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FOI Online Liturgy
Fortuna, Creation through the Goddess
By: Olivia Robertson

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7. The Weighing of the Heart


INVOCATION: Divine Ardvi Sura Anahita, Goddess of the flowing waters of ever-renewing life, we would learn the art of creation through combining feeling with mind.

ORACLE: There are those who safely live their earth lives following the middle path between over-indulgence in the emotions, and too rigid an application of strict regulations. But these, though they are the dough of life, are hardly either its yeast or salt! My more eccentric children prefer to plunge into the seas of passion and then, overwhelmed by disaster, follow some intellectual dogma leading to sterility of the feelings.

But do not judge such people as mad, cruel or corrupt. You do not know what their previous incarnations were! Some follow the path to the Great Awakening as a drunkard staggers from one side of the road to another - yet eventually reaches home.

To criticise others or their beliefs is to waste valuable energy. The amount of effort that goes into condemning your rulers, neighbours, wrong-doing, will leave you devoid of energy for your own life. Intolerance blights progress. Yet to be tolerant of evil also destroys the soul.

How then may the seeker for fulfilment sponsor the good and fight evil without loss of inner peace? By identifying with Divine Love and Truth the soul is inspired daily, as a stream of water either flows round a rock or wears it away! This unexpected behaviour makes life's pilgrimage both entertaining and dramatic. Nobody can guess what such an inspired person will do next - nor indeed does he or she. The promptings of Spirit are like the winds that stir waves into mighty roaring - or as gentle breezes faintly stir the surface of a lake.

Obey the Divinity both outside and within you and your own true originality will be revealed! The more you reveal your glory, the more eccentric, the more mad you may seem. Your neighbours will conjecture: "is this a saint, a lunatic or a genius"? For your soul's sake, it is best that the acknowledgement of your genius should occur after you leave earth life ... You may laugh and rejoice despite being sensitive to other's sufferings. They choose to be on earth and it is their privilege to experience its trials.

Be your own true self and reveal the Deity within, a unique dewdrop from My Eternal Sea.

Priestesses wear silver tiaras and wands. Priests, gold headdresses and staffs. Women wear silver circlets and blue robes. Men, gold crowns and yellow robes. On altar are 7 lighted candles, a silver bowl of water, burning incense, a red rose, a peacock feather and numbers VI and XX of the Marseille tarot deck.

PR. HIEROPHANT: Fellow practitioners of the magical arts of the Magi, we are assembled to face the weighing of the Heart.

PRS. HIEROPHANT: (Makes sign of Pisces and offers incense.) I offer incense to the Goddess Ardvi Sura Anahita, the Life-increaser! She sends down by day and by night a flow of motherly waters that run along the earth. Aid us to release our hidden springs of love!

PR. HIEROPHANT: (Makes sign of Pisces and offers incense.) I offer incense to the God Ahura Mazda, the Benignant, the Righteous, He Who knoweth all things; Arbiter of Asha, Divine Law, Bring us the Light of Truth.

1st PRIEST: Who will be Neophyte?

1st PRACTITIONER: I choose. I wish to learn how to balance my emotions with my mind.

1st PRIESTESS: (shows cards) Describe these Tarot cards from ancient Marseille.

NEOPHYTE: The sixth card is entitled "Le Amoureux", and shows a young man between 2 women, a severe lady on his right, her hand on his right shoulder, a cheerful damsel on his left, her hand on his heart. A Cupid from above shoots an arrow into his head. The 20th card, "Le Jugement", depicts an angel from heaven blowing a trumpet, awakening 2 naked men and one woman from their graves.

1st PRIESTESS: What do these cards mean to you?

NEOPHYTE: It shows the choice between duty and love, and the consequence, the soul's awakening from the dead.

PR. HIEROPHANT: You are accepted as Neophyte. To clarify this choice, we present a Mystery Drama: "The Madness of Nietzsche; How a Philosopher saved his soul by losing his mind."

The Madness of Nietzsche:
How a Philosopher Saved his Soul by Losing his Mind

The scene is set in nineteenth century Germany. On altar in centre is a bell by an open book, a gold medal on a ribbon and a thick white lighted candle. Enter Maga and Magus in starry robes.

MAGA: The noblest Sovereign of the Golden Age of Persia was Yima, son of Tanhusas. From his fortress, the Var, he maintained the just laws and purity of his Aryan stock. But a malevolent demon Mahrkusha decided to destroy the earth with alternating floods and droughts. So the God Ahura Mazda gave this commandment to Yima:

MAGUS: Thus spake Ahura Mazda: "Thou shalt create a safe haven, The Hypogeum, with pastures and running waters, within the earth. There you shall put men, beasts, birds and fish. But put there no deformed creature, nor impotent, nor mad: neither wicked, nor deceitful, nor jealous: nor a man with irregular teeth, nor a leper."

MAGA: And Yima obeyed the command of Ahura Mazda and concealed the Elect in mighty caverns beneath the earth. The rejected were left on the surface, to be destroyed by flood and drought. But in the fullness of time, the earth fell upon the Hypogeum, and all therein were suffocated. So it was the rejected who survived; those few who survived the flood and drought, who were deformed and wicked and had irregular teeth. And these are our forbears!

MAGUS: Mysterious and incomprehensible are the ways of Ahura Mazda. We may not question His ways.

MAGA: That which was shall be. Learn of the doom of the Philosopher Nietzsche in the late 19th century.

Enter white robed women led by 2 in exotic regalia.

1st WOMAN: Sorors of the Right-hand Path, I am honoured as Senior Imperatrice to summon you to this ceremony! Our revered master, Zarathustra, is to receive adepthood. His teachings on the Superior Race refer to myself particularly. My original incarnation was in the Pleiades, from where I descended to Earth as Ayesha, High Priestess of Atlantis. Now I feel alien, jostled by the common herd.

2nd WOMAN: (pushes her aside) The all-Highest chose me, as Premiere Imperatrice, to command our Sorors to his grand lodge. I incarnated directly from Sirius to become Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt, thus avoiding the Atlantean debacle. I am on Earth to inspire women to be mothers of the "Ubermensch" supermen, who shall rule the world.

WOMEN: (ardently) So mote it be.

Drum beats. Enter Procession led by Arcon Ipsissimus in mitre and gold robes, followed by adepti and acolytes. 2 guardians holding spears guard the door. Women hold arms up in salutation.

WOMEN: Heil, the Arcon Ipsissimus. Sieg Heil The All Highest!

ARCON: (graciously) We bid welcome to our faithful Sorors of the Semiramus lodge to our Grand Temple. Let Frater Zarathustra be conducted before us!

Drum Roll. Nietzche is led in by two heralds. He looks wild -eyed with dishevelled hair.

ARCON: Frater Zarathustra, we choose to honour you with the Grade of Adeptus Major of our Order of the Forked Flame!

OMNES: Heil Frater Zarathustra!

ARCON: Let the Supreme Imperator read the citation.

IMPERATOR: (picks up book and reads) Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, known in our Order as the Master Zarathustra, has through his teachings given outstanding service! His doctrine of the Master Race - the Herren-volk, and the emergence of the Superman, has justified our two basic protocols. These are to maintain white supremacy over inferior races throughout the world; and by elimination of the mentally and physically unfit, to create a super race which will dominate the present humanity. (He puts open book back.  Drum Roll.)

ARCON: Frater Zarathustra, I hereby proclaim you Adeptus Major of the Forked Flame.

He approaches Nietzsche and makes to put ribbon round his neck. Nietzsche leaps forward and pushes it aside and laughs wildly.

NIETZSCHE: Ha! Solemnly! Solemnly indeed! A dignified beginning, worthy of a lion or of a moral bellowing ape! (to women)  But naught for you, dearest damsels, at whose feet I am granted a seat. (He sits at women’s feet cross-legged.)  Selah!

ARCON: (furious) Do you reject adepthood?

NIETZSCHE: Hear of the awakening of Zarathustra: (Enters trance) It came to pass that as Zarathustra lay in his cave, thus he spake: "Go to! They sleep yet, these Super-Men, while I awake! These Super-Men are not my true companions. Not for these do I wait here in my mountains. They understand not the signs of my morning. My step is to call them awake from sleep. My beasts awake, for I awake. Beasts I love. But I lack yet my true men.”

1st WOMAN: You prefer animals - lower forms of life - to us?

NIETZSCHE: Thus spake Zarathustra: (In trance) "What befalleth me? For behold it was a cloud of love showered upon me by a mighty yellow beast. It rested its head on my feet and would not leave me for love. And doves were no less eager in their love than the lion. My children are at hand. And my heart melted and from my eyes dropped tears that fell upon my hands."

 2nd WOMAN: (aghast) You are possessed! Master, you taught us to use pitiless will to conquer. Love, you told us, was for under-men, weaklings.

NIETZSCHE: (strokes her hand) Thus spake Zarathustra: (in trance) "The Super-Men conspired to form a procession to my cave. But when they came to my cave, the lion was greatly startled and turned and sprang upon them, roaring savagely. And the Super-Men, when they heard the lion roar, cried out as one man and fled back and were instantly gone. My children are at hand. This is my dawn."

ARCON: (with deadly intent) No. It is your end. Supermen never flee. The punishment for insulting our Order is death. But you shall not be a martyr, for this might spread your degenerate ravings. Hear your fate. You shall be imprisoned as insane for the rest of your life! (To Guardians)Seize him! (They do so.)

NIETZSCHE: Hear the warning of Zarathustra: (in trance) “My eagle awakeneth! O man, take heed!” (He is dragged out.)

ARCON: (rings bell) Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche is excommunicated. (he shuts book)  Purged!

OMNES: Purged!

ARCON: (throws medal on ground and tramples it.)  Purged!

OMNES: Purged!

ARCON: (lifts up candle, turns it upside down and crushes out the flame.)  Purged!

OMNES: Purged!

ARCON: The flame is extinguished. Frater Zarathustra no longer exists.

Solemn procession out to slow drumbeats.

Soft music – enter Maga and Magus.

MAGA: Know that a hundred years later Friedrich Nietzsche was reborn as a boy with black skin in lion country in Africa. And he remembered himself and uttered these words.

MAGUS: Thus spake Zarathustra to the Awakener. "What saith deep midnight indeed? I lay asleep - I waked from my deep dream - the world is deeper than every day may deem. Deep is its woe. Yet joy, deeper yet than woe is she: Joy would have eternity - profound Eternity."


1st PRIEST: (to Neophyte)  What does this teach you?

NEOPHYTE: Alternating floods and drought symbolise the emotions in conflict with the intellect. To awaken from this dream of life we need both beast and adept.

PR. HIEROPHANT: You answer to the point. To attain harmony of heart and mind you need to make a magical journey to the constellation of Pisces.


1st PRIESTESS: (Anoints each brow) May you attain the Eye of Light.

1st PRIEST: Let us be seated in a circle, eyes shut *** our inner vision awakes. We find ourselves at the foot of the holy mountain upon which shines the Temple of the Zodiac, surrounded by constellations. We climb the mountain *** we reach the mighty portico of the temple, guarded by two male and female sphinxes, whose wings soar to the heavens. We enter *** we make our way to the North-East window, surmounted by the emblem of Pisces, a silver and a gold fish joined by 2 knotted cords.

2nd PRIESTESS: Let us gaze upon the stained-glass window. It depicts the fish-tailed Goddess Derceto, holding 2 winged children, a boy and a girl. A wind suddenly rushes through the temple, throwing open the window. We are faced with the constellation of Pisces, known to the ancient Persians as Mahik the Fish.


2nd PRIESTESS: The silver star Kaht, Persian Paradise of Odastar, is ruled by Anahita and the saviour to come, Asvatereta. Spake Anahita: "From this starry river of mine alone flow all the waters that spread over the seven Karshvares through their brightness and glory, O Zarathustra! I maintain in the womb the child that has been conceived.” (To Neophyte) Are you ready to enter this Paradise of flowing streams of the emotions?


2nd PRIEST: Cross the temple stream and pass through the window. With spiritual wings fly towards the star Kaht on the western cord of Pisces. We shall rise with you.


 2nd PRIEST: Let us return. (To Neophyte) What did you feel?

NEOPHYTE: I felt a sudden outburst of feelings that have remained buried throughout my life. I am not ashamed to weep. I feel released.

2nd PRIESTESS: You find a red rose in your hand. You have passed the first test.


3rd PRIEST: We direct our gaze on the pale green and blue star in the eastern cord of Pisces. Here shines the Paradise of Garo-Nmana, ruled by Ahura Mazda and the Goddess Aramaiti. Ahura Mazda spoke: "Do thou proclaim, O pure Zarathustra, its brightness and its glory! It looks like a palace that stands built by heavenly substance, firmly established in its body of ruby. It is like a garment inlaid with stars and no eye can see the end of it.”

3rd PRIESTESS: With Aramaiti comes power, the good mind and the righteous order to the paradise. And to spiritual creations Aramaiti gives a body. She is the abiding and the strenuous. (To Neophyte) Are you willing to enter this paradise, and to learn how to establish Asha, Divine Law?

NEOPHYTE: I am willing.

3rd PRIESTESS: Approach the star Al Rescha on spiritual wings. We follow.


 3rd PRIESTESS:Let us return. (To Neophyte) What did you learn?

NEO: I learnt that my own will must be subject to the divine will which embraces every being.

3rd PRIESTESS: You find a peacock feather in your hand. You have passed the second test.

1st PRIESTESS: Let us gaze upon the constellation and see a vision of Anahita. "Ardvi Sura Anahita stands forth in the form of a pure maid, strong, all-formed, wearing a mantle fully embroidered with gold. Ever holding the baresma, she wears square golden earrings and a golden necklace. Upon Her head She wears a golden crown with a hundred stars and eight rays.”


1st PRIEST: We feel the light and warmth of divine Mazda flow through us *** we return through the window of Pisces to the temple *** a wind blows the window shut. We leave the temple and descend the holy mountain followed by the cascading stream *** we find ourselves once more in our temple of earth.

Reports. Rays of love and wisdom are sent forth. The Neophyte if deemed successful is presented with rose AND feather.  Thanks are given to Deities.

Sources: "The Zend-Avesta”, Vols. XXIII and XXXI, ed. Max Muller, Motilal Banarsidass, Bungalow Road, Jawaharnagar, Delhi 7, India. “Thus Spake Zarathustra", last work, Nietzsche, trans. Bozman, Everyman. “New Larousse Encyclopaedia of Mythology", Int. Graves, Hamlyn. "Star Names", Allen, Dover. Marseille Tarot Deck, B.P. Grimauld, 1740, Paris.

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