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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Memorial Ceremonies & Public Tributes for the Hon. Olivia Robertson

November 14, 2013: On behalf of the Homepage Archive, we want to express our sincere condolences to all of Olivia Robertson's family and friends.

In memory of the Honorable Olivia Robertson, please join us in lighting a candle at your altars and wishing her a good journey as the loving wings of the Goddess Isis guide her. Olivia will be missed by so many who loved and admired her. May the Goddess Isis of Ten-Thousand Names bless and keep her as she makes her journey into the next Spiral of the Cosmic Web.

Below are messages that we have received from members regarding the memorials and public tributes being held (and have been held) for her. Please feel free to send in your own announcements about your gatherings as well: contact us. You are also welcome to share your photos, which are included here: member photos

See these pages as well: Olivia Robertson's Biography

Online Newspaper Obituaries about Olivia

Dulce Domum - The Soul Returns Home Ceremony of the Fellowship of Isis

Minette Quick's account of the day of Olivia's funeral: Remembering Olivia

FOI Member Memorial Ceremonies:


November 16th:

Iseum Espiral del Sur, Buenos Aires, Argentina:
Iseum Espiral del Sur will be leading a vigil in Olivia's memory. We will remember her by the reading of her biography, the understanding of the 'Dulce Domun', and sharing our thoughts about her. We'll be starting at our midnight. (Nov. 16th, 2013)

November 20th:

Day of the funeral services of Olivia Robertson. Members worldwide honored Olivia through their private rituals and meditations.

Iseum of the Solar Goddess, Hastings:
This Iseum will be participating in Dulce Dolmen this Wednesday at 12.30 GMT. Anyone nearby is welcome to join or by attunement. (contact via facebook)

Crossroads Lyceum, Arizona:
The Crossroads Lyceum will be holding an all-day observance and performing "Dulce Domum, The Soul Returns Home" this Wednesday, November 20th. All members are invited to light a candle and attune with us in unity of our love and respect for Olivia Robertson and in honor of her life's work for the Fellowship of Isis.

Temple of the Lotus Pyramid, Fairfax, Virginia:
The Temple of the Lotus Pyramid will celebrate Lady Olivia's life tonight at 6:30 PM EST. Please if you wish to burn a green candle tonight to shine the light on her Goddessly life. Blessed Be! (Genise White/Lady Amber Dawn)

Iseum of the Graceful Goddess, Pennsylvania: The members of the Iseum of the Graceful Goddess will join the Crossroads Lyceum on Wednesday in attunement. (Lady Lilith)

November 21st:

Temple of Isis - Los Angeles:
Leticia Layson writes that the Temple of Isis-LA is still deciding upon the details for a local memorial and will send further details.

November 22nd:

Priory of Brighid, Dorset:
Noble Order of Tara will be holding a Grail Mass in requiem of our Chancellor, The Hon. Olivia Durdin-Robertson on Friday 22nd November at 7.30, at the Priory of Brighid. All Companions welcome, and also by attunement. Please contact Sara at sarajayne.smith@yahoo.com

November 23rd:

Sanctuary of the Children of the Rainbow, Kauai, Hawaii
The Sanctuary of the Children of the Rainbow, on the Island of Kauai, Hawaii, will be hosting a Sunrise circle to share our memories of Olivia and to express our love and gratitude at 6:30 am on Saturday, November 23rd, at Hikinaakala,The place of the rising sun, at Lydgate park by the river. contact: aloha@kauaisanctuary.com

Iseum of Caer Eidyn, Edinburgh
The Iseum of Caer Eidyn performed the Dulce Domun for Olivia last night, 23rd November 2013 to remember our founder, our inspiration and our friend. Rejoice for those who go forth.

November 24th:

Diana's Sanctuary in Chattanooga, Tennessee:
Diana's Sanctuary in Chattanooga, Tennessee USA, will hold a memorial gathering on Sunday, November 24th at 4:45 pm EST. Lady Ruth Passion and Prs. Heather Holloway will honor Olivia at the natural blue hole spring at Red Clay State Historic Area in Cleveland, TN. We will then hike the area around the site in her honor and in honor of this lovely place of power. From 1832-838 the area was used as a tribal council ground. This would be the last seat of Cherokee government before the Trail of Tears began. Both Ruth and I spoke with Olivia on her interest and admiration of the Cherokee while at a convocation in Chicago some years ago. We believe this will be a lovely way to honor Olivia and give thanks for her knowledge and pay respect to her memory amidst this place of history, energy, and Mother Earth's mystery and beauty. Many blessings and much love, Heather Holloway, Prs. (Lady Fraoch) fraochfire@yahoo.com

November 27th:

Rt. Rev. Steve Wilson in London:
A memorial event called "remembering Olivia" will be held at the next Moot with No Name on 27th November at The Devereux, Devereux Court, London (opposite the Royal Courts of Justice) at 7:30 for an 8 O'Clock start. Please bring your memories to share of a true giant in the Goddess movement. See the Moot With No Name website at mwnn.webeden.co.uk

November 30th:

Lyceum of Antinopolis - Milton, Florida:
On Nov. 30th 2013 the Dulce Domum. The Soul Returns Home will be inacted for those of us in the FOI in the area. If you are a member of the Fellowship of Isis and would like to take part or and attend please contact me via email at edwardlivingston@gmail.com


December 1st:

Lyceum of Heka in Melbourne, Australia:
The Lyceum of Heka in Melbourne, Australia will be hosting the Dulce Domum FOI Ritual in memory of Olivia Robertson on Sunday, December the 1st at 3.30pm. (email)

December 2nd:

Iseum of Au Set & Bennu, (USA):
Mon. Dec. 2nd, 2013. 8-9pm PDT. Private ritual but attuning F.O.I. members invited.

Dec. 20-21, 2014

Rt. Rev. Loreon Vigne, Isis Oasis (USA):
A two-day memorial for Olivia Robertson hosted by Isis Oasis Temple of Isis, 20889 Geyserville Ave, Geyserville, CA 95441. Phone:707-857-4741. (http://isisoasis.org/)


January 25, 2014

Demetria of FOI Chicago Groups:
Please join us at Life Force Arts Center as we gather to honor the memory of Archpriestess Lady Olivia Melian Robertson. Saturday, Jan. 25, 2014; 1PM – 5 PM. Life Force Arts Center: 1609 W. Belmont, Chicago, 60657. LFAC phone: 773-327- 7224. FOI Chicago phone: 773-684-9219. Free – Potluck Love Feast to follow the rite – Donations welcome. Join us as we honor her life and memory. We shall conduct one of the liturgical rites Olivia composed for the FOI, “The Mystery of the Spheres”. hail_isis@yahoo.com

January 26, 2014:

Rt. Rev. Caroline Wise (London):
Memorial for Olivia Robertson and a celebration of her life in London. Please contact Caroline for time and place. Those who can't attend may wish to attune in their own groups or solo. Best wishes.

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