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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Letter from Cressida Pryor
April 29, 2019

Cressida Pryor

Beltane Letter 2019

Dear Friends,

What a glorious time we are in...the earth energy is high and the natural world is vibrant and striving to reproduce. A few of our human brothers and sisters seem to play a different tune however; driven perversely to destroy and hurt....the resultant sounds are of pain, grief and discord. Our great Mother weeps as the web is torn. She whispers a song to heal, a song of listening and connection.

Do we hear it?

The dawn chorus is part of the song, the twilight ebb too as black bird on high calls to us to heed the evening’s beauty. The words too of school children speak a wisdom we have forgotten and over look at our peril...

Let us join hands now in loving community.

To keep the FOI’s own community strong we need to know who is part of it! New people who approach us through the website, Foundation Centre or elsewhere are keen to know if there is a group meeting close to them locally...at the moment we are not sure how accurate the information is that we have on our membership, Lyceums and Iseums...we also need to have your permission to keep you on our central database and listings for GDPR purposes.

The latter legislation prompted a call a while back for members’ information and permission unfortunately this has been slow to come in or just lacking...

So please everyone check to see if your Iseum or Lyceum is listed on the homepage website...if it isn't, then please submit the necessary information and permission therefore for the info to be there. If this isn’t done your unique and wonderful gathering cannot be listed and potentially not receiving new members through the central listing and you are effectively unknown to us. (check your listing)

Please also think if you would give permission for your Iseum or Lyceum to be named and celebrated at one of the Foundation Centre’s festivals over the year…we are planning to have up to eight named at the high altar in rotation around the cycle of the festivals. This would allow for up to sixty eight a year and would mean your gathering would be acknowledged and blessed within the temple and all present at the festival. (contact the Castle)

This world is surely in need of such blessings and our strength is fuelled when we come together in love, friendship and peace.

With the blessings of Bealtaine and the great Mother.
FOI Steward

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