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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Noble Order of Tara
Initiation Structure

"I woke up with an idea yesterday, the planets
Jupiter, Mars and Saturn were all sitting together in the night sky!"

Olivia Robertson, 4/7/2000

            This Noble Order of Tara Initiation structure was developed by Olivia Robertson in the year 2000, which she introduced in Isian News #97. You can read her announcement of it here: Lughnasad 2000 and read the beginning formative ideas from her letters on this page: initiation structure letters.

            Within this framework, there are 12 Initiations divided into 4 Grades. The Priory Grand Dame/Knight Commander offers a program of study around the NOT Initiation dramas. These may be taught either in person or through correspondence. Each program of study is completely original based upon the Dedicatory Deities of the Priory and the FOI Liturgy.

            Olivia wrote on the significance of using the rituals in the booklet "Melusina" for the Noble Order of Tara initiation system: "I felt the energetic hard-working Tara Order required the Chakra and planetary disciplines of the Melusina Initiations." Also: "It is our own Bodies of Light which link us with the sphere of Nature Spirits. This on an ascending scale, will draw us up the spiral of Being, to Divine Source. But it is through the basic etheric realm, that we can transform the earth, by uniting nature with spirit. Otherwise we are helpless. Physically, we are mortals. Spirits are immortal. And when we develop our own spirit bodies, we can commune with animals, plants, trees all nature. And this includes those humans who in ignorance are destroying their own habitat." (1st quote from personal correspondence, 2nd quote from "Isis of Fellowship, How the FOI was Founded")

Rite of Tara (Olivia on Right)
Rite of Tara
image © Submitted by Olivia Robertson
(w/additional cropping & enhancement by this site)

Entry rite for the NOT:

NOT Companion Entry Ritual:
            The entry ritual to the NOT is the "Rite of Tara, Initiation into a NOT Priory". (PDF Version / HTML Version) This is separate from the NOT Liturgy initiations below and enacted when the candidate is spiritually ready to become a Companion in a specific Priory of the NOT.

            Olivia wrote on May 4th, 2000: "The 2 formal Dana and Tara Initiations are separate from the study-rites. Indeed, the candidate may not be ready for these at any specific point, so they cannot be always used during a specific time. People develop at different paces." She writes again on May 25th, 2000: "I feel people need some time to get used to the Order/Clan before they make such an important step." (This ritual may also be found in the "Consecration Rituals" section of the Liturgy, as well as in the NOT Manual.)

Grades and Liturgy of the NOT:
(Note: The summaries below were written by Olivia Robertson.)

             The Noble Order of Tara promotes dedicated work for our planet. The 12 Initiations are divided into four Grades. Three Initiations are experienced within each Grade.

1st Grade: Dame/Knight
            The first Grade brings spiritual strength to those who work for their local environment. Success brings the designation of "Dame or Knight". The following rituals within the booklet Melusina are used to attain initiations for this Grade: 1) Initiation of the Pylons, 2) The Awakening of the Golden Phoenix, 3) The Descent of the White Eagle.

2nd Grade: Lady/Lord of the Grael
            The 2nd Grade develops spiritual awareness and the ability to commune with Nature Spirits. The designation "Lord or Lady of the Grael" is conferred. The following rituals within the booklet Melusina are used to attain initiations for this Grade: 4) Arousing the Kundalini Serpent, 5) Creation of Life Forms, 6) Dawn of the Inner Sun.

3rd Grade: Dame/Knight Commander
            The 3rd Grade honours skills in working with other groups and cultures, with our common purpose of saving the Earth. The appointment for this Grade is "Dame or Knight Commander." The following rituals within the booklet Melusina are used to attain initiations for this Grade: 7) Opening the Heart's Rose, 8) Unfolding Wings, 9) Music of the Spheres.

4th Grade: Grand Dame/Knight Commander
            The final Grade, confers the right to found a Priory as a "Grand Dame or Knight Commander" because of all-around abilities. The following rituals within the booklet Melusina are used to attain initiations for this Grade: 10) Opening the Eye of Vision, 11) Crowned with Glory, 12) Lighting the Rainbow Aura.

Consecration Rituals for each Grade:

Rites for the 4 Grades :
            The ritual "Consecration of a Dame/Knight" (PDF Version / HTML Version) is used to consecrate a Dame/Knight in the Noble Order of Tara. (This ritual may also be found in the "Consecration Rituals" section of the Liturgy, as well as in the NOT Manual.)

            The presiding Grand Dame/Knight Commander is responsible for creating the consecration rites for the following Grades in their Priory:

Lady/Lord of the Grael: Presentation of a Chalice
Dame/Knight Commander: Presentation of Sash & Brooch of Tara
Grand Dame/Knight Commander: Presentation of a Stone of Destiny for their own Priory

            When a member achieves any of the four Grades in the NOT, it is then registered with the Fellowship of Isis.

The NOT Cosmic Web

© FOI Homepage All Rights Reserved

NOT Initiate System:
            There are 12 working initiations in the NOT. The rites 1-12 of the booklet Melusina, Life Centres of the Goddess, make up the Liturgy of the NOT and are noted on the planetary rays of the Cosmic Web diagram. Grand Dame/Knight Commanders create their own courses, linking with these rites from the above NOT Liturgy. The Dramas of Initiation are based upon the intersecting points made by the Star of Ishtar bisecting the 4-fold coils of the Dragon Tiamat. Please see the Cosmic Web of the Universe for more information.

"Quick Key" to the Cosmic Web for the NOT Initiation System

            The taking of an Initiation lies with the member and may involve months or years. The number of Initiations acquired in no way has any bearing upon a member's status within the Noble Order of Tara. Each member is given equal honor and privileges. Initiations are simply a way for an individual to chart a path for their own personal growth and to keep track of their spiritual progress. (See also the Initiation Guidelines.)

Additional Note: This is the only system of study that was solely written by Olivia Robertson at Clonegal Castle for the Noble Order of Tara. It was her unique vision and gift to the NOT as well as the DCD, as initiation systems for both were inspired at the same time. Although Olivia encouraged other members to create their own systems if they wished, the Initiation and Grades included in these pages were what she created for the overall Fellowship of Isis and at her request, were always included in the yearly updated FOI manuals as well.

For more information on the NOT, see the appropriate section:

NOT Overview

The Strathloch Coat-of-Arms

Applying to a NOT Priory

Founding and Managing a NOT Priory

FOI Centers

Guidelines for all Centers

Oracle of the Goddess Tara

NOT Publications

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