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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

FOI Online Liturgy

Sybil, Oracles of the Goddess
By: Olivia Robertson


Cover Art


PDF Version   /   HTML Version

Part I. Individual Living

PDF Version   /   HTML Version
1. Isis of Egypt
2. Ama-Terasu of Japan
3. Sarasvati of India
4. Dana of Eire
5. Grainne of Eire
6. Hathor of Egypt
7. Rhea of Greece

Part II. Life Initiations

PDF Version   /   HTML Version
8. Alma Mater of Rome
9. Vesta of Rome
10. Dana of Eire
11. Isis of Egypt

Part III. Cycle of Our Years

PDF Version   /   HTML Version
12. Derceto of Syria
13. Pallas Athena of Greece
14. Maha-Devi of India
15. Astarte of Syria
16. Muth of Egypt
17. The Kore of Greece
18. Brighid of Eire
19. Frigga of the Norse-lands

Part IV. The Solar System & Ourselves

PDF Version   /   HTML Version
20. Hertha of the Norse-lands
21. Artemis of Greece
22. Kundalini of India
23. The Morrigan of Ireland
24. Venus of Rome
25. Sophia of Byzantium
26. Hathor of Egypt
27. Ashtoreth of Phoenicia
28. Sarasvati of India
29. Ngame of Africa

Part V. Radiations from the Zodiac

PDF Version   /   HTML Version
30. Cerridwen of Wales
31. Durga of India
32. Isis of Egypt
33. Artemis of Greece
34. Tiamat of Babylon
35. Sekhmet of Egypt
36. Dana of Eire
37. Kwan Yin of China
38. Kundalini of India
39. Brynhild of Iceland
40. Terra of Rome
41. Juno of Rome

Part VI. We Face the Mysteries

PDF Version   /   HTML Version
42. Inanna of Babylon
43. Neith of Egypt
44. Venus of Rome
45. Ariadne of Crete
46. Demeter & Persephone of Greece
47. Nuit of Egypt
48. Isis of Egypt

Copyright Note: The FOI Liturgy on this website is copyright protected. Copying the Liturgy text or pages to another website or publication, is prohibited. Printing of individual rites by FOI members for their personal and group ritual use is encouraged and allowed.

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