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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

2nd November 2019
By: Stella Dana

This is now the time of year when Mother Earth takes her rest and encourages us to do likewise. The hard physical work of bringing home the Harvest is over and it is time once more to rest and look inward. It is an opportunity to contemplate the ‘inner-harvest’ and also to connect with and honour our Ancestors.

Between our World and the Spirit World, the Veil is now at its thinnest, enabling us to make new contact. The days are becoming darker and the weather becomes more challenging. Today is no exception! With the rain drenching all in its reach, we gathered in the Theatre inclusive of the resident cat already socializing with everyone who entered.

The Presiding Priestess encouraged us to really use our imaginations to bring in the various parts of the garden normally visited on Festival days. So first of all, a Priestess ‘brought’ us to the Rose Garden where we were reminded of the importance of Grounding ourselves. This was so beautifully portrayed that one could imagine having joined in friendship with the roots of our fellow beings worldwide and within this connection, love flowed. For of such is the strength of the Rosa Mundi.

Our next Priestess was ‘waiting for us in The Grove’ where she shared many messages given to us by The Ash Tree. One being is to take mastery of ourselves. This was done through Poem and Journey. A Priestess then spoke on behalf of the Noble Order of Tara before drawing us into two circles of chant and dance. To the beat of the Drum, we created so much energy and fun, that the friendly cat needed to be rescued and carried out by a dear friend. One could not help but wonder at the onset of the rain to keep us in the Theatre! It was reminiscent of former times when Lady Olivia would have delighted in such a Scene!

The Goddess Persephone admitted us enter The Temple where we filed in through the corridor to the Sacred Well of Brigid. The energy this day was noticeably palpable of the Feminine, especially around the Well itself. The Goddesses were then invoked by Their Priestesses and Priest after which a portion of Lady Olivia’s writings on ”Melusina, Life Centres of the Goddess” was beautifully read.... “In Eternal Reality, Source of Deity, there is no beginning and no end. Hence there is no distinction as to which is the greater, Goddess or God.” Held in the embrace of this great teaching, a number of the Sisterhood mingled to offer personal Blessings to all those present.

Gathering around the High Altar, a Priestess was seated in Trance, waiting to deliver to us An Oracle from Mor Rioghain, The triple Goddess of Darkness, the Giver of Transformation, the Encourager, Inspirer, Protector of Warriors. She asks us to stand up and speak when we hear of injustice, stand up and face whatever our battle may be – She will be with us! Watch for Her Totems – The Crows, Ravens and Rooks, they pick the bones clean! Where in our lives do we need to do this? Life comes out of Darkness. Death and Rebirth are within Her Protection. She teaches Mastery of the self. Call on Mor Rioghain to guide you.

The Temple energy then drifted into three more offerings; soft delivery of song on guitar by a Priest, a profound Meditational Journey by a Priestess, and a Mystery Play calling again on our Priest accompanied by two Priestesses to give us words of Wisdom from The Ancestors of the Sacred Lands. Prayers were sent in Candlelight to all who came to our hearts.

Blessings to all,
Stella Dana

Samhain Priestess
Samhain Priestess with Candle of Compassion & Hope © Tom Joseph Swinburne

Open Well, Chapel of Brigid
Well Chapel of Brigid, Foundation Center Temple, © Minette Quick

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(Our thanks to Stella, Thomas, Minette, and the Priesthood of the Rainbow Circle of Brigid.)

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