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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Open Letter from Olivia Robertson
Co-Founder, FOI
Lughnasad 2000

F.O.I. Liturgy Closure

          Our Fellowship of Isis Liturgy offers a multi-religious network of rituals, rainbow bridges to connect our hundreds of courses created by our members. In 1976, during the founding of The Fellowship by Lawrence, Pamela and myself, I was spiritually inspired to produce the Liturgy with this intention bringing harmony to diverse paths. During 24 years our Liturgy has produced a kaleidoscope from world faiths and mythology, yet all in harmony with the religion of Isis of 10,000 Ways, in union with Her Consort Osiris.

          I have now received guidance from the source of my inspiration, the Spiritual Isis Pantheon, to bring the Liturgy to an end. So the rites published in each issue of "Isian News" from "Tara: Rainbow Alchemy of the Goddess" will be the final rituals.

          The culminating message from this starry Pantheon is that we may, through Isian Alchemy, awaken the Divine Spirit within all beings.

          There is wonderful creativity in so many of our members! So when the Liturgy ends, I shall have the great pleasure of heading each issue of "Isian News" in place of the Liturgy with a contribution from a different FOI centre. I will chose these by divination - I trust Fortuna!

(Ed.note: We are happy to report that Olivia went on to continue writing Liturgy rites, all of which may be viewed here: Online Liturgy

Additional notes from Olivia written on 25th May, 2000 (From two separate letters):

"I knew the time would come when the liturgy would come to a completion. There can be no additions by anyone else, like the Manifesto. People write their own courses, present their Oracles and dramas, but anymore overall liturgy would cause confusion and even contradiction."

"Kindly add my notice FOI Liturgy closes with my final Rites in "Tara". I know this is right. In this way I safeguard the Liturgy from rites being added on. That happened to Dion Fortune! Her members when she passed on actually added "Channelled" writing "said" to be through her . . . Incredible to "channel" someone and twist their ideas. "She has changed her mind since dying." Indeed? So I safeguard the Liturgy. Can one copyright one's posthumous messages and avoid plagiarism? Has one an Other Realm Identity card?"

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[Article from #97 Lughnasad 2000 Isian News and personal correspondence.]

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