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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

2017 Summer Solstice Festival

June 17th, 2017

It was a perfect summer day and as we gathered in the Rose garden, we welcomed everybody to our Solstice celebration and spoke a little about the energy of the Solstice. How it is an important time to stop and reflect on what has gone before that has brought us to this point, and if there is anything that no longer serves us or who we have become or are becoming, which we can choose to say goodbye to and leave behind. It is also a time to celebrate the time of plenty which is all around us, all our achievements, and to look ahead at what we would like to create and manifest in our lives... The spirit of Rosa Mundi was invoked, after which we all took some time to stop and smell the roses, all fully in bloom beside the trickling rill of water full of watercress at this time, to use our senses to experience the beauty and bounty we were surrounded by.

We then were led in song to the Grove of the Druid Clan of Danú, where Deity was invoked...and we sang the “Song of Wandering Aengus”... which speaks about fanning the fires of creativity within our being, and seeking out the otherworldly vision. Then it was on to the Abbey, where a priestess of the Noble Order of Tara spoke about its work in protecting the environment. She then invoked the Mother Goddess of Ireland, Eriu…before we came to the Temple where Persephone was invoked and we asked permission to enter.

At the Well we were blessed to hear afresh the words of the Holy Goddess Gangur, ‘Who from the darkness bringeth forth the sacred river of Being, Guardian of the helpless, those too weak to help themselves, victims whom you nourish with the waters of infinite love.’ (OR) Much beloved in her native Rajasthan in India, her message is vital to us all, to accept a Guide through the terrible times faced worldwide by so many. This is the function of the Liturgy of the Fellowship for those who seek divine assistance.

A beautiful tradition established by our Co-Founders as an essential part of all our ceremonies, following Invocations, is an individual blessing with sacred water from the Well, given by the priesthood. In this way a warm and loving personal welcome from the Goddess is offered to everyone present to the sound of beautiful unaccompanied chants and song.

On this occasion at the High Altar we received an impassioned Oracle from the Sun Goddess of Japan, Amaterasu No Kami. She beseeched us to come as she did, out of our darkened caves of consciousness which hide our light, and opening wide our eyes, pay the loving attention to our wondrous world which is so sorely needed…. This was followed by deep reflective silence and a delicate enchanting air on a delightful hand-held harp.

In between times our presiding priestess skilfully spoke and wove together the different elements of this special time, such as the fine balance required in our lives, even as daylight gradually lessens over the coming months. She had prepared fresh Oak leaves to represent decisions we might wish to make and keep to remind us. Our Journey then was gently given on the theme of the Oak King and brought an opportunity for a much needed peace to manifest further. Recent terrifying events suffered by our neighbours in Britain have undoubtedly left many of us deeply shaken, and there was little doubt that gathering together in the way that we do, is much appreciated and strengthens us all.

And our Mystery Play was incredibly powerful. It spoke to the important subject of balancing the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies present within each of us, through the Archetypal roles of ‘The Divine Mother’ and four of her Celtic sons: ‘The King/ Nuadu, The Warrior/ Lugh, The Magician/ Merlin, and The Lover/Aengus Og’. It was magical to instantly recognise the authenticity of the ‘masculine energy’ which manifested quite differently as each one spoke in her own voice, but nevertheless potently demonstrated the true qualities of each Archetypal role!

Drawing to a close, we joined together to send healing and love to all those known to us in need of special care. Sweets, seasonal fruits and Oak leaves were passed round in baskets to share. Notices were read and thanks given to Deity for their inspirational presence with us. We then went down to the village for refreshments and to enjoy each other’s company.

Olwen Pendred & Minette Quick
June 21st, 2017

Roses by the Stream
Roses by the Stream © M. Quick

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(Our gratitude to Olwen & Minette for sharing their report!)

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