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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

19th December 2020
By: Deirdre Wadding

Solstice and Midwinter blessings.

We had a lovely Zoom event on Saturday.

Pamela (Olivia's grand-niece and Cressida's successor) was physically present in the Temple at Foundation Centre and made her prayers there while we connected energetically with her and each other through Zoom.

We began by visualising ourselves seeking admittance through the Temple door and making our way to the Well. We had a Solstice address from Cressida, our Steward, followed by her reading of Olivia's words. After this we each invoked our patron deities, beginning with Brigid. We then took the water we had with us individually, connected with the energy of the Sacred Well at the Temple, blessed ourselves and sent blessings out into the world.

We then visualised ourselves gathered at the High Altar with the beautiful golden Isis figure carved by Olivia's nephew David. We remembered and honoured our founders and recited the prayer to Isis.

Following this, we had an oracle from the Goddess Eriu through one of our priestesses. As we reflected after the Oracle, we had beautiful harp music played by another of our priestesses before drawing within to follow a beautiful guided journey. I then spoke a little about the energy of Solstice, the return of the Light and Hope and the birth of Aengus Óg, the child of Light, following which we were led in a chant based on the words of the mystic, Julian of Norwich.... All will be well.

Then we focused on the light of our candle flames and connected together in a circle of light and healing, sending out prayers to those we named and those unnamed, radiating our prayers and the energy from our circle out across the world.

We ended by giving thanks to our deities and in peace, love and gratitude, and closed our ceremony. We all felt very connected and it was very powerful to know that Pamela was physically present in the Temple, holding space and linked with us all.

Sending love from all at Foundation Centre.


Lighting Candles in the Temple
Foundation Center © Minette Quick

Persephone Shrine
Foundation Center © Minette Quick

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(Gratitude to Deirdre for her report!)

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