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FOI Online Liturgy
Melusina, Life Centres of the Goddess
By: Olivia Robertson

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4. Arousing the Kundalini Serpent


PRIEST. Awaken within us, beautiful Goddess Kundalini, Who ariseth like lightning through the bodies of all beings, bringing divine life! We are isolated in our mortality, and we age and sicken and die. Day by day life slowly ebbs away from us. Thou Who art Goddess of Immortality, bring us everlasting life!

ORACLE. The immortality you seek is within your Self and yet may only be invoked from without. For that which you think of as yourself is an illusion. I am yourself! That Self is within all beings, from clod of earth to blazing sun.

Do not despise your body, for it is the shrine of My Life. Your bones hold the life essence as granite glitters with mica. My Life Force courses through the fluids of your body as it does with planets and all beings thereon.

What appears to you to be the lowest form of matter, a stone, is in verity through the divine law of octaves, in resonance with the highest star. My Throne of Power whereon I rest is at the base of your spine, wherein lies coiled My Lightning. But this inner Serpent Power must be aroused from without, because that which is transcendent claims you. My Lightning of Life unites all spheres of consciousness, bringing eternal bliss. Hence humans may neglect the immortal Deities and still prosper for a while. Yet eventually the residual light within them burns low, becomes angry and red, bringing disorders, and finally flickers out in premature death. As the physical body becomes diseased through lack of sustenance from the Deities, so does your world move to destruction. Though successful through use of material sciences, humanity is becoming increasingly corrupt through lack of Life Essence.

There is a divine correspondence with each life centre within your own body, and the expansion of your consciousness. You cannot attain Divinity by neglecting your lower centres. That way leads to a meteoric spiritual rise, followed by downfall. The holy place of lightning within your root centre needs to be in healthy balance, a sure foundation from which will grow the Tree of Life within you. Every flower, the centres upon that tree, depends for its nourishment on the roots. When this foundation centre is dangerously awakened through misuse, madness and total loss of free-will is the outcome. Practise the virtues of well-directed will, endurance, hard work and intelligent activity! So shall the all-powerful force of My Lightning be safely conducted throughout the psychic channels of your body, from the soles of your feet to the jewelled diadem upon your head. To accomplish this great work, you need to pray daily to Devi, the Universal Goddess, Who is My Mother and Mother of us all.

Priestesses wear jewelled tiaras, scarlet saris and bear serpent wands. Priests wear gold headdresses, scarlet robes and bear staffs. Women companions wear red flowers in hair and scarlet saris: Men gold headbands and scarlet robes. The altar is draped with scarlet cloth and on it are 4 lighted candles, a bowl of water, burning incense, a red flower in pot and a square black stone. Music may be played throughout.

PR. HIEROPHANT. Companions, we are prepared through trance to make pilgrimage to the planet Saturn, that we may awaken the Muladhara Lotus at the base of the spine. This holy centre brings power, endurance and the skill to transmute the elemental passions in order to accomplish our spiritual evolution. The Yogis of India teach us that within our spines is the etheric Shushumna. "Shushumna is in the form of Moon, Sun and Fire; Her body is a string of dustura flowers, extending through the body from base of spine to head. Two shining serpents of power coil around this stem: Ida, which is shining white; and Pingala, of a golden hue. These cross at the sacred lotuses of the body." These lotuses are psychic centres. The Power that circulates through these threefold "Gunas" is that of Kundalini, the Serpent Goddess.

PRS. HIEROPHANT. Over the root "Mula" entry, shines the sleeping Kundalini. "She is the world Bewilderer, gently covering the base of Shushumna. Like the spiral of the conch shell, Her shining snake-like body goes three and a half times round Her Consort, the silver God Siva, and Her lustre is that of a strong lightning. Her sweet murmur is like the indistinct hum of swarms of love-mad bees."

PR. HIEROPHANT. Kundalini awakens melodious poetry and all compositions in prose or verse in Sanskrit, Prakrita and other sacred languages. It is She Who maintains all the beings of the earth by means of inspiration and expiration. She shines in the cavity of the Muladhara Lotus like a chain of brilliant Lights. That we may awaken the four red rays of this root centre, the Goddess Kundalini must be invoked!

PRS. HIEROPHANT. (offers incense and makes spiral with wand.) I invoke the Goddess Kundalini! "Thou art beautiful like a chain of lightning and fine like a lotus fibre. Thou art subtle, the Awakener of pure knowledge, the embodiment of Ananda, all bliss, whose true nature is Pure Consciousness.”

PR. HIEROPHANT. Who is candidate for the Muladhara Initiation?

CAN. I am.

PR. HIEROPHANT. Are you willing to face the four trials of the Goddess Kundalini?

CAN. With Her help, I am.


PR. HIEROPHANT. That your heart and mind may understand the nature of these trials, know that Kundalini is the Force Manifestation of the universal Goddess Devi, Consort of Siva. Devi is Kali of dark physical matter; Durga of primordial fire; Uma of spiritual mind, and Parvati of the oceans of space. The Muladhara centre should be activated in perfect balance through all these aspects.

1st PRIESTESS. The path of Devi, working through the root centre of the tree of life, is not that of renunciation of the body nor of the passions. Kundalini alchemically transmutes the elements of passions as She courses through the body of star, planet and stone. For Her therefore nothing is wasted, but is always renewed through the activity of Kali.


1st PRIEST. Learn of the Triumph of Kali the Invincible! Kali has four winnowing arms that hold spear, staff, sword and drinking-cup. Now it came to pass in an age long ago that evil predominated over good and so the world, domain of Kali, became corrupt and degenerate. In a terrible rage Kali began slaying all evil-doers and their works. With Her spear, staff and sword She wrought earthquakes, thunders and hurricanes: with Her overturned drinking-cup she caused mighty floods, which swallowed up whole countries and their sinful inhabitants. But Her Consort, the God Siva, wished to save a remnant of humanity. So as Kali performed Her Dance of Victory, He Himself lay under Her stamping feet. As She trampled upon Him, the remainder of human beings were spared. So Kali even conquered Her own husband!


CAN. What dreadful story is this? I would regard Kali as a demon rather than a Goddess!

1st PRIESTESS. Not so! Through Her action the Rishis honoured Her as Conqueror of Time. They taught that Kali had charge of the fertility of the earth and was protecting it from corruption. Siva as Creator, Preserver and Destroyer, was Guardian of the cycles of Time. Thus this tale instructs us that Nature will always renew Herself after destruction. Learn that it is through the marriage of Kali and Siva, evolving life and the rotating aeons of time that all beings attain immortality.

CAN. I do not know which I fear most: the ferocity of untrammelled Nature or Time, bringer of inevitable death. If Kundalini may bring me knowledge of my immortality, I accept Her trials.


2nd PRIEST. Know that the planet Saturn holds the qualities of the Muladhara centre! Let us therefore make pilgrimage there in our soul bodies.

1st PRIEST. (anoints each brow with water) May you receive inner vision for our pilgrimage!

2nd PRIESTESS. In order to reach the planet, we need to create the Garuda Chariot in the ether. It is the etheric Garuda Bird that transports the Goddess of Love, Lakshmi, and the God of Wisdom, Vishnu, through starry space. Through dance we shall form a luminous sphere around us! Let us animate it with the white wings of the Garuda bird.

Indian music. All dance with wing-like movements to create and animate a shining spaceship around company.

2nd PRIEST. Let us be seated in a circle within our chariot.

CAN. Surely we need a Guru to instruct us?

2nd PRIEST. Even as you speak, a Guru is amongst us! He is Ganesha, the Elephant-headed Son of Parvati and Siva. The form of the White Elephant is painted within the Mandala of the Muladhara Lotus. It is He Who supports the white down-pointed triangle and the sacred Letters. Ganesha instructs us to intone the mantra of Muladhara.

ALL. (intone): Va*** Shra*** Sha*** Sa***

2nd PRIESTESS. Our journey has begun! The floor of our Temple is rapidly sinking below us. As our ship rises into the air, we close our eyes to see better. We feel light, as if floating: it is the Muladhara Centre which bestows Levitation. The Garuda bird spreads its ethereal wings, and it lifts us above our own land. We gaze down upon the lovely body of Prithivi, our earth. She lies half in light, half shadowed, Her oceans creamy and blue. There is a shudder and as it were a flapping of wings - our ship has transcended the space-time barrier. As we exceed the speed of light, we experience a change of consciousness. All heaviness of the physical world is gone from us. * * * The noble sun Surya is becoming smaller and smaller as we move away from it. Fast flies Mars now before, now behind us! We traverse the asteroid belt which is like a gleaming river. We overtake Jupiter with its encircling moons *** Companions, we have reached the planet Saturn!

2nd PRIEST. It is of ineffable beauty, - in colour a radiant pale orange and turquoise green. Around it are its encompassing rings made of particles that glitter like jewels. The stranded rings are as thin as butterfly wings. Amongst the hundreds of moons is Titan wrapped in orange cloud and Mimas, with its crater, eighty-five miles in width. Our ship rests before the crater's edge.


3rd PRIEST. Ganesha informs us that we have reached the threshold of Hinkara, the dark realm of ether, where physical matter is created. The Ruler is the Goddess Kali. (to Can.) Ganesha asks you, are you willing to descend into the Underworld, the crater of Kali?

CAN. What may I find there?

3rd PRIEST. Within lurks all that we fear. Only love overcomes fear. Within the darkness are those whom we hate. Compassion transcends hatred. Jealousy and envy await us within and these are transformed by wisdom. The worst evil of all, cruelty, is transmuted by courageous activity. Will you face this trial?

CAN. With Kali's blessing, I will.

3rd PRIEST. My friend, leave the space-ship and enter the crater, guided by Ganesha. We shall follow you with firm steps.


3rd PRIEST. (to Can.) Ganesha tells me that you have passed the trial with courage and serenity. You feel an icy cold strength at the base of your spine which extends to the soles of your feet. Ganesha makes a signal, and we enter our ship. It leaves Mimas and enters the very rings of Saturn which blaze with luminous gases. Ganesha tells us we are drawing close to Prastava, Realm of Fire!


2nd PRIEST. (to Can.) Ganesha tells us that you face the second trial. In this astral sphere you must brave the dangers of obsessive love, whether for a human being, a cause, a religion, or an ideal. In this place nobility becomes frenzy; courage, fury; religious devotion, fanaticism; love of family and country, insanity. Within these flames what is good becomes evil through one-pointed concentration. The Goddess Durga rules over this multitude of radiating particles.

2nd PRIESTESS. Your task is to transform intolerance into understanding; punishment into redemption; obsessive love into protective care. You see before you many-coloured fiery spheres which on closer inspection contain loved faces, ideals, theories, systems of thought, nations, holy scriptures. All burn with green, vermilion, yellow and orange lights. Are you willing to face this trial?

CAN. With the help of Durga, I am.

2nd PRIESTESS. So be it. Leave the ship and enter this realm of Saturn's rings to face your own fantasies. Ganesha will guide you. We follow you with calm minds.


2nd PRIESTESS. (to Can.) Ganesha tells us that you have passed the test with wisdom. You feel a cool breeze in your Muladhara lotus extending around you like a nimbus. We enter our ship, which is moving towards the saffron-robed moon, Titan.


2nd PRIESTESS. Ganesha tells us that this is Udgitha, the Sky Svarga, Heaven of the Goddess Uma. As our ship glides below the orange cloud of Titan, we are surrounded by a grid of radiations. At every intersection of shimmering threads are occult formulae, geometrical theorems, magical squares and crystals in formation. Intersecting with the grid of Titan are innumerable rays coming from each particle of Saturn's rings. They are like dewdrops quivering in a spider's web. These rays are connected with those of Saturn, which forms a far-reaching mesh outwards. This mesh joins the power grid around every planet encircling the sun. Each ray is unique in colour and sound, like the humming of bees. The mighty rays from the sun form a greater web, which is interlaced with the far off grid around the stars of the Milky Way. And from every ray comes forth notes which help to form the basic sound of Creation. Through the cosmic web the Deities manipulate universal law. Every cause produces its appropriate effect. (to Can.) Can you face this knowledge?

CAN. With Uma's Guidance, I will try.


2nd PRIEST. (to Can.) Ganesha tells us that you have learnt a little of cause and effect that is the Law of Karma. Therefore you have passed the test. Let us re-enter our Garuda ship, which is descending rapidly away from Titan to Saturn, sinking into the very core of the planet.


1st PRIEST. Ganesha tells us that we have reached the core of Saturn where is hidden its Star Essence. This root of Saturn is in resonance with the roots of every being. It is the hidden cave in which Life Essence is created in darkness. It is from here, as from a spider's body, that the cosmic web is brought to being. The Queen of this Svarga is the Goddess Parvati, who nurtures the nascent life force from Her hidden spring of water. (to Can.) Ganesha asks you: can you face the First Cause?

CAN. With the love of Parvati, I shall.

1st PRIEST. Leave the ship and enter Nidhava. We shall follow you with love.


1st PRIEST. (to Can.) Ganesha tells us that you have faced Truth with a pure mind. You have found the still place within yourself, the crystal within the scarlet lotus. You have passed the final trial.

1st PRIESTESS. Let us give thanks to Devi.

"Devi fulfils the four objects of human life.
Is entire, enjoys Brahmananda, Bliss.
Is the Queen of the Universe,
Is the aggregate of Will, Action, Knowledge.
Is behind birth and death,
Has Her Husband Siva within Her penumbra."

Behold! Let us gaze upon the planet Saturn with its rings and encircling moons. Above it is a Manifestation of Devi in Her five aspects, as Kundalini, Kali, Durga, Uma and Parvati. She embraces Her Consort, the God Siva, the Creator, the Preserver and the Destroyer. (to Can.) Feel this harmony of the Opposites within your being as the Life Essence rises gently from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. Our pilgrimage is accomplished. Ganesha guides us back to our Ship.

1st PRIEST. Swiftly our Garuda bird carries us away from Saturn and past Jupiter *** we glide through the Asteroid Belt *** we fly past Mars *** and Chandra the Moon in its dark phase. *** We descend in consciousness *** we return to Prithivi, our earth. We sink into the Temple. Ganesha instructs us to dissolve our ship through dance. We thank Him and He blesses us and departs.

Ship is dissolved through dance. Candidate gives report. If the initiation is regarded as valid, the red flower and black stone are presented. Thanks are given to the Deities.

End of Rite.

Sources: "The Serpent Power", Arthur Avalon, Ganesh and Co., Vasanta Press, T.S., Adyar, Madras, India. "Hindu Scriptures", Ed. Macnicol, Everyman. "Indian Mythology", Veronica Ions, Hamlyn. "Images of Devi in Pahari Paintings", Chote Bharany, Clarion Books. "The Concise Handbook of Astronomy", Ian Ridpath, New Orchard Editions, Poole, Dorset, UK.

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