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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Letter from Cressida Pryor
June 16, 2020

Cressida Pryor

Summer Solstice 2020

Dear Friends,

In these most extraordinary of times I am pleased to share with you a surprise finding hidden in an old recipe book...the secular equivalent of the family Bible.

Recently whilst searching through my mother’s huge battered copy of Constance Spry amongst the recipes for salads and sauces I noticed a folded typed letter on faded paper. Intrigued I carefully opened it and found it was from 1975; written by Aunt Olivia to her older sister, my mother.

This was the year before the official ‘founding ‘of the FOI which emerged the following March...that year my mother grappled with life and death issues with the birth of two granddaughters, and the added drama of herself being rushed to hospital for an emergency life saving operation...maybe the letter was read and then ‘filed’ for later enjoyment amongst other rich descriptions of delicacies and exotic treats.

Why my mother had folded it and put it in the recipe book I don’t actually know but I’m really pleased she did as it helps me understand more why Olivia and her brother and sister-in-law were drawn to the Egyptian pantheon to be the one to hold and explore their relationship to the Goddess...

Olivia writes of her three week trip earlier that year to Egypt:

‘And from this flat frieze that starts in the delta and continues into the heart of Africa, the Egyptians created a wonderland of beauty and excitement. For really, compared with Europe, the place is pretty monotonous. But these people of genius saw incredible mighty figures in the granite and alabaster hills, Gods as jackals and cows and hawks and the Ibis, and a marvellous beauty in men and women, and from the straight division of the rising and setting sun they created a perfect symbolism of this life and the next....’

And later: ...’that their civilisation lasted so long was due to their knowledge of the law of polarity, of balance ... if they had put up the Nelson Monument (column) they would have balanced it with a similar one with Lady Hamilton on top! Everything, every pylon, is in twos. And from the two comes the third. In lower, Northern Egypt you get Isis and Osiris producing Horus ...’

Olivia further describes her wonderful times on this trip organised by the Esoteric Society and Philip Carr Gomm ... she was totally beguiled and enthralled by her time there ... she learned so much ... a time away that had a huge impact on her thoughts and future direction creating a vessel to support the growth of divine feminine consciousness in the later quarter of the last century and into this one...

How will our more recent collective ‘time away’ help us mould a better world? We certainly need to find balance if the Earth is to keep the cleaner air we have enjoyed in the past months...our community connections that have grown and deepened...the realisation to keep air travel for the essential not the frivolous...

What changes, recently grown out of necessity, will you keep in your post lockdown life?

What unconscious biases against ‘others’ are you able to acknowledge and address in your everyday life?

As I type this there is a huge cloudburst of rain ... the first real rain in months. It feels like a cleansing and a chance to fill the dried aquifers...

Beloved Queen of the Heavens and Earth
May we all find refreshment and new sources of strength in the time ahead
May we hold to the new possibilities glimpsed during lockdown
And offer solace and comfort for our own and the pain of those around us
May we find in the oneness of all the secure base of our being
And our heart the heart of our belonging
So may it be, amen.

Blessed be in kind fellowship,
Cressida, FOI Steward

FOI Letters & Correspondence

(Our thanks to Cressida for her seasonal letters.)

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