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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

FOI Online Liturgy
Consecration of an Archdruid/ess
Written by: Olivia Robertson

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Consecration of an Archdruid/ess
of the Druid Clan of Dana

Druid Procession to sacred site. Dolmen altar, vessel of water, a fire and burning herb incense.

ARCHDRUID: Noble Companions of the Druid Clan of Dana, we are assembled in this sacred place for the purpose of consecrating our companion as Archdruid/ess. Let the Candidate be presented!

(Candidate in the Druidic robes of a Herenach, blue, is led forward by the Sponsor.)

ARCHDRUIDESS: (raises wand) I invoke the Goddess Dana, Mother of the Clan. Mother of all Beings. May She bless us with Her Presence!

ARCHDRUID: (raises staff) I invoke the God Manannan mac Lir, God of the oceans of Space, Bearer of the Wheel of Time. May He honour us with his Presence!

(The Goddess of the Grove and Her Consort are invoked.)

DRUIDESS: May the Companions be anointed with blessed water from the well at the world’s end, Water of Wisdom. (Druidess anoints each brow with water) May true Vision awaken!

DRUID: (upholds incense brazier) The fire within the Great Aug, egg of the earth, brings life to all that is! (He passes around the Companions bringing them the smoke of the incense.)

ARCHDRUID: (To Candidate) Are you willing to be consecrated as Arch/druidess in the Druid Clan of Dana?

CANDIDATE: I am willing.

ARCHDRUID: The ceremony may proceed. Let us seek the Oracle of the Goddess Dana.

(Companions proceed to an inner sanctum where an entranced Druidess is seated by a small fire, robed from head to foot, face concealed in a deep blue robe. Archdruidess anoints her head with blessed water and holds her hands over her.)


ARCHDRUIDESS INVOKES: Blue-robed Dana with hair of the sun, Queen of heaven, Protector of earth, come to us now, that your Divine Love may bless our Consecration of a new Archdruid/ess within your Druid Clan.

ORACLE: “How lovely it is for Me to welcome you all to my hearth! My hearth is the inner sun not only of the earth but of every planet encased in rock and earth. This inner sun comes from the mighty stars inconceivable in their magnitude. Yet this flame enlightens the ladybird, my emblem, and courses through the many-hued plumaged birds, my harbingers.

“The aim of my clan in this present era is clear. I wish you to come to me through the portals of sleep. For sleep is the veil that mercifully protects you from the often terrifying memories of past lives. But when you invoke Me before you sleep, My veil shall protect you. My veil does not conceal evil, but its multi-colours give you the power to transform evil into good. For what you fear can only be transformed through love.

“When you confront those who follow evil ways, do not blame them, and do not torture yourself with speculations: rather recognise the hidden sun within them and bring it forth. This is the source of all miracles. And I am the Goddess of miracles. I call upon those who long for divine beauty to veil themselves in My blue mantle of celestial seas, and rise to My domain in the stars.”

(Oracle of Manannan given by Arch/Druid with face concealed by hood.)


ARCHDRUID INVOKES: God of Wisdom of the deeps, Arbiter of destiny through the spirals of Your Wheel of Time, inspire us with your Vision.

ORACLE: “My dear friends, the last gift most of you pray for is wisdom! You supplicate for love, abundance, success. But no gift of the Deities is of any value, without wisdom. You ask, what is this wisdom? In your minds, I perceive a vision of some white-bearded sage, a man in long robes, somewhat in the fashion in which you externalize the word ‘God.’ But wisdom is not ancient. It is ever renewing. The mistake well-meaning philosophers and teachers are apt to make is that wisdom is conveyed in ancient texts, almost worshipped in scriptural idolatry. But who would drink sour milk? Milk maybe a more apt description of wisdom than written words because it is during the night that divine inspiration is conveyed to the soul while the body sleeps.

“The oral tradition of Druidry and pre-Druidic shamanic world teachings has been deemed a failure because the written word has superceded it. But in truth no reality can be conveyed through obedience to commandments of ancient writers, without the inner understanding of the seeker! Know the mighty Truth that the fount of wisdom is within each one of you – and lest you are proud of being unique as human, this same wisdom is in the sagacious wolf and the flight of the heron. For wisdom is the transcendental alchemy of descending light of heavenly illumination blending with everyday actual experience. Sublime utterances, celestial visitations, spiritual and psychic revelations, are not only meaningless, but often dangerous, when starved of actual personal experience.

“My injunction to those of you who follow the Clan of Dana is to fly with the swans, but also return safely to your nests! Thus you will stay sane. Sanity is the hard-won fruit of wisdom.”

ARCHDRUIDESS: Our thanks are given to Dana and Manannan for Their Oracles!

(Procession to dolmen altar.)

ARCHDRUID: May the Sponsor for the Candidate speak of works well done, friends made, vision brought to the people.

(Sponsor gives encomium for Candidate.)

ARCHDRUIDESS: Let the Candidate tell us of her/his projects to help bring the Clan’s message of happiness and wisdom to the world, uses of the psychic faculties and communion with Dana and others of the Shining Ones.

(Candidate gives oration.)

ARCHDRUIDESS: In the name of Dana, we accept you as Archdruid/ess. (Anoints head with blessed oil.) With this oil I consecrate you Archdruid/ess!

(Archdruid places bronze pectoral on Candidate.)

ARCHDRUID: With this pectoral I bring warmth to thy heart.

(Archdruidess places oakleaf crown on Candidate.)

ARCHDRUIDESS: With this oakleaf crown I dignify thy head.

(Archdruid gives woman Candidate a yew wand; man Candidate an ash staff – both engraved with sigils.)

ARCHDRUID: With this wand/staff I strengthen thy will for good.

ARCHDRUIDESS: Before our Companions and friends here assembled, I declare that ***name of Candidate*** is Archdruid/ess of the Druid Clan of Dana!

ARCHDRUID: I declare before us all that ***name of Candidate*** is Archdruid/ess of the Druid Clan of Dana!

(Each Companion declares acceptance and embraces new Archdruid/ess.)

ARCHDRUID: Hear words of wisdom from the God Manannan on the duties of the Archdruidry, given to us through inspiration:

“The true leader is one who has the humility to lead from the back benches of those he or she teaches, allowing them to find their own way, and only assisting when this is called for. It is not always the obedient companion who achieves the goal of self-sovereignty, but the rebel! For in truth the ardent soul, enflamed with inherent divinity, will not easily submit to orders, whether these be spoken or inscribed on tablets of stone. There is a selective daemon, a mocking spirit within each one of us which may be called a jester, but is in reality the protector of our own individuality. Respect this in yourselves: respect this in others.”

ARCHDRUIDESS: Harken to Dana on the way of the Archdruidry:

“True wisdom of a teacher lies in the ability of fair exchange: the teacher gives but also receives. He or she has a deep fount of knowledge: but the pupil may hold a tiny plant that if nurtured will grow into a mighty tree. All this little plant requires is nourishment by the teacher from the Well of Life, not to be drowned by a wealth of admonitions, nor stifled by ancient practices. The Druid Path of the Goddess is older than that of the God, because it follows the ways of instinct and intuition, gifts now dying within you of the over-developed intellect and dry spirits. Heed the words of Manannan!”

ARCHDRUID: Manannan declares: “The Goddess Dana and I are One. Because We are One we rejoice in our differences! For when the Divine Creation split Itself in half, it was to enjoy Itself! Rejoice and do likewise.

(Archdruidess or Sponsor gives a magical journey to the heaven of the tradition of the Grove’s dedication, whether Elysium, Land of the Peaches of Immortality, Paradise or Valhalla.)

(Reports are given and rays of good will sent forth. Feast.)

End of Rite.

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