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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

FOI Online Liturgy
Melusina, Life Centres of the Goddess
By: Olivia Robertson

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2. The Awakening of the Golden Phoenix


PRIEST. Divine Mother of all beings, Whose heart is open to those in need, come to us! When men, women and their children were starving from drought in Ancient China, secretly Thou didst go to their barren rice fields, and with milk drawn from Thy breasts Thou didst replenish the withered ears of rice. In this hour of earth's need, aid us to feed all on earth!

ORACLE. Truly, My children, your greatest need is not for earthly sustenance, but for spiritual food. The equipoise between heaven and earth has been unbalanced, and the Deities can no longer easily commune with humankind.

Know that there is a spiritual milk that courses through all creatures and upon which every being depends for its life. This elixir is to earthly gaze invisible, not to be seen nor felt. Yet without its health-giving flow you wither and perish. This is the peach-juice of immortality, the Elixir of Life.

When this pure flow of celestial milk becomes clogged and contaminated, you experience loss of creativity, evil emotions and a craving for stimulants. No longer can the golden power of Yin and the silver power of Yang bring you the ecstasy of Love and Truth! Together these two forces form the Tree of Life within your own bodies, and the Peaches of Immortality are the fruits thereof. But the Forces cannot manifest unless they flow through the white river of plasma, Prana, which should freely circulate through you.

This milky plasma, which may be termed "Yin" in relation to animating Spiritual Fire, may be freed from the pollution of ugly thoughts and emotions by regulated breathing, dance movements and the intoning of Mantras. In-breathing and out-breathing needs to be in balance. Left and right sides of the body should be brought into harmony by graceful movements. The arts of painting and music cleanse plasma through appreciation of beauty.

Visualise yourself as either Myself or the Boddhisattva Maitreya! Be seated as we are upon a lotus, floating upon the surface of a tranquil lake. But this exquisite water-lily has a thick slimy stem and its roots are deeply embedded in mud. Do not despise the earth and its elements, for it is from the earth that you grow. Now feel the golden sun within the moon-like petals of the lotus shine within your hearts! When you feel a warm glow radiating within you, you will love as I do, and through your love you will bring happiness, compassion and creativity to all those within your sphere. Omm Shanti. Peace be with you.

Priestesses wear gold tiaras, peach and gold robes and carry jade wands: Priests, gold headdresses, red and gold robes and bear jade staffs. Women companions wear pink and yellow flowers in their hair and men companions, yellow headdresses, and all wear similar robes to Priesthood. Neophyte is in white. Altar is draped in gold with 6 lighted candles, silver bowl of water and burning incense. Music may be played throughout.

PR. HIEROPHANT. Companions! We are assembled to awaken the Golden Phoenix power within ourselves according to our need. Know that every being is animated by two forces: Yin and Yang. All female beings from Goddess to butterfly have equal balance of these powers acting through the Great Goddess Mode. Every male being whether God or butterfly, has perfect equipoise of these forces manifesting through the Great God Mode. When these forces are in disharmony, evil and illness result.

PRS. HIEROPHANT. Yin is the expression of Love that pervades through all hearts and manifests as Gold Light. Yang is the embodiment of all-powerful Truth and is expressed through White Light. Yin and Yang may be symbolised through the Major and Minor keys in music. Our own psychic flow of these forces is like a key-board. Yin and Yang powers flow through our bodies in alternating circuit, crossing at each of the psychic centres within us.

PR. HIEROPHANT. It is the Yin Force that we would awaken in this ritual. Yin flows through our bodies like consecutive notes of music. However, it is most powerful in the sex, wings, heart and brow centres, where it forms a mighty chord connecting the Etheric, Astral and Divine Spheres of Being. This Yin Chord when sounded with its complementary colours brings rebirth, serenity and works of art through stillness, contemplation and bliss.

PRS. HIEROPHANT. (makes sign of Yin, "6" with her Wand and offers incense.) Holy Goddess Kwan Yin, Who springeth forth from the heart of the lotus floating upon the still waters of creation, come to our hearts! Goddess of Compassion, lovely Bestower of wisdom, gentleness and love, bring Thy rays of purest gold into our minds and hearts, as the sun rises in the golden dawn!

PR. HIEROPHANT. (makes Yin sign with staff and offers incense.) I invoke the Boddhisattva Maitreya! Holy Maitreya, in Thy compassion Thou didst delay Thy attainment of Buddhahood in order to bless all earth's creatures. Inspire us to help Thee in Thy works of mercy!

PRS. HIEROPHANT. (to Neophyte) Are you willing to receive the Awakening of the Yin Power of the Gold Phoenix within yourself?

NEO. With the blessing of the Goddess Kwan Yin, I am.



1st PRIEST. (to Neo.) Learn from this tale. It was told in Ancient China that once Heaven and Earth, Yin and Yang, were in perfect harmony. But disorder was brought about by unbalance of these two forces. The Goddess Nu Kua made a lament: "Alas, disorder has fallen upon heaven and the earth! The four cardinal points are out of place and the five elements are at war. The sky does not wholly cover the earth: fire burns without ceasing and waters flood the land. I shall use the two forces of Yin and Yang to bring stability!"

1st PRIESTESS. And the Goddess Nu Kua by her magical use of Yin and Yang brought order to the five elements, earth, metal, water, wood and fire, to the cardinal points and to Heaven and earth. She provided animals, birds and fishes in plenty, fed by abundant vegetation; but there were no humans. So Nu Kua said: "I shall make men and women from yellow mud!" And this She did: but the figures lay lifeless. So Nu Kua wept. She declared: “I, the great Goddess, can make forms, but they are as dead." Now Her tears fell upon the figures, who opened their eyes and also wept! And Nu Kua felt compassion for them, and touched them gently with her hands. And lo! Their hearts began to beat. But though these clay men and women lay in gentle peace ... they could not move one inch!

1st PRIEST. "Alas", cried Nu Kua; “I, have created these men and women, and have brought them peace and love, but no motion! Come unto Me, My Divine Husband, Fu-Hsi, for of myself I can only do half of creation!" And lo! Her Divine Husband, the God Fu Hsi came, and when He saw the recumbent figures, He burst forth into laughter! And He gave them a mighty kick ... And straight away the figures sprang to their feet, some in astonishment, others in anger. And behold, Humanity was born!



3rd PRIEST. (to Neo.) So you learn that to attain life, you may sometimes have to be active! Let us travel in a Dragon Chariot of clouds, that we may enter the three Paradises of the Goddesses of Yin! Let the chariot be created through dance!

Omnes create a chariot as a shining sphere around them.

3rd PRIESTESS. Our chariot is created in the ether! It is like a rosy pearl around us. Through an opalescent doorway glides the benevolent Faery Ma Ku, friend of humanity. (To Neo.) She smiles upon you and greets you. How beautiful she is! There is a string of pearls and golden tassels in her black hair, and her peach-coloured robe is embroidered with a gold phoenix. She tells us to be seated in a circle within our chariot and to shut our eyes. Our journey begins ... but what is happening? We expected to ascend into the heavens - but instead, our pearly chariot is rapidly sinking through the floor of the Temple... The solid earth and its black rocks are like mist to our etheric vision. (To Neo.) Ma Ku tells you not to fear! We are passing through the Rock Cave of Ama Terasu opo mi Kami, Goddess of the Hidden Sun. She tells you that Her Rock Cave is the crust of the earth, shell of the Phoenix egg. Within the cave are two mighty fiery dragons who rotate ceaselessly in contrary directions, protecting the Hidden Sun.

3rd PRIEST. How awe-inspiring are these flame-breathing dragons as we glide past them! They feast upon luminous pearls, and are coiled around livid green lakes whose beds are resplendent with glowing sapphires, rubies, topazes, emeralds and amethysts.


3rd PRIESTESS. Suddenly the roars of the dragons cease. The brilliant colours give way to a gentle yellow light. We have reached the Paradise of the Phoenix Egg. Ma Ku tells us to leave our chariot. (To Neo.) Come with us... We realise that this lovely light is emanating from a mighty golden egg that is resting upon a rock of quartz citrine, with sparkling cones of light. On its left is a black egg containing a Yin tortoise and snake. On the right is a red Phoenix egg. Around the Phoenix eggs is a plain of whispering reeds, and above this is the majestic form of the Goddess Ama Terasu opo mi Kami! In her black hair are five hundred sacred Yasaka jewels and Her abundant robes are like sunlit clouds. Her mighty aura extends from the centre of the earth to the very stars, which shine in their many colours through the mist of the earth's crust.

2nd PRIEST. (to Neo.) Ma Ku is drawing your attention to myriad coloured eggs that lie half concealed among the reeds. She tells you that each egg contains a dream that needs to be brought to earth. Through their translucent shells you will see mighty cities: stars: a baby: two lovers entwined. Within these eggs are works of art awaiting birth in the minds and hands of artists: and some eggs quiver with notes of music not yet heard. No dream is too small nor too great for the Phoenix eggs of Ama Terasu, providing they are born from the heart of love. Find your own egg, and place it in your lap! What you dream here shall be manifested in the cosmos.


3rd PRIESTESS. Let us give thanks to Ama Terasu and return to our chariot! (To Neo.) The shell of your egg has dissolved into mist and your dream has gone forth into the world, there to be embodied! You feel a glow in your sex centre.

 2nd PRIEST. Our chariot is rising rapidly past the two dragons * * * through the veil which is the earth's crust * * * and we have entered the shining sky. (To Neo.) Ma Ku tells you that now you are using your astral body, in order to enjoy the Western Paradise of the Red Phoenix! This realm lies within the constellation of Lyra.


We are passing through rosy clouds. Before us is the jade mountain, Khun Lun of the sky. It is crowned by a palace surrounded by a golden rampart. Our chariot stops before a lake that lies at the foot of the mountain, and Ma Ku tells us to alight. (To Neo.) Come with us!

2nd PRIESTESS. What exquisite harmony is here! The air is filled with the scent of flowers and many-coloured birds sing, as they perch in peach trees. (To Neo.) These trees bear the Peaches of Immortality! Those who eat of them attain everlasting life. Gaze into the lake and marvel at the lotuses that float on the surface. Your own face is reflected therein, amongst darting red fishes and passing clouds. You could rest here forever. In the centre of the lake is a fountain of living waters. Approach this and be cleansed by its sparkling cascade! Companions, behind, at the far side of the lake, Immortal Beings sit in contemplation. sharing the peaches. Amongst them are parrots, monkeys and black and yellow tigers! Let us join them. (To Neo.) Ma Ku tells you not to fear feasting with tigers. Here they only eat peaches! Behold! a Red Phoenix has emerged from its shell.

2nd PRIEST. Floating above the jade mountain is the Royal Mother, the Goddess Hsi Wang Mu. She wears a many-jewelled tiara and Her aura encircles the mountain and encompasses the Paradise. By Her is the Red Yin Phoenix of Fire, shining in the South. (To Neo.) Blessed by the Royal Mother, join us and partake of the Peaches of Immortality! Your dream, like the red Phoenix, is born!


We give thanks to the Royal Mother. Ma Ku tells us to return to our chariot. (To Neo.) You feel a rosy glow of love and bliss within your heart - as do we all.

1st PRIEST. We feel we have grown wings of glory from our spines! Ma Ku tells us that we are ready to fly indeed. Our chariot is rising in spiral curves beyond Lyra. We recognise a starry cluster: we are approaching the Hyades.


We are greeted by singing birds of every colour, who with outspread wings dart and swoop around our chariot in greeting! Ma Ku tells us that we can only reach the Paradise of the Golden Phoenix by flying there! Lo, in the distance we see a starry realm of incomparable beauty. (To Neo.) Leave the chariot and fly with us towards the stars! You easily do this in your dreams. * * * Surrounded by the birds we are flying higher and higher towards the Golden Paradise. We are now circling over lakes, hills, fertile valleys and calm seas. All is bathed in a golden light. Now we see where the light comes from. Hovering over a mountain is the Golden Phoenix whose outspread wings span the Paradise itself. Golden Rays from its feathers gild the landscape with light.

1st PRIESTESS. Now we see the Goddess Kwan Yin Herself! She is seated before the gold mountain in deep contemplation. On Her brow is an opal, with coloured lights that change colour according to the subject of Her meditation. We see the formation of planets and stars within Her celestial Third Eye. (To Neo.) Ma Ku tells you to gaze within the Eye on the brow of Kwan Yin. There you shall see the accomplishment of your dream, which was born in the egg of Ama Terasu. For from Her Gold Egg there came forth the Mighty Phoenix - as a tiny chick.


1st PRIEST. (to Neo.) You feel Light upon your own brow - as do we all. Behold, we now perceive with our awakened vision an intricate web of golden power surrounding the Goddess, which extends through the cosmos. Within each intersection is a star with its planets and the creatures thereof. This golden web is within yourself. Feel it shining through your heart to every heart. (Silence) Let us give thanks to the Goddess Kwan Yin. Ma Ku tells us to return to our dragon chariot, bringing love, creativity and peace to earth * * * Our chariot leaves the Hyades, and swiftly descends in a swooping spiral towards the Paradise of the Red Phoenix * * * From thence we descend more slowly to our earth, the Rock Cave of Ama Terasu of the Hidden Sun * * * At last we reach our Temple. (To Neo.) Be aware fully of your physical body.

Chariot is dispersed through dance and Ma Ku is thanked and gives Her blessing. Give thanks to the Deities. Reports are shared. If the Neophyte's report indicates that the Yin power of love has been awakened, the initiation is accepted and a rose is presented. All embrace her/him.

End of Rite.

Sources: "Chinese Mythology", Christie, Hamlyn. "Goddesses of India, Tibet, China and Japan." "Idols and Images of the Goddesses of China and Japan," Durdin- Robertson, Cesara. "Monkey," Waley, Penguin. "Chinese Myths and Fantasies," Birch, Oxford. "Kojiki," Philippi, University of Tokyo. "Nihongi," Aston, Paragon.

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