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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

2015 Beltane Festival at the Foundation Center
By: Minette Quick

MAY 9th 2015

The week had been cold, windy and wet with a few short intervals of rather bleak sunshine, so it was delightful to have a lovely day to celebrate the season of Beltaine, the beginning of Summer, and the coming together in balance of the masculine and feminine in loving embrace. We were surrounded by a glorious burst of new growth, with flowers of every kind on all sides. And in the Yard the male peacock ‘strutted his stuff’ to a rapt audience – his feathers fully extended!

Castle Peacock
© M. Quick

Carefree and happy we set off in procession along the familiar way down to the Grove. And there beside the lake, bathed in sunshine, was Olivia’s lovely young Birch now happily established since its ceremonial planting in her honour at the Vernal Equinox. Indeed as we gathered to Invoke Dana within Her sacred home amongst the trunks of the great Redwoods planted nearly 100 years before, a wave of joyful energy could be felt rising up from the earth beneath our feet to greet us at this wondrous time! In peace we wended our way on up to the Abbey, to invoke Noble Tara’s blessing on our work for the earth, then on into the Temple of Isis under the purifying gaze of Persephone whose permission we sought before entry.

Olivia's Tree with Members Surrounding
© M. Quick

The Temple is constantly tended and cared for by Pamela and her teams of devoted members of the priesthood, and the peace, serenity and beauty within it is a joy to behold and a privilege to share in ceremony as the living energies respond to the needs of all who enter. So gathering round the open Well we invoked Deity and gave the Blessings of the Goddess on all our members and guests with Brigid’s Sacred Water.

At the High Altar a priestess in trance awaited, but first a tender poem was read, the work of a much loved member from amongst our number who recently passed into spirit. He will be remembered and missed greatly for his many wonderful qualities, and we will always cherish the time we spent with him and his wisdom and gentle humour. Our love goes out to his family and all who cared deeply for him throughout his life.

Following a powerful Oracle from Inanna, we had a gentle exposition of the challenge of Beltaine - to balance our energies and aim to focus on the Divine within others as well as ourselves - and all joined in a chant, followed by a beautiful Journey, and some of the exquisite words left to us by Olivia from her communion with Dana.

At each Festival we continue the tradition of leaving space for a period of deep reflection within which group healing is offered not only for our own families and friends, but also those caught up in the horrors of so many kinds across the world, and this was particularly deep on this occasion. Closing with the customary giving of thanks to Deity, members of the priesthood offered short healing/counselling sessions, and all repaired to the Village for tea and the pleasures of company which we all enjoy so much to complete a lovely day together.

Minette Quick 11th May 2015

Procession of Members
© M. Quick

© M. Quick

Olivia's Memorial Birch Tree
© M. Quick

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(Many thanks to Minette and all members at the Foundation Center Temple.)

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