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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

FOI Online Liturgy
Melusina, Life Centres of the Goddess
By: Olivia Robertson

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1. Initiation of the Pylons


PRIEST. Winged Isis, Daughter of Nuit, Who containeth all stars within Her body, help us to win eternal life through awakening the inner sun!

ORACLE. You are drawn to the Light as a moth is drawn to the flame. But it is for your protection that the veils of night shroud your lives on earth. The physical body guards the dormant powers within you as doth the shell of earth guard its myriad jewels of power. It is important that each life centre should be awakened though the central spine, whether this be through your own spine or through the polar axis of the earth. Regard the life centres as lovely many-coloured fruits growing from the tree of life within yourself. The fruits gain their life from the central trunk. Yet each hath within it the seeds of immortality.

There are those who, fired with ambition, face the tree of life from the front and seize one particular fruit, whether this brings love, power or happiness. At first ecstasy is experienced. Those who take the fruit of ambition regard themselves as the only deity of the universe! Others regard themselves as the most beautiful, the most adored, the most powerful. But such an assault on the tree of life, the palm tree of My Body, never lasts. The gifts from my palm tree are at first enjoyed, but then disgust, as Life Essence departs. Only fruits growing upon the tree bring eternal life, for these derive their perfection from the roots that grow from the matrix and from the sun. Lean with your back against the tree and the life force will permeate your being.

What you need to do is simple. At dawn and dusk face the Deities and invoke their aid. Their powers will bring you all the power, love, joy and wisdom you require for one day! Any more brings surfeit, and rebounds on itself. Then, as the sun declines in the West, turn once more facing the Deities, and give thanks for all their gifts bestowed on you and your work. At night you will return to Us and there receive the Breath of Life, so that you may accomplish your day's part in Our Divine Plan.

Acknowledge the gifts of others and you will share them, and not wither in selfish isolation. Above all, only gaze upon the sun when it is reflected in water.

My children, I am with you in the heights and in the depths.

Priestesses wear Egyptian crowns, and hold lotus wands; Priests, Egyptian headdresses and hold staffs. Companions wear circlets and headdresses and all wear many-coloured Egyptian robes. Anubis holds jackal-headed staff and wears yellow robes. Neophyte is in white. On gold-draped altar are eight lighted candles, silver bowl of water and burning incense. Music may be played throughout.

PRS. HIEROPHANT. (offers incense and makes Ankh sign) I invoke Isis, Daughter of Nuit, Who knoweth the Secret Name of Ra. Bring us Isis the Great Enchantress, to eternal Life!

PR. HIEROPHANT. (offers incense and makes circle sign) I invoke the God Ra, Who is renewed at the dawn of each aeon. Aid us to attain spiritual rebirth!


2nd PRIESTESS. (anoints each brow) Receive inner vision that you may penetrate mysteries!

1st PRIESTESS. Companions on the quest for everlasting life, learn from the story of how the Sun God Ra was enchanted by Isis, Mistress of Magic! Now it came to pass that Ra waxed old. One day, as with feeble steps he walked across Western hills, spit fell from his mouth, and fell upon the ground. Now Isis had followed him, and she kneaded the spit with earth to make clay. She formed a serpent and breathed life into it, and placed it on the path of Ra. And lo, Ra trod upon the snake and it bit him on his heel.


1st PRIEST. And Ra lamented. He called out: "Come unto me, ye Powers that came forth from me! I am wounded by a deadly thing. My heart knoweth it not. Mine eyes have not seen it. My hand hath not fashioned it. I am the Mighty, the Strong and My divine image is in every God. My divine Mother and Father, Tefnut and Shu, Lion Goddess and God, concealed my Name within my body so that no enchanter might gain power over me. Now I am stricken by I know not what. My heart is filled with fire."

 1st PRIESTESS. And the cries of Ra brought his divine sons and daughters unto him. And Isis came with her words of light. The breath of life was within her mouth.

1st PRIEST. And Ra spoke unto her. "I was bitten by a serpent. Is it fire? Is it water? I am colder than water. I am hotter than fire."

1st PRIESTESS. Isis said unto Ra; "Oh tell me thy name, Oh my divine father, for life is within the power of thy name."

1st PRIEST. And the poison burned more strongly than flames of fire: like unto the Nile it poured through his body. And the majesty of Ra spoke: "I give myself to be searched by Isis. My name shall be passed from my body unto her body."

1st PRIESTESS. Isis the mighty one of enchantments, declared: "Depart, pain of the poison! O Eye of Horus of the horizon, come forth from the God Ra and Shine!" And lo! The Eye of Horus the Hawk, son of Isis, rose and shone in the East. And Isis called: "Ra is reborn!" And the company of the Gods rejoiced.


NEOPHYTE. How may we trust such a Goddess, Who obtained the secret power of her father by first poisoning Him?

PRS. HIEROPHANT Understand with the inner eye of wisdom. There is no poison that can equal the fiery and icy powers when these awaken in the human body! Without the outer sun there would be no life on earth. But when the time for humans to awaken draws nigh, the earthly snakeskin of the body thins, and the inner Sun rises and ascends the spine. When the Egyptian initiates were awakened they called the power Buto, the cobra. When she arose and pierced the forehead, the hot fire power was called the right Eye of Horus: the icy power came from the left eye of the Goddess Uachat. These united in a single third eye of Light.

NEO. Who would not fear such terrible force?

1st PRIEST. Only a Neophyte with a pure mind and clean heart may withstand such pressure.

1st PRIESTESS. The awakening of the Life Centre, whether in planet, tree, animal, or human, comes directly from the Neters, the Deities. Mysteries are enacted to prepare us for the great awakening, which may come anywhere, any time unexpectedly.

2nd PRIEST. Are you willing to undergo the Initiation of the Pylons, which brings the soul to the Temple of Life?

NEO. With the Blessings of Isis, I am.


2nd PRIESTESS. Companions, let us create the Boat of Ra, that we may sail in it up the starry Nile to its source in the Temple of Life!

Boat of Ra is created through dance until a shining sphere surrounds the company.

3rd PRIESTESS. Let us be seated in a circle. To give us energy for the voyage, let us chant the Words of Power!

Buto!    (hands on spine base)
Nuit!  (hands above sex centre)
Sekhmet!  (hands back of waist)
Aset!  (arms raised as wings)
Nephthys!  (hands on heart)
Maat!  (hands at back of neck)
Muth!  (hands behind head)
Hathor!  (hands cupped over head)
Isis!  (arms sweep round body)

Electric-like energy may be felt, icy on head and neck, hot in rest of centres. Coloured lights may be seen in rainbow circle.


3rd PRIESTESS. Our eyes are closed. We can see our shining boat more closely. Behold, the God Anubis, Guide of Souls, is at the prow! (dialogue from now on is directed to neophyte) My friend, stand by Anubis at the prow. We shall be behind you. The Jackal-headed God raised his staff and our boat glides out of our Temple and is floating upstream on the Nile of the Stars, the Milky Way. The moon is waning and we travel towards the South. Suddenly on either bank we are faced by two giant Rocks, black in the darkness. On our left, the Eastern rock has before it the carved statue of the cobra, Buto. Before the Western Rock on the right we see a giant statue of Kephera, the beetle, who rolls the earth's orb during the night.


ANUBIS. My friend, before entering the starry Delta, you face the Test of Xat, the Physical Body. In the Name of Maat, Goddess of Truth, answer this question. Why does the snake shed its skin, whilst the beetle hides itself within its shell?

NEO. The developing soul sheds the skins of successive earthly incarnations, whereas the Spirit protects its inner light within a shell, lest the follies of the soul should extinguish it.

ANUBIS. In the Names of Buto and Kephera, pass the Pylons!

3rd PRIEST. A ray from the rising sun strikes the base of your spine! Our boat sails through the pylons and reaches the primeval marshes of the starry Delta, with bulrushes piercing shimmering water. Enter this marshland and feel new energy!


Return to the boat. It sails on and we reach two mighty pyramids. Between them is the rising sun. Before the Eastern pyramid, which is made of red syenite granite, is a statue of the Earth God Geb. Before the West Pyramid, which is encased with white marble, is a statue of Nuit, hair and arms upraised. In the sky is a mirage of Nuit arching Her starry body over the recumbent Geb.


ANUBIS. Friend, before entering Giza of the Stars, you must pass the Test of Ka, the aetheric double. In the Name of Maat answer me. Why does Nuit bend over Geb? Is it to give or receive Power?

NEO. Both. The Neters pour their star rays upon us, that They may draw our souls back to them. But we give them our tears, our laughter, our gifts. Thus the divine and the earthly are brought into communion.

ANUBIS. In the Name of Geb and Nuit, you may pass the Pylons!

2nd PRIEST. A ray from the rising sun strikes your sex centre. Our ship sails through the pyramids and reaches an oasis in the midst of a desert. Enter therein and enjoy bathing in pools set about with palm trees! The waters will bring you renewal.


You return to the boat which now sails before two stepped pyramids made of yellow limestone, golden beneath the sun at zenith. Before the East Pyramid is a colossus of the lion-headed Goddess Sekhmet. Before the West Pyramid is a seated statue of the creator God Ptah.  


ANUBIS. Before you may enter Memphis of the Stars, you must face the third Test of Itati, the Lioness! Answer, in the Name of Maat. Do you seek Power, and how would you use it?

NEO. All Power emanates from Divine Source and is bestowed by the Deities. I would receive Power only from Them, and so be inspired by Them to put it to good use.

ANUBIS. In the name of Sekhmet and Ptah, you may pass the Pylons.

2nd PRIEST. A golden ray from the sun strikes your solar plexus. Our boat sails though the pyramids and reaches a desert bordered by river banks rich with long grasses and sycamore trees. Wild animals roam here. Alight and venture there, because here all animals are friendly. Sekhmet will give you power!


Return to the boat, which sails before two high Cones made of amethyst. On the East Cone is carved the form of Asar with crook and flail: on the West Cone is carved the figure of the Winged Aset. Above is a mirage of Aset restoring the dead Asar to life with the beating of Her wings.


ANUBIS. Friend, before entering Aten, City of the Benben Bird, you must pass the Test of Sahu, the Soul. In the Name of Maat, answer: do you aspire to fly, and so reject the earth?

NEO. I would fly, but return to the nest! I am born of the starry body of Nuit and would fly to Her, bringing with me all that I love on earth.

ANUBIS. In the Names of Asar and Aset, you may pass the Pylons!

1st PRIESTESS. A ray of light from the declining sun strikes you between the shoulder blades and you feel ready for soul's flight! Our boat sails between the Cones and reaches a shining white city whose walls are ornamented with beautiful paintings. Birds fly over flowering trees and fish swim in lotus pools. Enter this city and feel the power to create.


Return to the boat, with your new-found wings! The boat sails on and reaches two high Cones made of rose-crystal. On the Eastern Cone is carved the figure of the Goddess Nephthys, crowned with the crescent moon. On the Western Cone is carved the form of the God Anubis, couched on a golden Throne. Above them is the new moon and the sun sets in the West.


ANUBIS. Friend, in order to enter Abydos of the Stars, you must face the Test of Aib, the Heart. Answer, in the Name of Maat! What is invisible yet seen by all: is the most weak and yet the most powerful: the most sought after yet the most despised?

NEO. It is Love! For love is within all hearts, whether through passion or hatred, sorrow or joy, good or evil. The only antidote to Love is indifference.

ANUBIS. In the Names of Nephthys and Anubis, pass the Pylons!

1st PRIEST. The boat sails through the Pylons and a ray from the rising moon fills you with ecstasy, and the setting sun warms your heart. We reach lovely gardens on both banks. Here are rose trees and pools in which you may bathe. Alight then, and enjoy this garden, and with deer drink from gushing springs!


Return to the boat with happiness in your heart. She sails on and reaches Two Sapphire Hills. Before the East rugged Hill is a statue of the Ape God of Wisdom, Thoth. Before the Western smooth hill is a statue of the Goddess Maat, holding the feather of Truth.


ANUBIS. Before you may enter Thebes of the Stars, you face the Test of Tet, the Spirit. Answer in the Name of Maat! Why is the ape thought ugly, the Goddess beautiful? Therefore is the worship of Beauty an obstacle to Wisdom?

NEO. To an ape, an ape is beautiful, a human, ugly. Beauty is both above and below all learning and spiritual striving. It is Nature's alembic, Her rainbow that unites Love and truth.

ANUBIS. In the Names of Thoth and Maat, you may pass the Pylons!

PR. HIEROPHANT. A beam of light from the waxing moon touches your throat. Our boat, sails through the Hills and reaches a rocky country rich with gold and jewels, each with its magical properties. Enter therein and draw the essence of the gems into your being.


Return to our boat, which sails towards two soaring opal obelisks. The form of the Goddess Muth in vulture headdress is carved on the eastern obelisk: on the West obelisk is carved the figure of the God Amon Ra, in His headdress of two plumes.


ANUBIS. Friend, before entering the Island Paradise of Seheil, you must face the Test of Baie, the Divine Spirit. Answer me, in the Name of Maat! With the Eye of Vision should you only choose to look upon the good, the true, the lovely, or should you gaze upon evil, lies, ugliness?

NEO. The Eye of Vision must discriminate in order to be able to choose all that is good, true, lovely! Only by understanding the distortions of these qualities may we learn how to transmute evil into good.

ANUBIS. In the Names of Muth and Amon, you may pass the pylons!

PRS. HIEROPHANT. A beam from the full moon in the South strikes you on your forehead. Our boat sails through the obelisks and we reach the Island of Paradise wherein is your own heart's desire. With new-found vision, enter therein.


Return to the boat which now faces two topaz obelisks. Before the East obelisk is a statue of The God Heru, Hawk of the rising sun. He wears a white and blue headdress. Before the western obelisk is a statue of the Goddess Hathor, wearing on Her head the disk of Ra on the horned moon.


ANUBIS. Friend, before entering Philae of the Stars, you face the final Test of The Neters, the Deities. In the Name of Maat, answer: which is supreme, Goddess or God?

NEO. In the Cycles of Time, One is in turn greater than the Other: but in Eternity They are united. Who may declare the Son to be greater than His Mother: the Daughter, greater than Her Father? How may a God or Goddess be twin soul to an inferior Mate?

ANUBIS. In the Names of Heru and Hathor, pass the Pylons.

PRS. HIEROPHANT. Our ship sails between the Pylons and reaches Nun, the Primaeval Hill. On its summit is the Temple of Life. Leave the boat and ascend the hill! * * *


ANUBIS. Friend, take this Ankh of Isis which is the Key of Life! Open the Temple door and enter therein! Behold, on the altar of Isis is the Everlasting Flame. Before it is the Well of Life which is the Source of the Starry Nile. You have passed the Initiation of the Pylons! Accept a Crown of Stars from Isis.

Meditation. Conduct the return journey stage by stage through the pylons in reverse order. Boat of Ra is dispersed by dance. Prs. Hierophant anoints new initiate with consecrated oil. Pr. Hierophant presents ankh. Reports. Healing energies are sent forth. Thanks are given to the Deities.

End of Rite.

Sources: "Egyptian Magic," Florence Farr, Aquarian Press. "The Gods of the Egyptians," Budge, Dover. "Goddesses of Chaldea, Syria and Egypt," Durdin-Robertson.

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