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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

From Olivia Robertson
March 31, 2011

For Mirror of Isis. Minette writes: "As you can see this article was written specially for Mirror of Isis, but Olivia would like it to be available to everyone, so I am sending it on to you as well."

How To Escape Control

There is a quick solution. Do not control your ‘Others’!

Orders from Atlantis
"Orders from Atlantis" by Olivia Robertson

We live in a world where we are ordered and instructed by ‘experts’ on every conceivable subject, scientific, psychological and spiritual, who presume to advise on every detail throughout our lives, “for our own good”. Medical notices can even be seen hung at the head of patients’ beds – for professional use – with lettered codes to disguise their true meaning which affect life itself, such as “UVO” (“Useful for Vital Organs”), or “DNR”, which one husband, who dearly loved his wife, could only interpret as meaning “Do Not Resuscitate.”

But I had not realised I had fallen into this trap of Pejoratives, until my brother pointed out that I was writing about psychic experiences in the role of Teacher, the reader being but my Student. So I learnt to say “Let us sit and meditate” rather than: “Sit and meditate” as an order… I started to give trance journeys on equal terms with the sitters. “We find ourselves in an Egyptian Temple.” I’m there too! It is really very simple. Put in – no – let us put in “We” rather than “You”. We do not assume a superior position or knowledge.

The harvest is miraculous! I discovered why some books infuriate me. My unconscious mind would find myself uttering a stream of negative comment. The writer would pontificate: “Remove all negativity from your mind.” No, I shan’t. “Feel love for all your so-called enemies.” No, I won’t. Rubbish. “You are feeling healthier, more spiritual.” No, I don’t. I was healthy and spiritual. Now I’m cross. “Change the way you eat, think, sleep, live.” No, I shan’t, I won’t. SHUT UP!

Of course I do not in any way wish to influence a single reader to follow anything I suggest. I’m probably wrong in my advice. My diet once weakened me… I can annoy people quite a lot. I make about one mistake a day.

Oh yes. Discovery! I believe I know now why we have The Devil. This is our own reaction against being preached at. I hope this will make someone laugh! Laughing makes me happy. But of course in no way do I recommend my way to others. I live in Arcadia, dream land. We dreamers paint, write, create. But hopefully we don’t push at others to join us. Not usually.

Our thanks to Minette and Olivia for sending this.

Letters from Olivia

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