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Fellowship of Isis key
This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Letter from Olivia Robertson
Co-Founder, FOI
May 1, 2008


Chapel of the Anthrosphinx
Egyptian zodiac double sign

Inner sanctum of The Risen Osiris for Healing Prayers
Large circular lunar mirror
Greek plaque of the Mourning Athena
At the grave of the fallen

Praying in the Chapel one day, I felt I did not wish to see my own face close-up, so veiled the mirror with fine cloth printed with a large sun, and a maze at the centre. Working with white and green, I wished to paint the cloth over the mirror with a face, expressing compassion. However what happened surprised me. From early March up until 13th April 2008, the image slowly changed through the following metamorphoses. The first three characters that came through “did not DO compassion.”

(1) A pig with the maze as snout
(2) Lion
(3) Neanderthal man
(4) Athena
(5) Medusa with sun snakes (Compassion? Possibly not)
(6) Orpheus who had loved Eurydice
(7) Osiris Enshrouded

(7) Osiris Enshrouded
Osiris Enshrouded
photo © 2008 M.Q.

One day I decided to look at my own face in the mirror, for a change. I lifted the painted veil – and had a shock! Before me was a beautiful spirit face, impressed on the mirror itself. I had always wished to rescue Osiris from being a mummy and having to sit and judge people in the Underworld.

At last, here he was (8) Osiris Unbound. No longer a mummy but a living God!

(8) The Risen God Osiris
The Risen God Osiris
photo © 2008 M.Q.

I added small pictures of Isis, Venus & Brigid, Goddesses of compassion.

Olivia Robertson


Additional note from Minette Quick:
Amongst other witnesses, it is interesting to note that Johnny Merron, who visited Clonegal over Easter, saw successive images on the veil, as had I myself. Many people had felt the powerful energy arising from the earth at the Equinox, as one stood before it. However, as I arrived later the same day that Olivia lifted the veil for the first time, she greeted me in total amazement, and without explaining further, urged me to go and see what had happened. In the darkened Chapel, before my eyes, the formerly masculine image on the veil, became fleetingly but truly feminine, as the deeply compassionate gaze of the God on the mirror beneath revealed itself. God and Goddess united in two aspects of the One!

We convey our thanks as always to Archdruidess Minette Quick, for her continual encouragement and support of Olivia's work and the Fellowship of Isis.

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