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Letter from Cressida Pryor
January 31, 2018

Cressida Pryor

Imbolc Letter 2018

Dear Friends,

Recently I was asked by a thoughtful father of two young girls whether I thought we were at the same point as a couple of decades ago when public attitudes shifted and driving after ‘a few’ became the publicly shameful act of drunk driving. He was talking about the recent revelations of sexual harassment seemingly endemic in so many spheres of life...and the awareness that there is perhaps an unconscious bias against women; even in the staunchest feminist. Perhaps we are witnessing the welcome new shoots of attitudinal change that have direct connection to honouring the boundaries of anybody caught in the position of vulnerability in the status relationship. This is often women but not necessarily so.

I bring this up as we are at a time in this hemisphere at least, when the first shoots of spring emerge through the sometimes still frozen earth...to remind us of new life and hope despite real obstacles.

The hope of such attitudinal shifts...these changes in perception that can be regarded as miracles and as such are in tune with this season. We are at a time of miraculous new growth. The everyday wonder of emergent snow drops and aconites; welcoming the busy chatter of sparrows beginning to gather near their old familiar nesting sites. The return of noticeably longer afternoons allowing plans to be dared for in the fullness of Solstice gatherings.

As the light increases and energy levels rise this is now the time to think about contributing to the newsletter page which is going to be launched at the March Equinox on the homepage website. We want this to become an exchange of articles, photos, letters and information of your local events and community links. This is your forum so the web page will become the go-to place for communicating FOI inspiration and news. More information soon about how you can get your contributions to the website. (ed. note: see below)

We as the Fellowship are able to midwife all these changes and developments, to remain open to what is happening and notice our own biases...glad to gather together at festivals if we are blessed with close enough companions or join in the virtual sphere to give each other support and celebrate this precious season of Imbolc.

Whispering voice of the receding darkness,
Divine Isis who calls from the deepest night;
You know the comings and goings of all creation,
For you have breathed life into every part.
These earthly raiments of your being are imbued with your love
May we awaken to this wonder and swim in the energy of your eternal song.
So may it Be, Shalom, Amen.

With Imbolc Blessings,
FOI Steward

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