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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Samhain 2002
Letter from Olivia Robertson
Co-Founder, FOI

Last Open Letter

          Though this will not prevent me writing as co-editor in Isian News or the web page if this comes over me! Or doing cover designs. I have been busy doing last touches to decentralisation of FOI Management - see notice. With some nostalgia I have finished the Liturgy with this final Rite, embodying the manifold rainbow aspects of the Goddess that encircle our earth and beyond. FOI is unusual, in that we have never had any one person as Head. Nor shall we. My brother and I never used that designation - we were co-founders and did the work. It is becoming increasingly obvious, even in international politics, that each country or district, every state is claiming more autonomy. Finally the individual will enjoy the sovereign rights belonging to all offspring of the Divine Mother.

          Now nothing is more old-fashioned than religion. It hits at the very depths from childhood fears to hell to bigotry and claims based on myth and ancient custom. Up to now, most believers worshipped One Supreme God (Male) who ruled over a hierarchy of authorities (male). These usually with the best intentions, dictated marriage laws, dress, behaviour and above all creeds however cruel or unlikely.

          Even more old-fashioned are those who follow the esoteric path. Wizards (Harry Potter) witches, High Priesthood, Shamans are apt to claim Divine or Magical lineage usually derived form the Himalayas or space. Such Akhnatons and pleiadians make current royal families seem almost modern.

          The goddess does not subtract, she adds. By all means let us believe we are ascended masters or Mistress, let us believe we are Nefertiti, Merlin, as long as we accept that everybody else - including animals are special as well. That is the hard part. We can only try. So the new Isian News will have no editorials, no rituals, but be a diverse expression of each member's individuality, which is divine. Let us enjoy the new aeon!

(Ed. Note: We are happy to report that Olivia changed her mind and continued her quarterly letters and rituals in the Isian News.

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[Article from #106 Samhain 2002 Isian News.]

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