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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Open Letter from Olivia Robertson
Co-Founder, FOI
Lughnasadh 1999

Restructuring of the Fellowship of Isis

          I hope that the re-structuring I have put in place will lead to a wider development of our rainbow network of friendship throughout the world. Now that each centre has individual responsibility for taking on new members, ordaining Priestesses and Priests and consecrating Hierophants, a spiritual relationship transcending time and space comes into being.

          Our Retreat Centres provide meeting places and our conventions offer the beauty of shared ritual, talks and artwork. With the classes in telepathy goodwill between individuals is essential. Imagine opening one's soul to hostile probing! We must be friends or fail.

          Owing to the expansion - by hundreds - of F.O.I. membership, due to the use of the World-Wide Web, new members do not now require a number. Centres admit new members and issue their certificates. They provide Clonegal Castle with the number of their new members every quarter.*

          Centres issues Charters for new Centres, enrolling these with names and addresses for listing in the International Directory and Isian News. New Priestesses and Priests require central enrolment numbers: the lists of names and addresses are kept private in the relevant Temple. College of Isis Magi Degrees do not need registration. (Editor's note: As of the beginning of 2000, new members of the Priesthood do not require numbers. Registration numbers of any kind are no longer issued from the Foundation Center.)

          What I visualise is this. Lyceums will form teaching centres not only in waking hours, but through giving psychic Magi instruction to classes at night - which will be remembered on waking. The Druid Can of Dana will form a Dannaan World Wood from the various Groves. And the Noble Orderof Tara will create a Round Table of Priories helping each Priory in work for the environment. This inter-connecting rainbow network, with particular aims will begin by using letters, email and the World-Wide Web. But as the veil thins between earth and psychic spheres, this network will become telepathic, through empathy. Then we will really meet the glorious Goddesses and Gods that we hopefully invoke. We will have attained the end of Heart's Desire.

*Later Addendum: All new centers and appointments now require registration with the Fellowship of Isis.

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[Article from #93 Lughnasadh 1999 Isian News.]

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