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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

2015 Summer Solstice Festival at the Foundation Center
By: Minette Quick

JUNE 20th, 2015

The weather this summer has swung unseasonably between pleasant warmth and cold in Ireland, but we were blessed with a lovely day for our Festival and it was very enjoyable to meet up with both old and new friends to celebrate Midsummer together. The gardens and grounds are most beautifully tended and a few short weeks had brought in the roses and an abundance of flowering trees everywhere, and our procession to invoke at the sacred Grove and Abbey was a delight. On such occasions everything seems to conspire to remind us that Nature is indeed our Mother who provides for our every need within the drama of life if we but let her.

The Temple of Isis welcomed us to Brigidís Well of Truth for invocations and blessings and a priestess in trance awaited our arrival for an Oracle from the Goddess Aine at the High Altar. She counselled us to seek not only the Light but the understanding of the Darkness which falls behind us most strongly as our shadow at this highest point of the Sun at the Summer Solstice. Her powerful message was received in deep stillness and reflection for a while afterwards, and was followed by the singing of a beautiful chant rejoicing in the strength of the trees in the forest.

A varied programme followed, with a gentle, deep inner journey, a mystery play in the form of a Midsummer Marriage ceremony between the Oak King and his Queen, readings from the work of our very much missed Co-Founder, Olivia Robertson, and other creative offerings. These were all brought together as we joined in sending blessings and love to all in need around the world, both those known personally to us and those whose plight has been brought home to us so vividly in recent times.

Announcements of upcoming events were as always followed by thanks to Deity for their deeply felt presence with us all. The traditional offering of individual short spiritual healing/counselling sessions by members of the priesthood concluded our gathering.

It is always lovely to welcome new members to our ceremonies and a great pleasure to see them enjoy their experience with us, have a talk over tea in the village and hear that they look forward to coming back and spreading the word to their friends. This is the heart of the concept of fellowship, providing a loving and mutual support for spiritual flowering.

Apologies that on this occasion I didnít manage to take photographs Ė however Iíll see what I can do on future occasions as I know that people enjoy them and there have been some delightful new developments both inside and outside to share with you!

Minette Quick, June 22nd 2015

Castle Rose Garden
Castle Rose Garden © Durdin-Robertson

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(Many thanks to Minette and all members at the Foundation Center Temple.)

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