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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

College of Isis
Lyceum Magi Degree System

            Lyceums offer structured programs of study based upon the Magi Degree system. These may be taught either in person or through correspondence. Each curriculum is completely original and based upon the Dedicatory Deities of the Lyceum. Hierophants are at least 4th degree Magi and function as Lyceum preceptors in the College of Isis.

Olivia Robertson, FOI co-founder, writes:
            "The Spirit of the College of Isis may well be presented under the auspices of the Goddess Pallas Athena. . . Pallas Athena is the Goddess who has the helmet of light, the owl of Wisdom and the spear (meteor) of power, and bears the shield of the inner serpent power, the Medusa. But she is also the Athena who teaches us arts and crafts and the growth of plants and trees such as the olives of healing and peace. For the spiritual light of the Goddess does not blind one by flashing torch light of hard facts in one's face. The essence of the use of spiritual Light of Vesta is to bring clarity to objects, ideas, problems - not to worship the Light Bringer! This clear Light of Truth brings different revelation to each person relevant to their own individuality. Thus it brings the gifts of creation, wisdom and empathy. In the College we are just beginning to follow these ways. It is a glorious adventure into an unimaginably beautiful future." (Lughnasad 2002)

College of Isis Hierophants:

Olivia Robertson writes in the College of Isis Manual:
             The Priesthood Hierophants of the Fellowship of Isis follow the meaning of the word. Being a Hierophant is not a status designation: it describes one who shows forth. The Hierophant teaches by example, and enjoys give-and-take, by learning from their pupils. Experiences are shared, not forced on pupils. This does demand from the Hierophant at least an equal amount of spiritual and psychic experience as the pupils. What the Hierophant has to offer is an ability to listen as well as teach: and empathy. The listening ear is vital to the well-being of anyone subject to supernatural visitation. Both teacher and pupil can only work successfully with honour for the innate divinity within each other. The first stage in mystical awakening is to know the Divinity within oneself. Silence is safest. The second stage is to recognise the Goddess/God in others: a new Hierophant is worthy to teach.

            "The designation "Hierophant" means "One who shows forth." In Collegium Isidis, of the Fellowship of Isis, Hierophants already belong to the F.O.I. Priesthood. Their vocation from the Goddess is to act as Guides and Teachers of candidates, already F.O.I. members, who wish to attain Magi degrees in a particular Lyceum. A Hierophant has gained at least four Magi Degrees attained through years of spiritual experience working in a Lyceum. The hallmarks of a fine Hierophant are wisdom and humility, love and understanding. The possession of a sense of humour brings the laughter of the Gods!"

            Consecration of a Hierophant is given through the FOI ritual: Flamma Sacerdotae: Consecration of a Hierophant. This rite is performed either in person or through attunement with the training Hierophant. Please see the Lyceum section of the Online Liturgy for this ritual. It is also available in the Lyceum Manual.

The Cosmic Web

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Magi Degree System:
            Hierophants within the College of Isis provide structured Magi Degree courses in the Lyceum Liturgy, either in person or through home-study courses. There are 32 working degrees. The 33rd relates to spontaneous mystical awakening which may occur at any time and is kept as a private initiation (it is not recorded by the Lyceum). The Mystery Dramas are based upon the 32 intersecting points made by the 8-pointed Star of Ishtar bisecting the 4-fold coils of the Dragon Tiamat. More information may be found on these pages:

A summary of the FOI Cosmic Web of the Universe

"Quick Key" to the Cosmic Web for the College of Isis Degrees

            Under guidance of the Lyceum Hierophant, FOI members enact the Fellowship rites in the order most helpful to her or his own chosen path. The taking of a Degree lies with the member and may involve months or years. The number of Magi Degrees acquired in no way has any bearing upon a member's status within the Fellowship of Isis. Each member is given equal honor and privileges. Magi Degrees are simply a way for an individual to chart a path for their own personal growth and to keep track of their spiritual progress. (See Degree Guidelines.)

Olivia Robertson writes in the College of Isis Manual:
            "The 33rd College Degree is open for communion both with nature spirits and the Goddesses and Gods. The Deities teach us from Their beautiful temples in the Inner Spheres. Each Lyceum is dedicated to the Goddess and God. Through inspiration, They bring us gifts from that treasure-house which we inherit through our own divine family. Every spiritual family, which we know through many incarnations, is a branch from the living Tree of Life; we are the fruit. Each family is distinct: each part of the whole. A Lyceum may mirror forth our true heavenly home."

Lyceum Liturgy:
            Each Lyceum Hierophant provides her/his own original program of study, culminating in a rite of the below Liturgy. The Sources of the Liturgy, given at the end of each Rite, are from ancient texts ranging from India, China, Egypt and Europe, to America and Africa. These form part of recommended reading.

Rite of Rebirth
Ordination Rite
Wedding Rite
Dea (Rites 8-12)
Urania (all rites)
Sophia (all rites)

            The three mundane facts of life; birth, work and marriage are treated in the "Rites of Rebirth", "Ordination Rite" and "Wedding Rite". Choice of one's role in the Divine Drama through identification with archetypal figures of Myth are presented in Five Mysteries in "Dea". Two rites of Time and Space and three elemental rites of Sun, Moon and Earth are presented in "Urania", along with the ceremonial magic of the seven sacred planets. These relate to the psyche. The "Sophia" zodiac ceremonies introduce the seeker to the higher Sophia of the Trino Sophia, thrice holy Gnosis of Wisdom.

Purchase Lyceum Liturgy Books

College of Isis Designations
Hierophant: "One who shows forth." College of Isis preceptors. Hierophants already belong to the FOI Priesthood and are Founders/Administrators of a Lyceum. They are qualified to guide Fellowship members through the 32 Magi Degrees and consecrate another member as a Hierophant. Hierophants are at least 4th Degree Magi. Addressed as "Reverend Hierophant" within Fellowship ritual. Abbreviations: Prs. H. - Priestess Hierophant, Pr. H. - Priest Hierophant.

Maga/Magus: A member who has obtained at least one Magi Degree with a Lyceum.

Neophyte: A member studying to obtain a Magi Degree with a Lyceum.

Company of the Magi: The total number of Magi within the Fellowship of Isis.

The Difference between a Lyceum & Iseum

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Applying to a Lyceum

Founding and Managing a Lyceum

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