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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Letters from Olivia Robertson
Co-Founder, FOI

The information below is provided as historical background to illustrate the inspiration behind Olivia Robertson's creation of the NOT & DCD Initiation structures. Each NOT Priory & DCD Grove may create and offer their own systems as well.

NOT & DCD Initiations - Background Information

Olivia Robertson's original typewritten notes for the systems may be viewed here:

DCD Originals - PDF file (2 pages)
NOT Originals - PDF file (2 pages)

Please note - after she wrote these, Olivia decided to include the entire twelve rituals in each of the Liturgy booklets (only 8 were noted in the first drafts). She also makes other small changes and additions to the final frameworks. You may read the final versions on the pages linked at the end of this page.

Formal announcement in Isian News

Olivia Robertson writes on 7th April, 2000:

"I woke up with an idea yesterday, the planets Jupiter, Mars and Saturn were all sitting together in the night sky!

"It is this. . . the [Noble] Order of Tara and the Druid Clan of Dana are getting new Priories and Groves globally - yet have as yet no structure or proper courses. So here is a quick jot-down of what might be given forth based on the number 12 for Initiation grades.

"The Noble Order of Tara. Members having passed the 4 tests entrance Initiation prepare for the Accolade. See "Gaea" ceremony. From then on and only then are they Knights and Dames of the Order. Before that they are Candidates. There are 12 Initiations based on the Round Table of the Zodiac, following the ceremonies in Melusina, which are powerful and active for an active Order - environmental. The Grades or Initations would be four-fold. Dames and Nights after the Accolade. 1st 4 Initiations in Melusina. Lords and Ladies of the Grael. 3rd degree, next 4 Initiations from Melusina. Knights and Dames Commander. Final 4th degree. Grand Knights and Dames Commander.

"For the Druid Clan of Dana, mystical and psychic. The opening rite in the Dana booklet. The rites in Fortuna based on Tarot and zodiac. They start off as Companions. 1st Initiation from the rites and they become Bards. 2nd Initiation after 4 from Fortuna-Philae. 3rd degree, after next 4 rites, Druids and Druidesses. Final 4 degrees, Archdruidesses and Archdruids.

"How's that? Woke up with it all there. Of course as with the others the Administrators design their own courses, using the liturgy as drama, not dogma. I feel quite excited."

"We can still base it on our Mandala-star thus:1. Basic Rite. 4 Initiations. 8 planets. These would fit in nicely with the 13, basic rite and the 12 in each book. One would just calculate - I must play with this. Will have a go. I love diagrams and I love crop circles."

Additional note dated April 7th: "Later. Instead of having a quiet peaceful Sat. tea here is my Open Letter for next Isian News! It all seems so clear now. We HAD all these titles etc. orally but that won't do now. . ."

(The title of Herenach for the DCD was also added by Olivia Robertson before this initiation system was announced.)

9th April, 2000:

"Only today did I realise the importance for FOI of getting Dana and Tara societies melded with FOI and our multi-cultural and multi-racial extension. Up to now it really was oral, all those titles conferred by me, and private initiations. It won't do. I have been getting so many enquiries and requests for clarity and for what the Priories and Groves are all about. It is all in my head and hear - but not on paper. Just two very small rites in 2 booklets and some tapes, all Celtic.

"I find it stimulating, useful for the future and meaningful for the present. As usual, I found amazing synchronicity - just look at the Rites assigned to Venus in both lists - and to Mars. Yet as always I listed the chapters from 1 to 12.

"There is always the danger in FOI of the Celtic group taking over the Clan and Order. Indeed I myself at first thought these were purely Gaelic. Not at all. It is great that members are so interested and want to join if they are not excluded because of path and colour. We ALL share the 4 (or 5) elements, the 3 Goddesses AND the planets and zodiac under varying names.

"I felt the energetic hard-working Tara Order required the Chakra and planetary disciplines of the Melusina Initiations. However the harmonious and mystical Dana Clan would relate to our beloved Tarot and of course the shining constellations. The zodiac I am told is Indian - Egyptian - Romany - how eclectic can you get?

"I now understand why Lawrence and myself were guided to found these Societies as integral part of FOI. I feel from yesterday THEY are! Hope you like the certificates for new Groves and Priories. I'll leave the existing ones go on as they are as they are already Archdruids and Archdruidesses and Grand Dames and Knights etc.

"What else could we give them? Pioneers are always special. But now is the time for structures."

4th May, 2000:

"I am absolutely delighted with the print-outs. Please get them on your web page as soon as you can. I am getting such enthusiastic response. People did not dare before to form a course. Now they have guide-lines they can create their own. The designations are very popular. It gives status and form."

"Going over your letter and coming to the bit about designations. I remember Lawrence always saying, regarding these problems: 'in the beginning of the Christian Churches, they were all Saints.' Now in Catholicism you have to be dead and perform 2 miracles posthumously to be canonized. We are at the very early stage of our great Goddess Religion so, everyone running a Centre is a Pioneer. So they need top designation for the practical purposes of running a Centre and above all, offering courses." (Note: All previous DCD Grove and NOT Priory Founders would now automatically hold the title of Archdruid/ess and Grand Dame/Knight Commander.)

5th May, 2000:

"Thank you so very much for your support and encouragement over DCD & NOT structures. I never (nor was Lawrence) attracted to a Celtic-only syllabus - I feel this is ideal. . . There was a huge gap which is now filled. I have now completed the entire F.O.I. syllabus. People can do their own course, melded with our rainbow rites for every race and land."

13th June, 2000:

"Now we have to consolidate FOI on the square, the dense material plane - I realise you cannot build a bridge without secure foundations. Well, we have I feel the heavenly siting securely held by the Isis Pantheon."

"It is great that people SHOULD write Oracles and Rites. But not add to my own. We each of us have individual gifts and guidance. So I have had to give structures to DCD and NOT very quickly. I really do feel that FOI is properly ready for the new Millenium."

Druid Clan of Dana Initiations

Noble Order of Tara Initiations

Formal DCD & NOT Structures Announcement

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