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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Oracle of Tara
By Olivia Robertson

From: Isis of Fellowship, How the FOI was Founded
& the Noble Order of Tara Manual

Invocation of Tara:
Holy Goddess Tara,
Boddhisatva of Active Compassion,
Whose manifold forms embody all that is,
Help us to save our earth from pollution.

The Goddess Tara
Tara drawing
© Olivia Robertson

Oracle of Tara:

All that you have wrought in the poisoning of earth, ocean and air, has emanated from your own minds. The purple mountains, the snowy plains, the dark oceans and the rich vegetation are created and maintained by Spirits formed by Divine Mind.

You yourselves are part of that Mind, which includes compassion, wisdom and creativity. Each spider weaving her web, every bird hatching her eggs yet has a spiritual existence in the realms of Eternity. All Nature is a living work of art whose source stems from the inner spheres of Mind.

Humans are, through trial and error, learning to act as mediators between the Creators, Goddesses and Gods, and those Spirits who are animating evolving life on earth. For you cannot make anything, whether computer or clone, without some spirit animating it - with its own agenda! Observe the evolving intelligence of the common virus. You cannot call your children your own. Each has an individual destiny of which earth experience forms a part.

To fulfill your hopes to create a better world, you need to consult the wishes of your fellows! Many are learning through cruel warfare: others experiment with the passions. And this is their right.

You need to attune to the Creators, the Boddhisatvas, in celestial spheres. So you may achieve the wisdom to give help effectively. Be hopeful! The world has not grown worse. Possibly you have grown better!

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