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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

A Samhain Reflection
By: Minette Quick


Quicken and appear in time
And like the spiral grow
According to
Their own unique design
So the cycle
Of the breath begins
Upon an urgent impulse from within,
And so continues ‘til its work is done
And spirit calls an end
To this short chapter
Of Eternity
Upon this earth
That it may merge once more
With the Divine!

At Samhain we must finally surrender those last fair vestiges of summer into winter. The great creative thrust has died right down - and life returns to rest, until it’s time again to throw up shoots and grow anew in fresh green verdure, perfect for each passing season.

There is no shame in life’s decay, though ‘man proud man’ - too like the rose - ‘holds in perfection but a little moment.’ It is the natural order and even lives of great and potent effect are not immune, except upon the inner planes of being, of which we can say no more.

“Watch and wait” is the imperative for now – rest, doze, sleep and wake. The globe turns and returns – the spirals reverse from north to south, and each enjoys its summer and winter in rotation. The Sun gives balance and light according as the planet presents her inclined face upon her spinning path. The Sun shines constantly upon our ever varying levels of perception, regardless of the atmospheric interventions of the weather here on Earth.

It is we who change and fluctuate according to the play we set ourselves to act within. Our interactions spin an endless drama, which we enshrine within our personal beliefs, honed to our satisfaction, be they even painfully created pearls. And “thereby hangs a tale” or two, as we all know!

What if we could turn for comfort to an overarching and more merciful script, to release us from our fears of ultimate despair? Might we not choose it? The choices that we make through life need not become a tragic waste of infinite potential, if we but choose to be and live the freer and far better ways which our Great Mother’s pathways offer us.

Dated 2nd November – Samhain 2013.
The original version of this reflection was written shortly before Olivia’s passing on 14th November 2013. On coming across it again this Summer 2014, I decided to edit it with the first few lines in the form of a poem Which I lovingly dedicate to her memory. M.Q.

Olivia Robertson. photo © M.Q.

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(Sent on August 24, 2014, for upload around Samhain. Thank you Minette!)

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