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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

A Plea for Truth
29th November 2015
By: Pamela Currey

As I sit here on a dismal winters day my mind is inundated by a flow of half formed thoughts. The words bubble forth, snippets of ideas. Each fragment expressing a facet of a structure so large and complex it is beyond my understanding. If you will explore these ideas, together we can attempt to comprehend.

I am filled with a sense of urgency, now is the time to invest every effort to save the fellowship. I try to grasp the intangible nature of the Fellowship of Isis. I picture a great crystalline structure glowing with an inner light. Its physical self is no less than the universe itself, nature in all its boundless glory.

The same energy that creates and destroys stars, drawing atoms to merge or split asunder, generates conscious thought. In giving part of ourselves to the fellowship, our time, our thought, our presence, our creative endeavour, we draw it into manifestation. It exists!

The gravity of ideas is no less powerful than gravity itself. Please do not poison the water you pour into the spiritual well that is the Fellowship of Isis. We picture an ancient well. It has sustained life for many centuries. To this well the castle built around it is a recent edition. To the waters that feed it all human endeavour is like the blink of an eye. Marvel at the clarity of the water filtered through rock for millennia. It holds in its depths life giving energy. Without it we would not exist.

The spiritual well that is the fellowship will sustain our souls, cleansing and nourishing, giving succour in times of need. Consider what it is to find not a loving embrace but violent attack when looking to one’s spiritual companions for comfort and compassion. The betrayal cuts deep.

Bring only Love Truth and Beauty to the temple of Isis. Greed, jealousy, mistrust along with other consuming negative emotions may destroy what we love. Instead of drawing sustenance from the well we draw only bitter poison, draining and debilitating. Each and every one of us makes the fellowship what it is. Tread with care, always with a warm heart and clean conscience.

There is too much work to be done to waste time and energy grinding to gravel the great shining massif that is the love of our Great Mother reawakened in through the Fellowship of Isis. Research, discover, remember and share the love of the divine essence. Together we can rediscover paths to understanding.

Here at Huntington the well of knowledge burst forth from the land itself. Finding willing recipients, the waters flowed freely spreading to all quarters of the globe.

It is as it was meant to be. Come to the fellowship and She will welcome you with open arms. The principles are clear. Do not misuse and abuse, come because you strive for Love, Truth and Beauty. None are bound to stay but if you wish to leave you may not take of it to do with as you wish.

Please consider who may be hurt by misbegotten word or actions. The C.O.B. (Circle of Brigid) has been under unremitting attack. These are people, friends of Olivia, enduring grief and loss, raising families, working to sustain the ones they love… in other words living lives. All the while working tirelessly to serve the fellowship, keep alive the temple of Isis at Huntington, and ensure its safety for future generations. The only reward for their effort has been vindictive attack, unfounded accusations and betrayal. It is time to STOP!

We need to renew our perspective, acknowledge the truth and rebuild trust. The simplicity of the situation has been clouded. No longer shall it be unclear.

Olivia, Lawrence and Pamela Durdin-Robertson founded the Fellowship of Isis at Huntington Castle in 1976. Olivia’s chosen successor is Cressida Pryor. Olivia also choose me as Cressida’s successor. This allowed her to see the fellowship stretching into the future.

All Olivia and Lawrence’s property both intellectual and physical has been handed on to their next of kin. Every photograph, drawing and written word is the property of its creator or their next of kin. Anything contrary to this is a Lie!

It is with great sadness that we have seen friends part company, but good memories should not be marred, together let us forgive and move forward.

If you feel that the Fellowship of Isis with Cressida at the helm is not allied with your beliefs, then you are not compelled to stay. If you chose to part company go well! With the blessing of the Mother and know that you are free to return.

Love and the blessings of Isis to everyone,
Pamela Currey
November 29, 2015

Note: Pamela Currey is the Great-Niece of Olivia Robertson.

Isis banner by Pamela Currey
Isis Banner Created by Pamela Currey.
FOI's 40th Anniversary Celebration at the Foundation Center.
Photo © Minette Quick.

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