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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

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"Those who participate in the Mysteries
prepare themselves for the Great Awakening."

Olivia Robertson writes in Isis of Fellowship:
            We were inspired to found the College of Isis in 1986, ten years after we had founded the Fellowship of Isis. Our aim was to revise the religion of the Goddess, honouring Her rightful place as Divine Mother of all. . . . We offered a possibility of communion with the Magi, with angels, with departed spirits, along with a basis in present day scientific knowledge. . . The College of Isis has active Lyceums, forming a many-coloured tapestry of inter-connected strands. Each Priest/ess Hieorphant offers teachings, linked with the use of FOI rituals - inspired by myself - as "passing out" ceremonies. So there is diversity with unity. Each student matters, for each has a unique contribution to weave into the divine tapestry of Isis."

The College of Isis
            The College of Isis (COI) is where all Fellowship of Isis Lyceums originate and are chartered. Hierophants are Lyceum preceptors. Lyceum Hierophants provide structured programs of study in the Magi Degree system. Each provides an original curriculum culminating in a rite from the Lyceum Liturgy. Although there is an established Liturgy and Magi Degree structure for the College of Isis, there is no one curriculum. Hierophants, through inspiration from their own dedicatory Deity (or Deities), produce their own unique training program. There are 33 degrees and courses for these may be taken in person, or through correspondence.

For more information, see the appropriate section below:

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