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Fellowship of Isis key
This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Fellowship of Isis Registration

Foundation Centre
Fellowship of Isis Foundation Center

Sponsors are responsible for registering new FOI centers and titles with the Foundation Center. If you are registering your own center/title, please include the name and contact information of your Sponsor, so it can be verified. (A Sponsor is the preceptor who you trained with and the person who issued the certificate/charter.)

Send registration information to: regfoundationcentrefoi@gmail.com

Please note: Your registration email will be shared with the Circle of Brigid/FOI Foundation Center in Ireland, as well as this website, the FOI Homepage/USA. You may delete your information at any time.

Sponsors may register the following:
1) New FOI Titles (Priest/ess, GKC, Druid/ess, etc.)
2) New FOI Centers (Iseums, Lyceums, Groves, Priories)
3) Special projects within the FOI (Helpers of Isis, etc.)

Things that are not registered:
1) Degrees, Levels, Initiations (these are archived at the training center)
2) Titles that are not FOI-related (such as "High Priestess")
3) Centers that are not FOI-related (temples, covens, etc.)

Please note:

The above email is not for enrolling new members. To join the FOI, please see this page: Join FOI

Registering a new center is not the same as placing a listing on this website. To add a center to the online directory, go here: FOI Homepage Listings

Further Information
  • The FOI member who sponsors a new center or title is responsible for issuing the Fellowship certificate and registering it with the Foundation Center. (the training preceptor)

  • All FOI certificates are to include the "Aset Shemsu" hieroglyphics on them. (See the top of the Manifesto.)

  • Registrations sent to the above email address are received and managed by the Circle of Brigid, overseen by Cressida Pryor, Steward of the Fellowship of Isis. The Foundation Center is located at Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Ireland.

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FOI Priesthood

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Noble Order of Tara

Center Guidelines

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