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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

2017 Autumn Equinox

September 23rd, 2017

Earlier showers and overcast skies cleared in perfect time for us all to set off singing round the autumnal grounds, to the rousing beat of the bodhran.

Gathering in peace at the Rose Garden, Heart Centre of the Fellowship, we were gently reminded that we unfold throughout every stage of life like the individual petals of 'Rosa Mundi', Goddess and Rose of the World, for we are all Her children and she loves and cares for every one of her children in nature in its many forms.

Processing onwards and down to the Grove of Dana, voices raised to join in the spontaneous chant of Gra' - the Irish word for Love, and the energy deepened within the embrace of that lovely place which so inspired our Founders.

Meanwhile, repairing to the beauty of the silent Temple, a sense of its abundant sanctity and peace awaited those processing onward to the Abbey and the sound of the drum could be heard through the small stained glass window beside Brigid's Well.

The bell then tolled, inviting the company to enter through Persephone's gate and gather at the Well for some timely words from Venus, Goddess of Love, on 'The Opening of the Heart's Rose.' Heartfelt Invocations were then made by members of the priesthood whose dedication is at the heart of the Fellowship providing clarity and love to support their daily lives. Individual Blessings therefore, offer a special opportunity to experience the beauty of that connection directly.

We had a powerful Oracle from Nuit, Goddess of the Stars of the Milky Way reminding us that conflict can only ever be fully resolved through Love, and She urged us to take this principle into our lives. Into the deep peace engendered by Her words, the exquisite strains of music on a hand-held harp entered and underlined the eternal truth of their unifying wisdom.

The Mystery Play, based on the ancient story of an encounter of a hooded man upon his travels with three cloaked women he took to be begging by the roadside, upon whom he had pity. They were in fact 'The Three Fates or Norns' and revealed their wisdom as Past, Present and Future, and the importance of learning to live in the present that all three might come into balance.

We had beautiful singing, shared time sending healing to those in need, and all too soon it was time to give thanks to Deity for their generous support of our gathering at this brief time of balance between dark and light. May we move with grace into the winter months and harvest the past, secure the present and create a brighter future together. A beautiful big basket of rosy red apples was passed around for all to share as we completed our ceremony before repairing for welcome refreshments and good company.

Minette Quick
Sept. 26th, 2017

Well of Truth
Brigid's Well, Foundation Center Temple © M.Q.

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