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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

2017 Samhain

November 4th, 2017

Temperatures had begun to fall in earnest and forecasts were for rain, but the sun shone all day in blessing, warming the chill in the air as we processed to the sound of drums to the Rose Garden and gazed up in wonder at the mighty trees in Dana’s Grove - invoking her presence amongst us, and pondering the need for deep roots to stabilise our lives at this time. Gathering around the Altar within the Abbey walls, members of the Noble Order of Tara invoked the powers that be to assist in their heartfelt work to preserve the precious natural environment which is our home.

The quiet of the Temple awaited our entry by Persephone’s Gate, and the tolling of the bell welcomed us all to gather around Brigid’s Well. So close to the 4th Anniversary of Lady Olivia’s passing it was good to hear the words of Isis from ‘Dulce Domum’ the Fellowship’s Funeral Ceremony. They remind us of the true spiritual path of the Goddess which is to be found in many ways but especially in caring for those about us in beauty, love and harmony. Following Invocations, therefore, it is always a special pleasure to offer personal blessings from the Goddess with water from the Well.

At the High Altar we had a timely Oracle from the darkly veiled ‘Cailleach’, Celtic goddess of Winter and stormy weather, which we all had recently experienced in the wake of Hurricane Ophelia, bringing destruction and terrifyingly high winds and seas. On the inner plane, she asked us not to regard her with fear, difficult though we may find it at times, weighed down by past wrongs visited upon us. Her wisdom is to do with letting go as the swiftly passing year dies down in order to renew itself once more. In the dark months we can turn to her for comfort and gradual restoration. As her words died away, our harpist lifted her instrument and gently plucked the strings and the sacred atmosphere deepened and gave us all pause for reflection on the moving words of ‘The Cailleach’.

A member who now lives too far away to attend regularly, came on a special trip to join us, and brought some family with her. She treated us to a most beautiful Journey using the sound of her gentle voice, and her magnificent deep drum, weaving its sensitive way under her experienced hand, and took us deep into the inner planes as time stood still.

This was followed by a poignant personal poem expressing the deep hurt experienced by so many, not only here in Ireland but also in institutions throughout many lands. Mercifully we live in a time where much that has been hidden is finally coming to light and shocking it is. However long-time wounds can never truly be healed in the absence of genuine compassion and a strong commitment to make proper amends. This was an issue close to Olivia’s heart, and remains at the heart of the Fellowship. The Mystery Play which followed was incredibly powerful and addressed the ultimate role of the Goddess in righting all manner of wrongs, bringing those responsible for them ‘to book’ – whilst comforting and reassuring those who have suffered in the past, maligned by church and state, or who face persecution and danger in the present, hounded from their homes in fear for their lives.

At this time it is traditional to offer prayers for loved ones who have gone before, inviting their presence with gratitude as we joined in spirit. On this occasion the Temple lights were dimmed as tea lights were passed around and lit, intensifying the deep atmosphere of prayer and reflection. Together we offered love to all in the knowledge that ultimately we are all connected through spirit, supported by our beloved planet which continues to supply our every need.

Bringing things to a close we concluded with heartfelt thanks to Deity for the warmth of their presence amongst us, and healing was offered before we repaired to the village for tea. Our thanks go not only to our priestess who planned this powerful programme, but also to all who contributed to the depth and beauty of the ceremony.

Minette Quick
Nov. 10, 2017

Foundation Center Gardens
Foundation Center Gardens © Durdin-Robertson

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(Many thanks to Minette for her time and sharing her reports.)

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