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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Open Letter from Olivia Robertson
Co-Founder, FOI
Samhain 1999

Fellowship of Isis Millennium Ritual

            I hope members of The Fellowship of Isis in so many countries may have a fulfilling and amazing New Aquarian Age in the dawn of the year 2000! Whether we call this beginning the Millennium since Christ's birth, the New Age for Paganism or the Egyptian Coming Forth by Day - Day being an Age of Ra - we ourselves can experience a fresh start, an Initiation if we so choose. We may co-create with the Deities in transforming our world.

            I was wondering what simple but meaningful rite we could perform to link with each other through such mighty continents and oceans. The harbingers of this omenous period were Hale-Bop, the short-tailed comet that last appeared at the time of the pyramids, and the 1999 eclipse of the sun by the dark moon. This gave me an idea. In our temple there fortuitously occurred "mirror-magic" . Owing to the thickness of the castle walls, we were able to put two large mirrors either side of a window in our temple. We did this with two windows to augment light. But we discovered that an image of Isis was multiplied in both directions, theoretically to infinity! We had stumbled upon a reflective fractal.

            If we could multiply our statue of Isis thus, how about one candle set in the window in the Irish signal to absent friends? At harvest we could multiply wheat - from a crop circle on occasion - to feed the hungry. What is performed magically can affect material events. So we now multiply a chalice of our holy well water in our Aquarian grael ceremony.

            It would be lovely if members could psychically join us in our Temple of Isis, Ireland on December 31st 1999 and January 1st 2000 with this rite at their own altars.

            The mirrors represent the moon - a candle, the sun joined as if in an eclipse. We can place crystals, images of Deities, food, drink - anything that requires multiplication. But how to form our rainbow lines of communication with static objects? Simple. The smoke of incense coils and wreathes itself in unending spirals forming a spiritual network from a Goddess altar to altars around the world, and with spiritual spheres.

May we come forth by Day!

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[Article from #94 Samhain 1999 Isian News.]

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