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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

5th May 2018

The weather was glorious and, with the encouragement of some warmth at last, everything about us was bursting into full growth as we made our way towards the Rose Garden and looked up to the distant hills still capped in light mist. From the apple blossom in the orchard to the daisies at our feet, it was pure delight to behold it all. Passing over the small stream beside the Garden, a delicious trickle of sparkling water made its way down through luxuriant watercress beds and raised our spirits as we joyously sang our way along the Yew Walk and down to the majesty of the Grove of Dana and stood amongst the mighty trees to invoke her presence on this beautiful day...

There we were also delighted to join in blessing an offering to be taken later to be passed through the renewing flames of the Bealtaine Fires and Women's Circle held each year at the Hill of Uisneach in Ireland, sacred to the Goddess Erui, where it is traditionally held that She as Queen of the Land consecrated the earliest of the ancient kings.

Just beside the Abbey is a wonderful ornamental cherry which never fails to enchant in a profusion of beautiful pink blossom at this time of year, and here within its walls, members of the Noble Order of Tara invoked first the Goddess Erui and then the Goddess Maeve, 'She of the Wild Hills'...

Seeking permission as ever from Persephone to enter the Temple, we gathered at the Well to listen afresh to the words received by Olivia from the Goddess Dana so many years ago, but still electric in their relevance. Her words touched all hearts and certainly encouraged not only members of the priesthood to step forward bravely to invoke the assistance in their lives of their chosen Deities, but opened us all to receive an individual Blessing with sacred water from the Well - to the strains of a unique and beautiful song written specially for Bealtaine by our presiding priestess.

It seemed to me that the whole message on this occasion was to be strong in ourselves amidst the troubles of the world. The Goddess Erui spoke with powerful words to this in her Oracle. And then in contrast the fairies spoke of their potent love of those who delight in nature and honour their traditions within the hidden elemental kingdoms they inhabit and serve tirelessly. Without their secret ministrations, nothing on this beautiful earth would grow and thrive.

A lovely aspect of our Festivals is the way in which all the apparently different offerings prepared by the priesthood in advance seem to mesh together seamlessly on each occasion. This time much was through the medium of poetry, some written quite recently, some years earlier, but each in response to deep personal experience, the fruit of devotion.. And then our gentle guided Journey took us through the ethers to climb the Hill of Uisneach, to sit in solitude beside the capstone to seek the counsel we needed... where else at Bealtaine!

Our final ceremony began with the Alchemical Marriage of the May Queen and the Young Oak King, each of whom were first asked what they brought to this Season. Then from the joining of their hands in the energetic union of the Inner Sun, they each then silently turned outwards to extend its powerful blessing on All, first to those not able to be present in person, then out to all for whom we sought healing at this troubling time for so many throughout the world.

Thanks were given to Deity for their inspiring presence with us, and short sessions of counselling/energetic healing were offered before we emerged into the bright sunshine and brilliance of nature once more, to thoroughly enjoy a lovely tea amongst friends in the village.

Minette Quick

Castle Old Abbey
© M. Quick. Castle Old Abbey

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(Much gratitude to Minette for sharing her lovely reports and photos!)

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