the priesthood. This core of the original FOI is here to serve the Goddess in all her aspects for the greater good of humanity and this beautiful planet as the founders originally envisaged.

Please join in shared silent contemplation and prayer for five minutes wherever you are, at 5 pm every Sunday; for peace and reconciliation in the world and our own community.

Cressida Pryor, FOI Steward

Cressida Pryor, 28th of August, 2015:

I am now lead representative (Steward) of the FOI having been asked by Olivia Robertson, the last original founder, to succeed her shortly before she died in 2013. Unfortunately as so often happens when the last founder of an organisation dies, a split develops. Certain members of the FOI have formed a breakaway group* passing themselves off as the original FOI, separating themselves from the Irish Foundation Centre where the FOI has always been based, so are no longer aligned with myself, Olivia s chosen successor, nor members of the Circle of Brigid, the local organising group and other aligned members. As well as my role leading the FOI I am also an Interfaith Minister. With this awareness and background I am keen to encourage the FOI away from its use of entitlement and hierarchical structures and also to bring in a code of ethics and safeguarding structures for children and vulnerable adults who attend our services. The split off group has not been willing to accept the neccessity of these additions and changes. They are also breaking copyright by publishing material and photographs from the Foundation Centre on their website.

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