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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Autumn Equinox Festival - Foundation Centre - Ireland
22nd September 2018
By: Sarah Nolan

As we followed our Presiding Priestess to the beat of the drum chanting we all come from the Goddess under a dull sky, the mountain's blotted out by mist, rain gently tap-danced upon the russet leaves that carpeted the earth as we tread but our Spirits were not dampened!

A newly ordained Priestess invoked at the rose garden, Rosa Mundi - The World Soul, encouraging us to see the Light in All!

We continued to the Sacred Grove where a squirrel crossed our paths and a Priestess obtained permission to enter. I saw a honeycomb on the ground which must have fallen from one of the giant trees planted by Olivia's ancestors! After invocation at the Grove we are conscious of the importance of the rain again to replenish our rivers and wells after such a hot dry summer! A crow beckoned us away and we walked by the river to the voice of a Priestess singing "The River is Flowing".

On reaching The Abbey our Druid Clan of Danu Priestess invoked and our Presiding Priestess reiterated the importance of blessing and praying for our water bodies!

We them moved along to the statue of Persephone where another Priestess invoked the Goddess of the Underworld. A peacock strutted around us as the temple bell tolled after seeking permission by one of our male colleagues to enter The Temple of Isis.

At Brigid's Well a new Priestess read words from Olivia's Oracle of Isis: "It is through Inspiration that you live. Without Inspiration you are as dead, devoid of the Holy Breath." Water was obtained from the well and a libation was given back to same!

Deity was invoked by all and a new male priest sang "All my Life's a Circle" followed by a Priestess singing about The Harvest Queen!

At the High altar a Priestess in trance delivered an Oracle for the Goddess Tara for us all to looking within and not without for it is within the womb of the mother we obtain our wisdom and to see the colour in Nature and everything!

As we sat in reflection to the strains of "Mná na hÉireann" played by our Druidic priestess on her harp we were enveloped in tranquil bliss!

The Presiding Priestess spoke of the importance of everyone standing together, full of life and everyone to be Sovereign unto themselves, we are all equal, unique individuals and to honour this. She then led us into a meditation where we connected with Mother Earth and moved her energy upwards through our bodies while bringing down the energy of the stars. We emerged calm and renewed!

As a creative offering a new Priestess used a large quartz crystal singing bowl and we all joined in chanting "Mother of our Soul". The sound filled the temple and cleared within/without! And healing was sent to those named.

Floating along to the mystery play our new Priest spoke as the Mabon son of the Madron that must now return to the Mother's womb to be reborn again next harvest! A new Priestess spoke as the Madron as the trees shed their leaves at this time so too should we release that which serves us no more!

Announcements were made and scrumptous apples were blessed and distributed.

Healing was provided by the presiding priestess and another priestess and afterwards those that had booked tea made their way to Osborne' for tea and cake and a chat!

(To request an invitation to a seasonal festival at the Castle, see this page: Castle Events)

Castle Peacock
Castle Peacock, Autumn 2018 © Sarah Nolan

Well Chapel of Brigid
Well Chapel of Brigid © Cáit Branigan

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(Our thanks to Sarah for sharing her report!)

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