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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

FOI Online Liturgy
Entry Rite in the Noble Order of Tara
Written by: Olivia Robertson

Noble Order of Tara entry rite for a new Companion in a Priory.

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Entry Rite as a Companion
in the Noble Order of Tara

Enter Grand Knight-Dame Commander and fellow Companions in full ceremonial robes. Candidate is in white, bare-headed and is led forward by 2 Sponsors, Knight & Dame, outside Temple. A Sponsor knocks 3 times on the door.

KNIGHT: Who seeks entry to our Hall of Chivalry?

1st SPONSOR: One who seeks admission as Companion of the Noble Order of Tara.

KNIGHT: Let the Candidate be admitted.

DAME: Are you ready to face the 4 Assessors of your worth?

CANDIDATE: I am ready.

KNIGHT TO SPONSORS: Is this Candidate worthy to face the Assessors?

2nd SPONSOR: After much preparation and meditation, we deem the Candidate is ready.

1st KNIGHT: So be it. Let the Candidate be brought forth to face the 4 Assessors before the High Altar of the Goddess Tara.

Candidate is led before High Altar where are seated 4 Assessors, Lords and Ladies of the Grael.

1st LORD: (holds a rough stone) Answer me this. What do you feel towards the earth our Mother and all the creatures, mighty and small, whose home it is? How do you propose to serve them?

Candidate describes commitment to earth and environment. Lord gives stone to Candidate.

1st LADY: (holds a chalice) Answer me this. King Arthur received his sword from the Lady of the Lake. What do you feel about the invisible spheres of nature spirits, bringers of dreams? Candidate describes attitude to the psychic spheres and experience of these. Lady gives Candidate a drink from the chalice.

2nd LORD: (holding sword, point facing candidate) Answer me this. Would you be active in the face of injustice? Have you moral as well as physical courage to help the oppressed and the weak?

Candidate describes attitude to helping others.

2nd LADY: (holding spear) Answer me this. Have you the aspiration to reach for the stars, yet keep your feet on the ground?

Candidate describes spiritual vision and aims.

Lords and Ladies confer and give their verdict. If accepted, the GKC produces the medallion of the Order, the 8-pointed star in a spiral on a green ribbon and the GDC puts this around Candidate’s neck.

GKC: We hereby solemnly declare that you are accepted as Companion of the Noble Order of Tara.

GDC: Let Faith be your foundation, humility your footstool. Protect the weak. Defend the persecuted. Keep your vision upon the Star of Tara.

The Company welcomes the new Companion. Banquet.

End of Rite.

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