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Fellowship of Isis key
This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

From Olivia Robertson & Cressida Pryor
September 13, 2013


All members of Facebook Groups of the Fellowship of Isis are individually held responsible for upholding the Ethics of the Fellowship as stated in the Manifesto. This means that deliberate acts of aggression against other members are held to be grounds for automatic expulsion from these groups and from the Fellowship. Members are cautioned, that where they hold beliefs based on teachings that encourage other than respect for the founders and membership of other world religions than their own, they cannot expect to be allowed to remain on Fellowship sites spreading incitement to acts of hatred or bullying. The ethos of the Fellowship is one of friendship, study and love of the Divine as expressed through the devotion of the Orders to the Goddess in Her many forms , as well as by individuals communing with the Deities. There are no grounds for destructive dissension.

OLIVIA ROBERTSON, Co-Founder of the Fellowship of Isis
CRESSIDA PRYOR, Interfaith Minister & FOI Steward

Additional information from Cressida on Sept. 14, 2013:
The principles of the Manifesto equally apply to all of us on Fellowship Sites and in Facebook Groups and the Moderators have to abide by these principles in every case and will remove contentious material. There can be no singling out of a particular individual or group for censure, or of being expelled from the Fellowship, which accepts all faiths and beliefs subject to the acceptance of the Manifesto.

Additional Letter from Olivia Robertson on Sept. 19, 2013:
Cait writes: Olivia would like this message sent to Caroline and other Thelemites in the Fellowship as she thinks it is important that the other side of Thelema is conveyed:

"I would like for everyone to hear the other side to this story. My friend Caroline Wise and her husband Michael Staley are truly honourable and good devotees of the Goddess. Michael follows the Kenneth Grant Thelemic tradition and is a publisher of Grant's distinguished work. Neither have anything to do with sadistic images."

Olivia Robertson & Cait Branigan

Our thanks to Olivia and Cressida, as well as Minette for forwarding their message.

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