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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

College of Isis
by Olivia Robertson
Co-Founder, FOI
Lughnasad 2002

College of Isis

          The Spirit of the College of Isis may well be presented under the auspices of the Goddess Pallas Athena. We women are starved of the inner sun and the spear of light. We are deluged with compliments about our lunar qualities, psychism, sensitivity and Romantic Love. The old adage goes: "Men rule by day, Women by night." Yes, and what happens when this was - and is - followed? Those who rule by day make all laws, all religious rules, and outlaw those of the night as being dangerous, superstitious and possibly immoral.

          So we need the revived College of Isis, suppressed by the law-giving Emperor Justinian, fifteen hundred years ago. Generations of women all over the world were under male domination as homeworkers, childbearers, with little to say in government, this did not matter when there was hardly any government and tasks between men and women were fairly divided. But with the coming of universal suffrage - women totally lost out. For instance, in the USA in the 18th century, the cry was "no taxation without representation." Except that women had to pay taxes and had no vote. As the vote came to all men in Europe and America - Australia was the first to give women the suffrage.

          Now it is the turn of modern women to help their subjugated sisters. We have patriarchal education, framed by male academics, and theological schools entirely dominated by patriarchal religion. But where are universities bringing in the Goddess wisdom?

          Pallas Athena is the Goddess who has the helmet of light, the owl of Wisdom and the spear (meteor) of power, and bears the shield of the inner serpent power, the Medusa. But she is also the Athena who teaches us arts and crafts and the growth of plants and trees such as the olives of healing and peace. For the spiritual light of the Goddess does not blind one by flashing the torchlight of hard facts in ones face. The essence of the use of spiritual Light of Vesta is to bring clarity to objects, ideas, problems - not to worship the Light Bringer! This clear Light of Truth brings different revelation to each person relevant to their own individuality. Thus it brings the gifts of creation, wisdom and empathy. In the College we are just beginning to follow these ways. It is a glorious adventure into an unimaginably beautiful future.

College of Isis

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[Article from #105 Lughnasad 2002 Isian News.]

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